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The person who recently became a dad is an ordinary office worker.

Hello, I'm Bell (^^♪

There was a dad who I met every weekend until the other day.

We both like classical music and theater, so we went to see kabuki and classical music concerts on weekends.

There was a daddy who was told he didn't have long to live due to pancreatic cancer and said goodbye to his family so that he could spend the rest of his time with his family.

I always had no relationship with my body, just eating and going out.

With that money, I was able to apply for a video editing school, and now I'm studying hard ( ;∀;) (laughs)


We used to have fun seeing each other every weekend, and since we stopped seeing each other, it felt like there was a hole in my heart.crying

I didn't feel like looking for the next daddy right away, but three days after I said goodbye

When I happened to meet the gentleman who contacted me, I got along with him on an amazing wavelength (*^-^*)

I'm surprised that the timing was so good that it suddenly entered my empty heart (/・ω・)/


This dad is not a manager or a major president, but an ordinary office worker.

He seems to be working in human resources and is a very ordinary office worker.

Until now, I have often met with managers and people in a certain position in Papa Katsu, so it was very fresh.

That's why we get along well and have fun.

It's not everyone, but there are managers, and people in that position have a strong desire for approval and mounting.

Ordinary office workers were more comfortable and relieved.

The restaurant where you dine is not a restaurant like before, but an izakaya or a reasonable shop.

I feel comfortable with that man, so the meal feels delicious (#^.^#)

Much better than eating while being mounted at an expensive restaurant.

I often say, "It's not what you eat, but who you eat with," and it's true.


I have nothing to do with my body, just basic meals and outings.

Even my dad approves.

I have never had a physical relationship with my dad before.

Someone I just met once offered 10, but I declined.

I want to make a physical relationship irrelevant to money (*´ω`) (laughs)

Daddy this time only eats once a week.Of course, I paid for the transportation.

My house is close to that man, but I'm a few stations away on the same train line. ! (*^▽^*)

I'm lucky to be able to meet a dad who meets my conditions like this in quick succession! ! (*^^)v

We can have fun talking to each other without getting stuck, so I can take a break and vent while receiving transportation expenses and eating.

Three birds with one stone! ! (*^^)v

And meet the constant.

It's like eating with friends without any stress.

It was an image that I would accept requests because I was in a position to receive money when I was a daddy,

For example, Papa is within walking distance, but I go to a place designated by Papa even if it takes an hour and a half one way, even if it is far away.

I thought it couldn't be helped because I got it

It's the first time I've met such a rough and friend-like dad, and I'm getting a lot of fulfillment.

It's usually a reasonable shop or izakaya, but

On the day around Christmas, I asked for a restaurant that I wanted to go to but couldn't make a reservation and got a reservation!(^^)!

I'm really looking forward to it and now I'm looking forward to going to that store and enjoying my work and studying video editing! !

Until now, I was a hostess in Ginza, so I often had her take me to relatively expensive shops, but even in papa katsu.

It's refreshing to feel like I'm back to basics (*^-^*)

It is a feeling that should not be forgotten.

When I'm working as a dad or working at night

I felt like I was correcting the standard that I take for granted before I realized it.

This time I was reminded of it.

There are many people who can't get out of night jobs and daddy life because the standard of happiness has collapsed.

I have seen many women like that.

Please don't do that.

I have decided not to sell my body.Some people want to keep it simple, but if you don't want to be honest, don't do it.

I think one way to do this is to set a boundary between yourself and say that it's OK so far and that you're out from here.

Even if you get money, if the standard of happiness collapses, it is putting the cart before the horse.

It's not work, so you don't have to put up with anything, and it's meaningless if you don't enjoy it.

If you can't enjoy it, you shouldn't be a daddy.Compensation will be greater.

I would like to write more about that story next time.


I would be happy if I could see this dad for a long time, but I don't know what will happen, so if something interesting happens

I think I'll write another article (*´ω`)


At the end of 2022, I think that there will be such a windfall, and 2023 will be a good year, so I'm looking forward to the new year (*^-^*)

I hope everyone can meet a wonderful dad (^_-)-☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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