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Feel free to leave the club!

There are mountains of feelings that I want to stop! !

The dating club is a world of nothing with the number of registrations.

Men gather where there are many new female members, and the number of dates is proportionally reflected in the month when the number of female interviews is large without exception.

The major dating club I went to for an interview wasWithdrawal after 3 monthsI was surprised because it was only, but surprisingly it seems to be common sense in the industry.

The reason seems to be cherry blossom prevention.I asked the woman, but she wasn't there.I guess it's because the club can't say.

If you contact us to withdraw from the Universe Club,Same day withdrawal possibleThank you! ! !It is okay to decline the registration on the day of the interview.

But I waited!I am screaming in my heart.

Reason for withdrawal

1. I will quit because there are no offers.

I'm so sorry.In Tokyo, we receive about 200 interview inquiries per month, and about 1/3 of them are men.
Most of the women are unlikely to get an offer.
Also, there are people who come immediately, people who rush at once, people who receive offers after a year, and people who don't come at all.

Please wait 3 months after registration! !If there is no prospect of an offer after that, please come to reshoot!

Alternatively, we will recommend it to men who are considering an offer, and if it is still difficult, we will process the withdrawal.

2. I'm worried about being exposed

Personal InformationRegarding this, we manage it with a person in charge who has a personal information protection officer and a database encryption system.

I think there are many people who are concerned about posting on the member page for a long time without receiving an offer.First of all, I think that the biggest reason is that the offer does not come, but it seems that there are many people who are uneasy even after registering.

What is the actual risk of being found out?Do you have a boss or school teacher among the male members?Is not it.Even if that person finds out about the registration of a woman, unless she is a very famous person, even if she finds out on the internet?I think. .I can sense your uneasiness.
When I explain, I will tell you that I think men are more worried about the risk of being exposed.

3. got busy

I can't go on a date because I'm busy.A woman's environment changes rapidly.
There are many people who have come to register because they have free time now, so when school starts and work starts to pile up, I think there is a tendency for the motivation to go on dates to inevitably drop.

In that caserecessetc. is also possible.
If you withdraw, you will have to come to the registration again, so it will be a hassle, and we will make a system that allows you to resume when you have time.

4. I got a boyfriend.

congratulations!I'm getting married!There are some happy reports, but there is also a contact that I am dating a good person.
I'm sorry, but I'll see you off with a happy ending.

I quit because I was able to do better.Wouldn't this be an ideal reason for leaving?

5. I was told to withdraw.

This is... If you want to go out with me from a male member, why don't you quit the club?Are you talking about the system?
I get a lot of this type of advice.I know how men feelPromoting withdrawal is prohibited.

Regarding the men who have been found, we may check the facts, so please contact us at your own discretion!

I think it's wonderful that you can withdraw at your own discretion, but in reality menI date other people.
I can't say such a thing even if my mouth is torn, but I will support your relationship as a neutral position.

Congratulations graduation!

I am very sorry to withdraw, but I think that I am graduating.

A long time ago, Universe Madonna S graduated.

She was a soothing Venus, and her response and evaluation were very good.this is mineideal graduationIt is!

“Thanks to you, I have received a lot of wonderful connections since I registered.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the male members and everyone at the club for all of their kindness ( ; ; )!

Thanks to that, I was able to meet a lot of wonderful gentlemen with status that I would never have met if I lived a normal life.
I was able to experience a lot of places I had never been to in my life, food I had never eaten, and a world I didn't know about (* *)!

At first it was a series of nervousness, but little by little I got used to such a place, and thanks to you, I feel like I've gained girl power (*^^*)
I was able to save money even though I was poor, and I was able to have many dreams thanks to my relationship with Universe (>_<)! ! ! !
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life (*^_^*)
From now on, I'll do my best with love and everything☆

I pray for the prosperity of Universe, and for everyone's health, success, and happiness (*^^*)! ! ! ! 』

We will do our best to support you from registration to graduation.universe group

Enma Mamiya

I returned to Universe Lounge from Let's CARNIVAL. ▶Instagram ▶You Tube ▶Twitter ▶Tik Tok The update is delayed, so please do not look at it. talk to this staff

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