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love of uncles


Outwardly, she scatters negative ions, but in reality, she's an Arafo girl who is overflowing with eroticism every day.

Lately, I've been frustrated with the degree to which I'm not in the mood for romance.

Those days when men were the target regardless of age when they were in good shape...

Where did I go when I was in such good shape?

Recently, it looks like it will be flickering like sparklers!Feelings will end in no time.

As I dated more and more people, I gradually came to understand why.

Dating an old man in his 70s

Any age is OK, regardless of occupation, I used to put it up in my boyfriend's conditions.

At that time, it really was.

In terms of the so-called strike zone being wide, if I don't do it this way, I won't get caught.

But it doesn't matter how old you are or what you're doing.

When I was young, I didn't realize that people who couldn't say what they liked clearly had more specific preferences.

Ultimately, I didn't know my own type.

Recently, when I analyze myself, I've come to understand what I like.

There are usually cool uncles in their 50s, but if you don't do your best, you're just an old man in your 50s.

The other day, I had a date with an old man in his 70s.

He looks like a normal 70's guy.

My father is also in his 70s, but he looked much more like an old man than my father.

Honestly, don't you expect a lot of offers from the 70 s?

Whether it's just healing, or wanting a special play that will surprise you... isn't there a real purpose?Or how much do you get paid?And.

And the result.The amount of allowance is astonishing.


On the contrary, I was surprised that it was too low to tip over, and I asked, "What is the number over there?"

At the same time, I am angry and helpless.

I'm just an old man in his 70's.

A gray-haired, bald, small and stingy old man.

what's this.Impossible!

Directly from the platter to your mouth during meals.

Same as my father, who is also in his 70s and is quite selfish.

In my experience, there are no gentlemen for older men in their 60s or older unless they are living abroad.

There aren't many smart old men, such as sharing meals or leading women.

I saw it for the first time, but after eating in front of me, I drank something like By*gra, and I was full of motivation, so I'm sorry, but I couldn't go out with you any more.

To be honest, I thought it would be scary if I drank something strange and lost consciousness during sex.

I was asked quite persistently in various ways, but I was absolutely NG no matter what. (I was quite worried about the fact that there was no allowance negotiation ~ I wonder if the amount that could be paid was limited)

If my dating type is D, I'm sure my grandfather will be angry with me.

Good thing I didn't choose D.

A man in his 50s who reminded me

When I was in my mid-30s, I dated a man who was 20 years older than me.

He doesn't look like he's in his 50s, he's fashionable and bubbly.

Every time she goes on a date, she brings a gift worth tens of thousands of yen.

As expected, I'm experiencing a bubble that I don't know, and the way I play and use money is cool, and it feels good to be full of energy.

Anyway, he was a bean and a cool uncle.

I was always taken with me on domestic and overseas trips, and it was always like a dream.

And the uncle has a very strong libido, and every time I meet him, he says let's do H (unexpectedly, he doesn't say sex, he says H), and I like it, so I was OK.

Usually, when we love each other, it's dark and I often close my eyes, but one day I looked up at the uncle's body and looked up at him from below as he sat down comfortably.

At that time, the slackness of my stomach and the slackness of my face line was awfully unpleasant, and nausea attacked me at once.

It's cute if his stomach is sticking out, but apparently he's not like that.

It was a silhouette reminiscent of a wrinkly, skinny old man.

For the first time, I noticed the reality of wrinkles and sagging in my 50s.

Even remembering it now, I still feel nauseous.

Love life of uncles

I don't know how old an uncle refers to, but from my point of view, he's around 50 years old.

This dating club is almost a place for uncles or older men to meet.

Even when I look at the anonymous question box, I wonder if there is an uncle who wants to fall in love so normally.

I want to date without financial transactions.Or that you're looking for a pseudo-romance that's close to serious.

Of course, I don't feel like blaming only uncles, and I can see that women also think that money is so much.

Well, dating clubs are just that kind of place.It's a great business that fits each other's needs.

Just uncles.It would be better for you to give up most of the ordinary love life.

Unfortunately, even I, who has a wide strike zone and easily overheats, feels a little uncomfortable.

Young women in their 20s and 30s who are enrolled in dating clubs can imagine being even more creepy.

In a major way,

How to speak, clothes, smells, favorite singers, favorite foods, places you want to go, time to wake up and go to bedAnd so on, there is a considerable difference between uncles and women.

in detail

The way of coughing, the way of laughing, the point of laughing, the volume of the voice, the attentiveness, etc. are old-fashioned.etc.

The reason I use the word "uncle" instead of "ojisama" in this column is because it is "uncle ku ojisama."

Cool and cool uncles are called "Ojisama".

Unfortunately, the main character of this column is "Ojisan".

That's what I say, I'm around the age of the so-called "Auntie".

Of course, there is also the awareness of old age.

I am very grateful to have received an allowance and dated while saying terrible things about uncles.

But I want to be honest, so I can't help it.

It was an around leaf that my uncle has been unable to do recently.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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