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I want to know the psychology of a man who wants to be raw


I want to know the psychology of a man who wants to be raw

By the way, it looks like a married person with children!






The cabaret club is more expensive than Yoshiwara's high-end soap.

Especially for women who are involved in the nightlife business, I would appreciate it if you could remember these words.

It is possible to have sex with a woman who looks like a model or a celebrity, or even a soap that has models and celebrities if you pay 10 yen.Whether it's good or bad, the fact remains.

On the other hand, what about cabaret clubs?If you do a little better, you can easily blow away 2 yen in 10 hours.If you feel like it, it won't be difficult to blow away 100 in one night.

A cabaret club where you can't have sex 99% is more expensive than a soap where you can have sex.It's not a matter of the cost of sake.There is no such thing as a person in this world who goes to a cabaret club to drink expensive alcohol.The reason they blow away dozens or hundreds of dollars at cabaret clubs is because they see more value in cabaret clubs than in soaps.

So what is it worth?

I consider it affirmative.

If you just want to get sexual pleasure, you don't need to go to a cabaret club.Soap is tens of thousands of times more efficient, and more importantly, masturbation should be enough.

However, men still go to cabaret clubs because they are looking for something other than sexual pleasure.

And that is self-affirmation.

trophy student

trophy wife.It's a term used by socially successful men who marry young, beautiful women to show off their success.

In short, it's a story of "My wife is so young! It's amazing, haha!"

Whether it's a sports competition or an arts competition, everyone wants to win, but they don't want the trophy.You can buy a decent trophy for 5,000 yen, so if you just want a trophy, you don't need to enter a tournament.They want the title of victory, and the trophy is just a certificate given to the winner.

That's exactly what a trophy wife is. They want the title of "socially successful", they don't want young women.Anyway, as I said earlier, you can buy as much as you want for 10 yen.It can be said that they reluctantly marry young women in order to prove their ability to convince themselves that they can marry young women.

The reason why men spend a lot of money at cabaret clubs is to prove themselves.

While XNUMX% of customers are unable to have sex and are defeated, they will be able to prove their abilities if only they can have sex.On the other hand, Soap can have sex with anyone, so it doesn't prove any ability.

In short, they don't want to have sex, they want to prove that they can have sex.However, the only way to prove that a man can have sex is to have sex, so they have no choice but to say that they are having sex.

Men who want to be raw and men who want to fuck for free have basically the same psychological structure.

I don't want to have sex raw, I want to be a man who can have sex raw.In other words, I want to be a man who has the ability to get women to allow me to live.

And in order to prove that he is a man who can do it live, there is no other way but to have sex live.

Trophy creampie, not a trophy wife.

In fact, they don't want to live, let alone have children.It's just that the only way to prove your ability is to do it live.

Of course, there are reasons why living is more comfortable, but since you can do as much as you want with money, I think the essence is to gain a sense of self-affirmation.

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