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Do men prefer women with no money?


Do men prefer women with no money?

Saving money is my hobby and I do this activity, and my dads think I'm poor.

I grew up in a wealthy family, so I have some high-brand bags and accessories that my parents bought for me, but I only wear cheap ones on dates because I think it's nasty to have them in front of my dad. yeah.I really want to be more stylish.

From a man's point of view, "Why are you doing this activity when you have money?"

After all, if a woman wears a high brand, do men not want to spend money on that woman?



Thank you very much for your question.

Do you know "kaiji"?

Kaiji is a gambling manga drawn by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, and has been made into movies and anime many times, so you probably know the name.It is known that the last boss-like existence in this manga is Kazutaka Hyodo, who has assets of at least 400 billion as the leader of the Teiai Group.

I have more than anyone else at this party!


In yen...in dollars...!In euros... in yuan...!I have it...!

Kukuku... I don't know where the rats are lurking... I can't say it out loud, but each...

I have 100 billion worth of money!

Quoted from Kaiji

I don't know if 100 billion is in yen, dollars, or euros, but as you can see from this statement, I know that he has at least 400 billion yen.

In a normal sense, 400 billion would be a lot of money.Even in a universe full of rich men, I don't think there are many men with a fortune of 400 billion.

However, Chairman Hyodo is not a man who is satisfied with this.

(Continued from earlier)

It's not enough... it's like...! !


I want more and more...!

Despite having at least 400 billion yen, Chairman Hyodo is far from satisfied with his wealth.

money is relative

Despite having (at least) 400 billion yen (at least), Chairman Hyodo is not at all satisfied with his wealth.

On the other hand, even if the assets are only 100 million yen, there will be people who live satisfactorily.

In other words, "whether you are satisfied with your money" is not determined by how much you have.Those who are dissatisfied with an annual income of 1 million yen are dissatisfied, and those who are satisfied with an annual income of 100 million yen are satisfied.

So what about your question?

I don't know how much the questioner's assets are, but his parents are said to be wealthy, so he must have some assets.It's not an auspicious story, but I think that if your parents pass away, you will receive a decent amount of assets.

I don't know if it's 1 million or 10 billion.However, no matter what the amount is, there is no doubt that the questioner wants more money.I don't think I signed up for Universe for social studies.

Therefore, the questioner may be wealthy in terms of money, but mentally he wants more money.In that case, no matter how much money the questioner has, it is safe to say that the questioner is a "poor person who is in need of money."


Nothing is more expensive than free

There is no doubt that poor women are preferred to rich women, at least among men enrolled in the universe.

I don't think it's because I want to take a mount or because I can make myself look bigger.


It's just creepy.

In the business world, if someone says, "I don't need money," it's a scammer.For better or worse, the men who are enrolled in the hard-working universe understand that women are coming to their money.And yet, if a woman appears and says, "I don't need money, I'm not in need of money," it's nothing short of eerie.

No man likes such a creepy, suspicious, and fraudulent woman.There is no doubt that she is the most convenient woman for men, but they think that there is something behind it and keep their distance.

Don't get close to Kimiko.

A decent human being does not trust a human being who is convenient for him.

So even if the person asking the question really thinks "I don't need money", if they still want to win the hearts of men in the universe, they should give some reason and play "I need money". It is better to

Do not worry.

A determined man in the universe realizes that there are not so many people who want to study abroad, but he is still deceived.


Will the questioner wear a gorgeous necklace or earrings when attending a funeral?

There is a thing called TPO in clothes.Suits when going to work.A jacket when you go out.At funerals, there is a black suit and clothes to wear depending on the time and occasion.

Of course, if you don't care what people think about you, you can wear a pure white dress to the funeral, but if you want to be well thought of by people around you, then you should dress appropriately for the occasion. should do.

Therefore, if "avoiding brand-name products" is a style that suits TPO, the questioner should avoid brand-name products in fashion.

If "using brand-name products" is suitable for TPO, the questioner should wear brand-name products.

Unfortunately, the questioner's desire to "be fashionable" should be fulfilled "within the scope of TPO". 

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