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[Mature member's truth XNUMX] Is it true that ``universe club interviews are a narrow gate, so ``almost rejected''?

My name is Rachel and I will be in charge of the column from this time.My true identity is a married office worker in her 40s who joined the Universe Club the other day.I am an amateur writer who read the article "Recruiting writers" at the time of joining and applied for it.In this column, I would like to write frankly about my real dating experiences so far and in the future.This is the first post in my life as a writer, in other words, this is my virgin work.Nice to meet you.


Now to the chase.

According to the Universe Club women's recruitment site, there is a difficult examination to become a female member.Furthermore, "If you are a good woman, you can earn a lot of money quickly and easily!"




Let's go back three months from now.

One day, I was reading a certain dad life blog.I was just curious.There, two dating sites and the name of Universe Club were listed as recommended media for dad activities.However, "Basically, I actively look for a dad on my own on dating sites. Dating clubs have no choice but to wait for offers from men, so they can't make money efficiently."Furthermore, "I never have sex. I eat rice and get paid. I'm not particularly beautiful, but I can do it, so everyone can do it!"I was almost deceived by the nice-sounding word "papa-katsu," and even though I came to my senses and regained my critical feelings, I became more interested in "universe club" than "papa-katsu." rice field.


What kind of place is the Universe Club?


My general image of dating clubs is that of a model-class beautiful woman and a wealthy man who enjoy a one-night rendezvous and, if compatible, maintain an ongoing relationship.That's my impression.


It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, for a raccoon-faced mature woman like me... I thought, but just in case, I googled "universe club".


The published percentage of female members by age is 10% in their teens, 6% in their 20s, and 84% in their 30s. 10's don't exist.


Just as I thought…


For some reason, I still couldn't give up.Every time I saw the words "universe club", I felt the desire to take on the challenge.I want to enjoy the remaining time of a woman.It's been two and a half months since I saw the club site for the first time.I finally found the words "female members up to 2 years old"!


She has a strong sexual desire, but she has been sexless with her husband for several years.For the past few years she has been dating someone she met on a dating site or picking her up.She had just ended a relationship with someone she had been dating for some time.That's why she didn't hesitate to sign up for the Universe Club.


Challenge everything.Let's try a little challenge.


And if you fail the exam, you have nothing to lose.Rather, if you emphasize that it is a "difficult", it shouldn't hurt much even if you can't pass it.One Saturday, when my family was asleep, I mustered up the courage to press the entry button.I'm sure the age hurdle is high.I won't accept it if I stay arrogant.I honestly wrote about my personality, strengths, hobbies, and enthusiasm for dating men.She sent the picture, but she also wrote the words "she's not beautiful" just in case.she is not humbleIt's true.Rather, it may be an act of putting up a line of defense.Isn't this old lady misunderstanding something?have you ever looked in the mirror?This is because I was a little worried about what to do if the staff thought that.

Despite such worries, I was able to pass the document screening easily.She got a call that next she should come for an interview.


On the day, I put on a face pack and carefully set my hair.She was full of enthusiasm for shooting.She is in good spirits and feels like she has already passed the exam.Not yet.Suppressing her excitement, she headed for the meeting place.


Call the designated toll-free number in front of the convenience store that has been informed in advance as the meeting place.I was asked what I was wearing today and was instructed to wait inside the store.A man who enters the store looks like an interviewer, and every time he sees it, his heart is pounding.In the end, the person who asked me, "Are you Ms. Rachel?"She was guided to a room in the apartment by the woman, and the interview began with just the two of them.


After writing personal information as prompted, the woman said that she would like to confirm the purpose of registration first.She's a girl, and she's a little reserved.After that, the explanation from the woman began.She speaks so fluently that I think she's memorized all the manuals. "and.I froze for a moment.Are you talking about that already?It hasn't even been three minutes since the explanation started.Moreover, to be emitted from such a pure-looking person.Dating clubs... I know, they're scary places.


However, I demonstrated my inherent "good understanding" and soon acquired immunity, so I moved on to the task of choosing a relationship type.

"Dating only is a relationship type A"

…It's boring just to eat.I don't belong in this.

"B to D have an adult relationship"

…The difference between B and C is whether you can do it right away on the day you meet. The difference between C and D is whether or not you intend to have sex.In other words, is it okay for anyone?and interpreted.I am either B to D.

"E is for marriage and love"

…Is it for unmarried people?It does not matter to me.


It's really clear, it's drowsy zero.

i like sexBut it doesn't matter who the opponent is.Having sex with someone I like is the best, but I hesitated, but I chose C. "If the feeling matches, there will be an adult relationship on the same day."Yeah, that's fine.


After choosing the relationship type, there was another explanation.Here and there, words such as "no last minute cancellations", "punctuality", and "contact us when you are late for a date" were sprinkled.It is the minimum manners as a person.While asking for a relationship, I thought that it was NG to act in such a way that it would not gain credibility.


The photography and video shooting took place in a relaxed atmosphere.We talked a lot about hobbies, interesting TV topics, and sports topics, and we laughed a lot.However, I get nervous when the camera is facing me, and I don't think I'll get an offer with such a stiff expression.And so on.The more I thought about it, the more nervous I became.


As I got on the train after the sweaty interview, I thought it would be nice to have a good meeting.


Two days later, I received a message on LINE saying, "I will inform you of the login information for the female member page."She had passed the examination.Surprisingly, she was very happy.


And I found out.


"Universe club interviews are a narrow gate, so 'nearly rejected'" is both true and false.I'm not a beautiful woman, so I got accepted, so the door should be wide open.Appearance is of course important.However, throughout the entire interview, I felt that the criteria for judging were important: "Do you have the minimum manners?"So if she's a woman with normal senses, I think she'll be able to pass most of the time.On the other hand, it can be said that this question is truly "nearly rejected" for those who violate manners or for women whose purpose does not match the club.


In this way, I became a member safely, but the problem is whether I can get an offer from a man...I feel that there is a higher hurdle than the Universe Club interview.


*The theme of [Mature Woman Member Honne XNUMX] is scheduled to be "Sexually Transmitted Diseases".Please read it again.



A married office worker in her 40s who travels the world with her creativity and charm. She has been writing as an outside writer for Universe Club since September 2017.Her hobby is random reading.Her reading range ranges from romance novels to business books to academic papers.She never reveals it to her dad, but she actually graduated from the University of Tokyo.

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