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first fight

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki.

I'm usually very mild-mannered, but today I'd like to talk about the first time in a while that I've lost my temper.

At that time, Natsuyuki built a very good relationship with a gentleman she met on a date.

The man had a sense of humor, was neat, and was truly the ideal “papa”.

And from the very first impression, my partner liked me very much, and that's when we started dating.

We went on dates quite often, and unusually not only for meals and sex, but also for casual walks around town and festivals.

He was a really nice person, even though he told me to tell him whenever I had a problem.

But one day, I had a big fight with him, and since then I haven't even been able to contact him at all.

what's happened.

I decided to expose this incident this time because I think there are many things to think about and learn about manners to enjoy a date.

Please use it as an opportunity to review the language and attitude on your date.

Natsuyuki and the man were very close and kept in touch very often.

Man: Natsuki-chan, how are you~?

Natsuyuki: I'm fine!When is your next date?

Man: I want to meet Natsuyuki soon, so I'll contact you as soon as I have time~♩

Natsuyuki: Looking forward to it*

In the beginning, it was like this.

Well, after finishing the second sex, the man's chat suddenly became strange.

Man: How is Natsuyuki-chan's pussy~?

Natsuyuki: Natsuyuki is fine.It's embarrassing, stop it lol

Man: Because Natsuyuki-chan is a super type and I can't forget you, Oma*ko♡

Natsuyuki: I'm happy, but it's embarrassing to write in chat, so see you next time♡

Obviously, I started a barrage of "Oma*ko, Oma*ko".

Even if it's okay to talk like that when we're having sex,

Don't girls get a little attracted when you write these words when you're in regular contact?

What's more, if it remains in words, there is a sense of fear that you don't know when and who will see it,
It seems like I can only see the other person's ulterior motives, and I don't feel good about it.

But at this time, just by talking about "Oma ○ko" on the chat like this,
As expected, he didn't say the word "Oma ○" during the date.

So, I was also dating as a job, so I responded to it softly and lightly.

But, however.

It escalates more.

In the meantime, during dates, and besides when you're having sex,

He suddenly started saying the word "Oma*ko".

For example ...

Look at the round napkin ring placed on the table at the time of meal,

“Look, it looks like Natsuyuki-chan’s pussy.”


When I ordered a cold beer and the glass was wet with frost,

“Ah, I wonder if Natsuki-chan’s pussy is wet too.”

like that.

and in chat

Man: Natsuki-chan, how is your pussy doing?

Natsuyuki: It's embarrassing.

Man: Why?

Finally, he sent me a picture.

Man: [Oma ○ This image] I can't wait♡


By this time, I was feeling sick, angry, and annoyed.

Natsuyuki: Um, can you just take it easy?
   A man in his twenties who is in his twenties says "Ma*ko, Ma
This is a series of calls.
   You can't be serious.
   Moreover, what kind of harassment is sending images?
   As I said before, in the chat it will remain in the text,
   Don't write embarrassing things, because you don't know who will see it.
   Why can't you understand how I feel? !


Then the men are also furious.

Man: You don't make fun of grown men!Do not be silly.

Natsuyuki: Why is that? !
   Natsuyuki loved (the man's name) because he was a very gentleman.
   Contrary to that gentleman, he sends me daily chat words that can only be seen by his ulterior motives.
   I was in shock.

Man: I guess that's what you do.Sorry to say that I fell in love at first sight.

Natsuyuki: …It's enough.I don't want to see your face anymoreThank you for everything.

Man: Goodbye.Thank you for everything.

And the relationship with that man ended.

What did you think?
This is the biggest incident that Natsuyuki caused through her date.

However, it might have been bad for Natsuyuki to speak too strongly, or to have an ambiguous attitude that didn't convey her own thoughts.

However, for this incidentI think that lack of delicacy on the part of men is the root causeHm.

It may be the difference in values ​​between men and women, but even if it is a relationship that generates money,

The other is male and female.

Let's build a wonderful relationship while considering the other person instead of letting your ego go through so that you can feel comfortable and have fun with each other.

Xia Xue

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki. "Snow that falls in the summer" is somewhat strong, ephemeral, fantastic, and outlaw image... I think women in their XNUMXs like me are such a living thing.I would be happy if you could look forward to reading such a neat post written by Natsuyuki.By the way, my favorite saying is "The secret is to make a woman beautiful."You got a little nervous, didn't you? *

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