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"Don't Stop Time" Episode VII ~Precious Aikata~

definition of loved one

The existence of you who I have loved

I want to tell others so that I can understand and explain myself





ex boy friend


Daddy's Dad

Aid communication

Affair partner

Cheating partner

Search for words that correspond to such things, and search for the meaning of the words to understand them in your brain...

I did some research, but to be honest, I didn't want to do that, and I think it would have been very difficult to apply it to the existing "words."

"i love you'

I just can't find the words to describe it to the world.

I don't want to be misunderstood or prejudiced by each person, so I'm selfish.

"I will never tell anyone about my relationship with you, nor do I need to.'


"I learned about the ultimate adult relationship.'

Dating clubs can end with “only a few hours of encounters” in a lifetime.

For those few hours, if you can answer with sincerity and love as much as you can, albeit inexperienced

What a wonderful time.

In a space where the two of us were alone, an indescribably tight and awkward tension circulated throughout our bodies.

It's impossible for each of us to overlap each other in our daily lives.

and got tangled up

Slowly and carefully, slowly, slowly, slowly, we untie the finely crafted vintage necklace with a sparkling thin chain so as not to break it.

It's like that tension

From the neck to the back...

Touch while gently tracing from head to toe

Feeling like the tiredness of the whole body is peeling off one by one like rose petals

"oh i'm being eaten'

"I can't stand...'

"I feel proud when I receive words of praise from you.'

I'm embarrassed, mutter in my heart, and face you politely

I love the space where we can be alone and the ephemeral time

Each one of us has finished our role and taken it to the grave

without leaving a record

Sweet and sour strawberry scent with a little sugar topping

I wonder if your name will be forgotten

memory in my head

Is it a “preparedness” for adult dating?

No matter how much you love and are loved, there is a world of ``adult dating'' that is never revealed in public until the end.

After a long time, I found out

"My precious love (Aikata)'

mother's kindness

It was Heisei, a long time ago.

Requested by my mother.

"It's Mr. M from 〇〇 who has been very good at work.She's having an affair with her N-chan.The two of us got along well and always showed up. N-chan is a very smart child who can work, and M-san and N-chan have been friends for more than 2 years.'

"That's right?!'

"yes. M-san is back at N-chan's apartment.you live together Mr. M doesn't go near his real wife. ○△□×Something like that.'

"That made M-san sad too.'

"Actually, I know N-chan's mother.She was always worried about whether it was really okay for him to remain single for the rest of his life, and wondered if she had turned 50 after all.She's still single.But you know, it's a relationship where you're not allowed to be together in public, like a reception or a funeral.That's why, it may be the first and last time, so can you ask me?please!'

I replied with two answers.

"O.K. I understand.If your mother wishes, I will invite the two of you to our reception.'

"Mr. M is a very important person, so let's put down the title and let the two of you participate as a friend of your mother. I'm sure you'll both like it.However, there are people in the same industry, so you may understand, but it's just that we're private friends.'

Mr. M's girlfriend, Mr. N, was dressed in a wonderful kimono and was modest.

"Depending on how you look at it, you can also see it as a pretty plain person.Mr. N, who is so modest, is the secretary of that big organization.'

I thought that Mr. M and Mr. N could only be seen as an ordinary elderly couple, and the day was over with just the appearance.

At that time, I had no way of knowing my mother's deep friendship with Mr. M and Ms. N.

What kind of place is the dating club? (Self-consideration edition)

From among various academic fields, this time I decided to take the "dating club" as a market and consider it while studying economics a little more seriously.

There is "standard economics" as a guideline necessary when thinking about the market.

From the extreme assumption there, "both men and women are rational people who do not choose to lose money" are the right people in terms of economics.

He's like a robot with no emotions.

In economics, "The model is a person who always does not lose and who acts self-centeredly."

There is a "standard person".

However, the market of "dating clubs" has an "information asymmetry" in which it is impossible to know until you meet each other.

If so, wouldn't the "standard person" from an economics point of view join because the risk is high?

Isn't it difficult to make it as a business?I wondered.

So why are you growing so big?

Isn't it possible that the 'dating club' has been established from the perspective of moral 'social norms' instead of 'market norms' that think about money?

I made a random hypothesis.

What are social norms

"Altruism" to be happy to please


A warm and satisfying sense of justice

As mentioned above, social norms are intricately entwined with emotions such as volunteer spirit and kindness, and are defined as human essences that have been built up over human history.

I hypothesized that the "dating club" would be a viable business if it was viewed from the perspective of "social norms," ​​but in reality it is a place that changes when social norms change, so it is not easy to talk about it. I think.

Therefore, even if we consider how "dating clubs" should be in terms of social norms, we need a certain amount of years of research.

material for consideration

I see the "anonymous question box" every day as a material for consideration without permission.

It seems that the unique hearts of each man and woman I meet cannot be clearly measured by the "anonymous question box" of the dating club.

However, dating clubs "handle people" unlike money that can be calculated using standard economics, so if you learn communication in an anonymous questionnaire box, you can manage risks to some extent and create social norms for your community. I'm seriously thinking about whether I'm going to go.

However, since it is not possible to derive 100 points from mathematics, it is not possible to derive XNUMX points from the heart of mutual communication. You have to take a breath before asking a question.

It would be nice if everyone involved could make tomorrow's manners.

Moral hazard

The anonymous question box on the dating club site has been buzzing, but the problem of moral hazard that worries owners has arisen.

As I considered it, I came to the conclusion that it would sometimes be a mistake to advertise a "dating club" to "women whose social preferences are money-oriented" as the scale of this dating club grows. attached.

For example, ``papa activities that easily tell you that you can easily earn money'' misleads ``women with strong financial orientation who do not take risks'' as mentioned above, and attracts many people who are undesirable from the club's point of view. It will end up.

In that case, it means "I attracted them with wrong information".

A place called "a socially normative and highly active dating club" that everyone joins with some determination may not be suitable for "self-centered men and women who always think on a profit and loss basis".

private conclusion

"Affiliate earners" and dating clubs should be "careful" in advertising What is a dating club?Please supplement the explanation.

The person in charge of interviewing the club will be more polite, and will be hired if the male or female can understand it by specifically adding "explanation of what kind of thinking and earnest management".

As a result, matching is performed with high accuracy, women are less likely to directly ask for money, and communication between adults will be nurtured.

To future members

(Assuming that immature children browsed)

Making money is not easy.

Learn about money first.

Money is the "compensation" that is earnestly earned by thinking hard about things that other people don't do, and cutting life (time) for others.

Money doesn't come to you "money alone".

Money is the "compensation" for things and events (valuable experiences that the person wants to cherish).

Treat it with care, think about it, and use the money for your future self.

*Continued to Episode I

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