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"Don't Stop Time" Episode I ~Sex Education for Adults~ Part XNUMX

On the day of the end of the war in the first year of Reiwa, I remember my original intentions

What is true happiness

Then I suddenly remembered.

Um... When will the war end? !


Every year, when I see reports and articles about the special program commemorating the end of the war and the Peace Memorial Ceremony, my heart beats fast and my soul cries out.

We are still under the nuclear umbrella

In addition, the defense against the threat of terrorism continues.

The current situation is that I can only express my intentions about politics and them through elections, and I can't even know the details.

"I wonder if it's okay to take things for granted in the defense of the country as they are...'

The more I think about it, the more my head seems to be somehow

In the end, I didn't understand it and drove it to a corner of my head.

Events in a corner of the day...

Yeah yeah yeah

Watching the anime and live-action movie "In This Corner of the World"So am I.It's just that I'm still alive in my daily life, which is the same as during the war.I think.

But, I want to have some meaning in life because I'm living like this.

A single star shining in the night sky

Elaborately crafted only on the surfaceFake"

Glittering neon night view of the city

no no no... i might be wrong

What I really wanted to be is nurtured by facing myself."the real thing" myself

Like a single diamond, I wanted to finish my life shining brightly like a single star in the night sky, no matter how small it was.

Skyscrapers like a symbol of wealth

While yearning to become that neon, in reality,the real thing"I wanted myself

I'm... really selfish.

SEX at first meeting? !Wisdom bag of the first experience of the first night

In the movie scene, an episode of the first night of marriage appears in the historical background during World War II.

Do you know the "Kaki Tree Question and Answer"?

In folklore, it is called "Kaki Tree Question and Answer".Persimmon fruit, moi moi eh?""here you areIt is said that there was a region in which the groom and the bride exchanged such words.

"It used to be common in the past to say "first night" when meeting someone for the first time.You may not like your face, or you may not like your body odor in the first place.I don't know anything about the relationship.You don't hear that kind of nonsense these days.'

"I don't know the astringency, but the first persimmon torn offThe phrase "" also made me smile.

You can't tell if it's astringent until you try it.

It seems that the persimmon fruit was also likened to children.

"SEX at the first meeting.I wonder if I can do itIt may not be possible, it may be possible... That's right.You won't know until you eat it.smile'

war and sexuality

How long can we Japanese live peacefully without war?

"When August arrives, my heart, shoulders, neck, and back of my eyes start to throb.'

At some point, children were exposed to (and taught) peace studies, and I happened to find the manga "Barefoot Gen" in the school library. has become an annual event.

How can we adults, who have lived such a loose and peaceful life, protect the peace of the children of the future?

As many of you know, "sex crime" has been an important issue for the government and the country as well as for public health.

This is deeply related to samurai warfare and wars and history around the world, but how can we adults today understand and explain it?

As a matter of fact, I grew up without much memory of being taught in detail about sex education by my parents, grandparents, teachers, and adults around me.

Even if I recall, it was only during the public health and physical education period.

As an example that is only known in the media, Nihon Inanfu outlines the comfort women of the former Japanese army, the so-called military comfort women.

Regarding the national responsibility of the comfort women, which is an issue mainly in Japan and South Korea, see Japan's comfort women issue.Something like the following (see Wikipedia).

During the long history of wars in countries around the world, there have been many sexual and sexually transmitted disease problems, and the current Cold War (I dare to say so) is always side by side in everyday life. Little by little, I came to know the problem of sex education.

Think from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

A girl's skirt was turned up by her brother in the elevator of a shared house! (He may have touched you somewhere. But I can't ask him, and it's hard to pay attention to the son of a fellow housewife in the neighborhood.)

Elementary school students have sex! (What did you see and imitate? My body hasn't developed yet! I need to educate my children about sex soon!)

A girl was assaulted in a nearby shopping center toilet and her uterus burst! (Sex offenders must be crazy and ignorant about their bodies)

Parents can show SEX! (just disgust and disgust)

My father and grandfather touch my body nasty! (you are stupid)

Even when I don't want to have sex, my father will force me. (Was your mother crying?)

The number one cause of human death is abortion (I'm not against it, I need to know the facts)

In daily conversations with close friends and mothers, there were many topics related to sex education.


Adults don't give sex education because it's a sensitive topic, and don't they create reasons to avoid talking about it?

Don't you care about the eyes of the world and neglect to be careful in your immediate surroundings?

Don't you regard it as sex education with a convenient story, or force your own sexual desires on the young people and spread them like sexual harassment?

Are you committing sex crimes without a woman's sincere consent?

For better or worse, the knowledge gained in the process of learning SEX from childhood to adolescence is passed down from parents to children as future social norms, so the person himself does not notice it. There may be a possibility of repeating mistakes similar to sex crimes.

It's hard to find a place to discuss family customs and sex life styles in public, so I wonder if there are many things that are done with fixed ideas within a narrow range of life.

…Continued to “Don’t Stop Time” Episode I ~Sex Education for Adults~ Part XNUMX

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