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Face-to-face meeting for the first time Conversation technique with dad

I think there are many women who worry that they don't know what to talk about when they meet their dad for the first time.I think it's common to negotiate allowances at face-to-face meetings, but many dads say that if they suddenly talk about money, they'll lose interest.


It can be said that the first meeting conversation is an important factor in determining allowances.If you remember this, you might double your allowance!


Conversation skills in dad activities that increase favorability

① Talk about future goals

First of all, as a dad, I think there are many reasons why women decided to start dad activities.At such times, women who have clear goals and can speak clearly are said to be highly favorable.Papa-katsu is originally meant to support a woman who wants to save money for her dreams and goals.Papa wants to support her because she is a woman who has a clear plan for the future.


② Topics of common hobbies

Of course, daddy looks at profile photos when choosing a woman, but more than that, he sometimes looks at the woman's hobbies and what she usually does.If you're going to give me an allowance, it would be nice to have a woman who can share a good time together.Dig into your hobbies and interests and start the conversation from there.For example, a dad who likes to drink would be able to have a good time by suggesting something like, "There's a bar I want to go to with you next time."


③ Talk about the economy and the economy

Many of the men who do dad activities are of high social status, such as company presidents and executives.Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the economic and economic news. By making him think, "I can talk like that, you're different from other girls," your father will feel special towards you.Also, women with a high level of conversation will be able to be taken to a high-class shop that is suitable for it.Of course, it may be awkward to talk only about the business and the economy when meeting for the first time, but it's worth remembering.


④ Small talk

I think that women who can liven up any theme well are highly liked by both men and women.Many dads like to go to bars and chat with bar staff and other customers.Always keep a large drawer of conversations and always have them available.For that reason, it is important to be interested in various things on a regular basis. When you come up with a theme, if you can say something interesting like, "Speaking of ◯◯, something happened the other day...", the conversation with your dad will surely be lively.


Techniques for Enlivening Conversations with Daddy

①Listen while giving back

During the conversation, just make sure to give back and listen to each other, and the conversation will be lively.It's OK to laugh a little exaggeratedly at the funny points.However, some dads choose quiet shops, so it is a good idea to adjust the volume of your voice to liven up your mood while assessing the TPO.


② Don't give up on Papa's story

Don't interrupt the conversation while Dad is talking.It is NG to interrupt the conversation and ask questions.When the conversation with the other person has settled down, try to speak yourself.If you can't continue the conversation with your dad, it's a good idea to write down your opinions and questions while you're listening.


③ When the conversation doesn't last, listen to what's going on

When you've finished talking with your dad and you don't have much to talk to him about, ask him how he's been lately, or, "Come to think of it, what happened to that last conversation?" would be good.By remembering the content of the conversations you had before, you will become more sensitive, thinking, "This child is a good listener."


④ Be interested in daddy's story

The first and most important thing in a conversation is to be interested in the other person.If you are talking about someone you like, even love, you will want to listen with interest in any topic.The same is true for dad activities, and there is no dad who is not happy that a woman is interested in him.Feel free to ask more questions if you have any concerns.



To be honest, I have no choice but to get used to conversations with my dad when I meet him for the first time.I think that if you can talk well with any dad, you will be able to meet more people in your private life and romance.Some girls say that dad activities are not just for receiving allowances, but to improve their conversational skills and skills.Please try to become a wonderful woman who is good at conversation through papa activities!


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