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The story that there are types of men's libido switches

There are individual differences in male libido.
However, judging a man based solely on his sexual desire is a mistake.
Strangely enough, there are a certain number of men in the world who don't have sex because of sex.
At first glance, this may seem like a meaningless action.
However, this is deeply related to men's "libido switch".

emotion type

Emotional men are driven by affection and attachment.
Even if you go to a sex club, you may come back without having sex.
This kind of man is the type that has a strong desire to be understood.
It makes me horny when I think that I can understand my feelings.

I'm not really interested in women who just look naughty.
He is a rare type of man in the Papa Katsu Market, but once he opens his heart, he won't leave so easily.
Rather, I have the impression that there are many people with a dependent constitution.

When you're working with men, you may think, "Isn't it okay to dress sexy?" But men are much more sensitive than we imagine.

There are men who often say, "I'm not good at customs and sex," but make convenient friends.
The female side thinks, "Maybe if you're not good at being diligent, does she treat you with respect?"

This is hidden in the psychology that "I do not intend to be a girlfriend, but I do not get excited unless I feel that my heart is connected."
If you want to drop an emotional man, you should be conscious of empathy.


Of course, there are many men who simply want to have sex.
Instinctive men want to have sex as soon as they see an erotic woman.
Most women have this image of men.

Men are good at self-awareness of their sexual desires.
In other words, I am good at thinking about separating romantic feelings and sexual desires.
Instinctive men direct their sexual impulses directly at women, so they often aren't that interested in the inner workings of women.

For instinctive men, the key is how to make them think they are cute from the start.
By making people think they are naturally cute, they create the illusion that they have the gene for good looks.

The appeal of trying to become cute is rather negative.
We would like you to appreciate that we have made an effort to become cute, but information such as "I got double eyelids and plastic surgery" and "I used to be 10kg overweight" is unnecessary.
Unfortunately, there are very few men who are impressed by the cuteness that has been created.

If you want to get rid of instinctive men, learn the natural makeup that has been made.
Then, I recommend that you approach them with an unfamiliar face and the tension of "I'm so cute from the start!"

Stress release type

Many men choose sex to relieve stress.
Some married people do not want to bring the stress of work into their homes.
Even when work is temporarily going badly, I sometimes try to maintain my pride by playing with women.

Stress-relieving men never have rough sex.
By confirming the attraction as the opposite sex, you feel your worth.
This feeling can also be understood by women.

For example, when daytime work is not going well, why don't you feel relieved to be asked by a man?
I can maintain myself with the confidence that "my work is not my only value" and "I am attractive as a member of the opposite sex."

When work is not going well, there are many women who cheat for some reason.
It's not uncommon for women to say that playing with men is a stress reliever.
On the other hand, if your work is going well, you can have some peace of mind even if you don't have a specific lover.

Stress-relieving men are happy when women enjoy their technique.
Let's tell her clearly, "I love Mr. ○○'s sex."

Let's find out the libido switch in men

Conversation is important to determine a man's libido switch.
If you talk, you will know what kind of man he is.
If you don't understand, I recommend asking "When do you get horny?" between conversations.

Of course, it is unreasonable to categorize all men into 3 patterns.
Some people have a mixed type of libido switch instead of one type.

However, each man has his own points of interest.
By identifying each libido switch, it will be easier for women to respond.
It means that it will be easier for you to work out your tendencies and countermeasures when dealing with men.
Determining a man's libido switch also leads to a deeper understanding of the other person.

In order to get to know the other person deeply, it is sometimes necessary to count backwards.
Sex is often an integral part of a relationship.
“What kind of sex do you have?” “What kind of sexual desire switch?” “What kind of woman are you looking for?” .

Experienced as a receptionist, hostess, and chat lady.Based on my experiences, I write articles about men and women from various angles.

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