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If someone says "ugly", let's read the back of the word

Have you ever been called "ugly" to your face?
When you work with men, you may sometimes be called ugly.
If it's just an eight hit, it's a good idea to ignore it, but it may have been really ugly.
If you are told that you are ugly, I tried to summarize what kind of thinking you should do without being annoyed.

Ugly as a conversation starter

At the time, I was in my late twenties and was working as a hostess in a local city.
One day, I happened to sit in the seat of a customer named "Busu" by various girls.

I have to take a seat"You're not that beautiful, are you?" "You're rather ugly."They said.

Well, why does this customer say "ugly" to the girl?
It may be that my face is ugly, but from the fact that he is messing around with other girls, I wondered if this man used "ugly" a lot as a conversation starter. .

A little bit, I tried to set it up.

Me: “Mr. ○○, you say ugly to various girls.
Customer: "Well, it's ugly."
I said, "But I thought it might be an inspection."
Customer: “Interrogation?”
I said, "Yes, it's like Bustest."
Customer: “Oh, I know you well.”

In the end"In the end, it might be someone like you who wins.”, he praised me.

Ugly visuals and internals

Unfortunately, the visuals and internals can be ugly.
Each person has a type of the opposite sex, but it is necessary to prepare the minimum foundation.
Especially if you are working with men, such as dad activities.

The fastest way to get people interested on the inside is to polish the outside.
If you have a problem with your appearance, you should go on a diet or study makeup.
Depending on the situation, it is good to consider plastic surgery, but we must not forget that there are trends in the face.

There are trends and obsolescence in makeup.
If you have an average face, don't rely on plastic surgery easily and research makeup that suits you.

Also, no matter how good your facial features are, there are times when you are ugly on the inside.
The bush on the inner surface can also be used as a material for constructing the bush.

First of all, a woman with a dark atmosphere is out of the question.
Even if you have a good face, a woman with weak eyes and drooping corners of her mouth will look ugly.
There are men who like women who are unlucky, but no man would pay for a woman who makes him feel gloomy.

Women who can't say hello or thank you will be considered ugly.
No matter how beautiful she is, she doesn't like a servile woman.
There is no demand for overconfident women either.
A woman who refuses to admit her mistakes and is unsympathetic is exhausting to be with.

Let's eliminate as much as possible the materials that make up the bush.
A shy beauty is annoying.

just eight shots

Unfortunately, you may be called "ugly" just because you are XNUMX.
When you are doing daddy activities with apps etc., you may sometimes encounter men who do fraudulent things.
In fact, many men who use the Papa Katsu app have a grudge against beautiful women.
From the past complex, it seems that beautiful women are hostile.

You don't have to be hurt unnecessarily by being "ugly".
If you can see yourself objectively on a daily basis, it will be easier to avoid this kind of stress.

I've talked about it somewhat pompously, but perfect things don't dwell in sex appeal.
No matter how much AI develops and how sophisticated love dolls are, we are still women.
I think it's one of the charms even though it's not perfect.
Even so, if someone calls you "ugly", I think it's not a bad idea to think about why this person would say such a thing.

Experienced as a receptionist, hostess, and chat lady.Based on my experiences, I write articles about men and women from various angles.

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