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Is “how to meet” important even in this era?

Recently, personal information leakage of a certain matching application has become a fuss.
After all, I got the impression that it was "just a dating service" when I changed the image and developed the service.
Having said that, I have also used the Papa Katsu app, and there was even a time when I made a living by writing articles on matching apps.
However, I am currently against dating apps.



The Importance of “How to Meet”

With the support of the corona crisis, even those who were hesitant about dating have an excuse to use the matching app.
It's true that what you meet is more important than how you met, but do you really want to stay with someone you met on an app?

I don't think men and women who meet on apps are likely to maintain a good relationship.
Of course, I am aware that there are men and women who have built good relationships through dating apps.
However, most users get exhausted while meeting various opponents.

“Empathy” is essential for the continuation of human relationships, including dad activities.
In terms of relationships between men and women, "love elements" may be more suitable than "emotion".
In any case, it will be difficult to meet many times if both parties do not want to continue to meet other than financially.



Instant encounters are easy to let go

To be frank, an instant encounter would only lead to a certain degree of development.
First, you can never have a perfect conversation with another person.
Spending more time together can be frustrating.
It is even more so if the relationship is divided.

At that time, the more story-like the way you met, the more difficult it will be to settle the relationship.
It is difficult to create a story in instant encounters.
For better or for worse, it's because there's a sufficient environment in place to make you think, "I don't care if it's not this person."
There will be no common acquaintances, and there will be no afterthoughts.

Even if you are looking for a partner in such an environment, the same thing is repeated.
Ironically, the more encounters you have, the more likely it is that you won't be able to meet a long-lasting partner.



Encounters with stories are hard to let go of

On a slightly different topic, I often see audition-type idols debuting.
This shows how important storytelling is.
Even if a mysterious idol debuts, it feels like ``Hmm''.

No matter how rational the world becomes, people's hearts are not easily obtained.
At first glance, meeting at a dating club may seem unnatural, but at least I don't think anyone is stingy with money and trying to get an easy meeting.

I think it's not a bad idea to devise a little way to meet because it's an era where you can meet with one fingertip.
Just because it's a corona wreck, I wondered what it would be like to rely on online dating easily.

Experienced as a receptionist, hostess, and chat lady.Based on my experiences, I write articles about men and women from various angles.

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