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Papa Active Women Want to Be Considered Nice by Papa Vol.1


Papa katsu is not a job for men.

I'm working as a dad, and sometimes I'm asked.

It seems that there are more than a few women who have the perception that receiving an allowance = being a slave to men.

Some women may say, ``I don't think I can work as a daddy. .

First of all, your interpretation is wrong.

First of all, I would like to correct this point.

I'm sure women who are working as dads will laugh when they hear it.

Because there can never be such a relationship.

Is it correct to say "getting an allowance = providing a service"?

As for the service part, it doesn't mean that you will become a slave, but it will vary depending on your relationship with your dad, such as the idea of ​​having him become your sponsor, or the idea of ​​having him enjoy time with a woman.

I want you to throw away the idea of ​​becoming a slave.

If you treat me like that, I can consult with the dating club, and moreover, I can cancel the contract at the discretion of the woman.

A weak-minded woman doesn't feel like she's working in an organization like a company, or she doesn't create something and provide it, so I'm going to give her an allowance for that. I am reluctant to receive it.

This makes a lot of sense and I can understand it.

Just don't forget it.

Older men are quite lonely.

Why don't you change the mindset of buying this time and filling the gap there? "Time is spent = money is generated" is a matter of course in any company.

Besides, if the father is a contract that pays a reasonable allowance, it can be viewed that the child itself has that much "value".

Papa-katsu is really different between men and women in terms of contract content, so it might be a good idea to think about the conditions that best suit you.

I'm used to it now, but in the past I used to think about the conditions I would present to my dad in advance.

Because dad life is a business.

If it's a business, it's natural to think about contract conditions and present to the other party, right?Although it's not a business run by an organization, it's a place where you have to grow up.

Even so, "receiving an allowance = becoming a man's slave" huh.

Weird, rumors circulate.

By the way, I've never flattered a man while working as a dad.

I have never thought that I was "wrong" or that I "absolutely hate this" because of my desire for allowance.

Of course, there were requests.

However, if you force it, I clearly told you to cancel the contract on that day. (I will continue to do so in the future.)

So, if you are a woman who wants to start working as a dad, don't worry about strange misinformation.

Well, when I'm working as a dad, I have more time to think about how I should be as a woman.

Especially in my case, my dad is surprisingly a stubborn type, so thankfully, how is it as a person?And so on.

When I hear that story from my dad, I can understand, "I see," and I think a lot about "how can I be liked by men as a woman?"

First, I needed to change myself.

Transform Your Appearance

I used to have good teeth, but I have a habit of drinking coffee a lot.

In recent years, more and more women who are whitening are avoiding coffee because it stains their teeth.

However, I dare to go the road that stains my teeth.

That's all I can't quit. (And sweets)

In particular, when we are stressed in our daily lives, we tend to drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of sweets. (This behavior started around the age of 20.)

Maybe some women have similar symptoms?There are two people around me.

So, at first, I met my dad with unexpectedly dirty teeth (a little brownish color), but when it was the worst, my dad pointed it out.

I think it was like saying, ``Does XX go to the dentist?

Papa told me with a feeling that I was quite careful.

However, I couldn't take action right away, so one day I had a toothache and went to the dentist.

That's why I started getting regular cleanings at the dentist.

Now, I go about every two months.

Generally, one cleaning is covered by insurance and costs about 2600 yen. (Including consultation fee)

By doing this, you can keep your teeth white all the time.

And above all, my impression of my father has improved considerably. (Her teeth got a lot of compliments, too.)

Honestly, does this really change the way men see you?I was skeptical.

But believe me.

To put it bluntly, it's a 180 degree turn.

Why do women all over the world want whitening?Very understandable.

Of course, the alignment of teeth is also very important, but just by this cleaning, men started to be conscious of this mouth when talking, and depending on the dad, the number of kisses increased considerably.

To be honest, it is much more effective than buying various cosmetics, and the burden of money can be reduced considerably.

Certainly, when looking at a man from the woman's side, if his teeth are white and beautiful, he'll want to kiss you, and in the past, he'd have the impression that he's a clean person.

However, I remember that all my past boyfriends had teeth full of cigarette tar, probably because I was careless about them.

However, after I started going to the dentist regularly to have my teeth cleaned, I began to look at men's mouths quite a bit.

And it turned out that the image of "clean teeth = clean man" is surprisingly reasonable.

Certainly, a slovenly person will not go to the dentist regularly, and will not care about it if it is not clean.

Such a dentist costs about 2600 yen for two months and is not a big deal.

If this alone is enough to make my dad like it, I thought it would be a good value for a business and I would recommend it.

If you are a papa active woman who does not go to the dentist on a regular basis.

Please try once.

Realistically, the treatment of men here changes 180 degrees.

The power of teeth is amazing.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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