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My way of spending time with my dad Vol.1


Response after the corona convergence

Already, there are more places in the world where it is OK without a mask.

From the beginning of March, the gym I go to is also allowed to remove the mask and exercise at my own risk.

Wearing a mask while exercising makes it difficult to breathe, and wearing a regular mask makes it easier to remove lipstick.

Make-up does not stick easily.

It feels good to say goodbye to such a troublesome mask.

However, the pollen season has arrived.

But I had a peak from the beginning of March to the middle of such pollen.

Now I'm spending my time without a complete mask.

So, women who are working as dads, have you changed what dads are now before and after corona?For example, he started taking off his mask in front of his dad.

Of course, I don't wear a mask in front of my dad.

meaningMany people outside and older people seem to be still scared and say "I keep wearing a mask".

So, should I be careful and wear a mask only when I meet my dad?I was a little worried.

So I tried to talk to my dad once.

Then, the reply was "Isn't it good because the news says it's okay to remove it?"

I am thinking of dad life as a service industry.

Should I remove it based on my personal judgment?I was very worried, but I decided to take it off even while I was with my dad because I thought, "When I'm wearing a mask, I feel a distance from my dad when I'm talking."

Was this a good decision for the service industry?I do not know.

What about all the women who live as dads?Looking at couples walking around Omotesando, more than 7% of women wear masks. (Impression just what I see)

When I think about it, I feel a little uneasy about the decision I made, but from what I've seen on the news, if you're wearing a mask, you should be careful because the air doesn't reach your body, and bacteria can grow. He said many things about catching a cold easily.

So I'm not sure which one is correct. (Experts are also unreliable)

I feel like I want to go back to the pre-corona days when masks weren't worn normally, but it's impossible to ask for that in Japan today.

Recently, I talk about such things with my dad.

During Corona, I reduced the number of times I met and focused on video calls.

From around August to September last year, can I say that it was my original work?

I used to meet with someone every week.

During the corona, I couldn't earn the original income from dad activity, so I actually had a contract with several people at the same time.

That's why I limited the number of times I met any dad, but from my point of view, somehow, I wasn't alone, so I met someone every week, and I corresponded with the dad who wasn't there by video call. rice field.

So, actually, I was busier than before Corona.

I was busy with my work, but to be honest, the income I got from dad life was reduced by one-third.

In terms of annual income, it hasn't changed that much, but after all, if the time limit is long, I think it's a deficit.

Originally, it is a matter of course that "my time" that would have been possible during that time has been taken away.

Then, around the end of last year, when the coronavirus began to converge, I canceled the contract with some dads.

The reason for this is that I wanted to change the style of meeting with my original work (there are few dads) every week and spending time with each and every one of them.

It's impossible to handle the number of dads who have contracted during corona now.

No, it may not be impossible, but I thought it would be a very thin way to spend time with each person, and it would be rude to the other person, and I decided that I couldn't keep my dad together for a long time, so I returned to the original pre-corona state. is.

Of course, this content is a secret because it will make Papa jealous.

I also had to eat, so I originally wanted to make a contract with an unspecified number of people.

However, if the income drops that much...

I'm sure a woman who knows the site where he was a daddy can understand, and it's against the rules in me to talk to my dad when he's not there to talk about money.

There was such a reason in me during Corona.

How are you doing now?

I've narrowed it down to men who have long-term contracts since before Corona, and I'm seeing them every week.

In other words, during the coronavirus, I feel like I've returned to the way I used to mumble, "I miss the pre-corona days."

Every week, depending on the papa, we meet around noon, have lunch or brunch together, accompany him on his errands, etc.

It may not be very good to say something like this, but that corona ruckusBecause of that, I feel like I can say that I have more trust with my dad than before, or I can trust each other.

Of course, Corona is something the world doesn't need.

But when something big happens to humans, depending on what they do at that time and what they think about each other at that time, the relationship between each other can get worse or even better. I felt like

In fact, I think that women who are doing dad activities will understand.

During the corona, the response that the woman went to at that time with a feeling of compassion for her dad.

If there was a dad who took it as good, it wasn't so.

Despite the coronavirus, there are dads who forcefully pressured us to meet, and dads who thought about us and were able to have a solid discussion.

So, in fact, which dad should I continue my contract with after Corona?It will be very visible, and there must have been many women who thought, "I'm glad I signed a contract with this dad," who had a long-term contract before Corona.I really thought that.

Recently, the place where I often spend time with my dad is a shop in downtown.

The reason is that even though it's a small shop, there are a lot of customers, right?You couldn't go to places like that during Corona, right?That's why going to a downtown store with my dad, which I wouldn't normally go to, is also "my boom" while working as a dad.

In fact, it's fun to dare to go to a store that is difficult to enter.

By all means, it would be nice to go into a store that you couldn't go to during the corona with your dad.

I'm kind of excited.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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