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affinity of smell

Hello, this is Bell♪(^o^)

I recently noticed that there is a human scent, right?A so-called pheromone?I wonder if that's what it means.

It's not fun to be together, it's sexually impossible! !I recently realized that I can't smell someone who thinks.

When I think about when I think about it, one person is watching a movie.

For a long time, the movie is right next to you, right?

I wasn't aware of it, but my body seemed to be reacting to it, and it seemed like my body didn't want to smell it, so I didn't breathe very much, so I ran out of oxygen (laughs).

I felt uncomfortable.It was because of the stinky smell (`・∀・´)


The next thing I thought was when another dad was driving me.

This daddy has been a little sarcastic lately, huh?Were you that kind of person?When I was sitting next to him in the car, I suddenly felt bad about his smell.

I had been fine up until now, but when I took a bad look at him, I suddenly smelled that person's smell, and sitting next to him made me feel unbearably sick.

Did my body receive a danger signal? (°▽°) (laughs)


I thought that emotions and smells are very close.

I'm sure it must have smelled the same as before.

My feelings gave him a yellow sign, so in order to protect myself, I felt it stinks and didn't let him come near me (lol) Animal instinct (lol)


By the way, there is no physical relationship between the two.

Even if there is, it will definitely be a bad match (_ _).。o○ (laughs)



Being with people of the opposite sex, not just dads, and thinking, "I'm sure you have a bad physical relationship with this person."

Don't you feel vague? (smile)


I have quite a few

I thought that the smell of my body didn't match.

When I think it's physiologically impossible, I'm sure I'm judging the other person based on my animal senses, which I don't understand and don't understand.


Maybe the person you fall in love with is the one who smells the same.

I wonder if that's why I like the smell of the sweat of the person I like or the smell of the end of work.And I thought a lot about "smell" (laughs)


Because I recently broke up with my two dads because of this smell d( ̄ ̄)

Spending time with someone who would literally make you sick or dehydrated next to you was quite a hurdle and tough.


After I started feeling sick, I refused to be sent by car. The delicious meal didn't go well at all ( ; ; ) (laughs)


Even the people I went to see movies with, basically went to see plays and concerts (usually sitting next to each other), so I can't go out with them anymore m(._.)m


I never thought I would be swayed by the smell so much (laughs)


I couldn't say, "I can't see you anymore because it smells bad." Instead, I said, "I'm busy and I can't see you for a while."


Recently, there is a 45-year-old man who I met not through daddy activities but through dating activities. Do you smell something fragrant at night?body odor?Or rather, the scent of that person comes out.

Until I smelled that smell, I thought it was "nice ♡", but as soon as I smelled it, I thought I couldn't do it⤵︎ and got a little sick ( ; ; )

Right now, I am writing this article on the way home from that date (laughs).

It was quite a shock, so Σ (゚д゚lll)


One love has ended (; ω;) because of the smell.


I can't control this alone, and even though I love people, one hurdle called "smell" is added.Will I be able to love people in the future?I'm worried (>人<;) (laughs)


I wasn't that sensitive to smells, but I was rather insensitive...

What happened to my body all of a sudden...

Is this normal at 36? ? (Laughs) My friend became hypersensitive to the opposite sex after he turned 30, and he became sensitive to things like distance.

In a way, I am also overreacting (laughs).


I want to continue to focus on my love life and daddy life, but I'm in trouble m(._.)m

I wanted to save money to make my dreams come true, and I was thinking of starting the new year with my engine at full revs (TT)

Well, if you think positively, it's the season when it gets cold and it's hard to smell, so it's still better...

I will do my best without giving up at full engine rotation this season! !

Until I have a little more money! !


If you have the same goal and are working as a dad, let's do our best together ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Don't forget to have fun,

"I can eat delicious food with transportation expenses ♫"

I want to encourage you to be positive as always (´∀`*)


I hope everyone will find a good dad ^_-☆


2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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