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Can't let go of your smartphone even during a date?

nice looking dad

This is my 3rd time seeing this dad.

He looks pretty good, plays sports and is toned.

The slightly casual shoes and the tight-fitting suits looked good on him, and he seemed to be a manager with good taste.

Today's lunch date is disappointing

For the first date with this dad, we meet at 1:19 and have a tea date.

From the high-rise lobby of the Peninsula Hotel at Tokyo Station, it was an elegant night view date where you can enjoy coffee while watching the illuminated tree-lined streets between the Marunouchi Building and the Shin-Marunouchi Building.

The second time is Ginza Emporio Armani Building, dinner at the top floor bar.

It was a night to enjoy finger food and champagne while enjoying the view of Ginza.

It was a very romantic place, and the restaurant staff was elegant and attentive.

Today was a lunch date because he wanted to meet me for lunch on weekdays.

This time, a high-class French restaurant in Ginza SIX.

It was a course meal, and it was a wonderful lunch with a wonderful presentation and an indescribable taste.

But it turned out to be a disappointing date.

It might be unavoidable because it was daytime on a weekday, but I was typing on my smartphone even when Lena was talking to me.

I don't know if it's work or chatting with some other girl.

Anyway, his attitude was clearly different from last time, and if I were to exaggerate, it was a bossy attitude.

Papa, you seem to be really curious about your smartphone.

Even Rena can be distracted by her smartphone during a date.

For example, when I get a message from my boyfriend, when I have a meeting with a friend after a date, or when I'm simply waiting for the news that interests me.

But I think it's disrespectful to keep touching my phone when I'm facing the table with my dad, and I don't want to do the same, so I don't do it.

If there is a work email that you absolutely must see, put a notice in advance.

"Lena, I have some work due today and I might have to check my email today.or something like that.

Even so, when I look at my smartphone as much as possible, I do it when Papa leaves the seat or when Lena leaves the seat to go to the bathroom.

Because I think it's polite.

I think this applies not only to dates with dad, but also to work and friends.

Don't think that people who can't do this are people who can't care and consider others.

what dad wants

Rena was a little nervous because it was her third date and she wondered if an adult would soon ask her out.

But today my dad is fiddling with his smartphone all the time.

Is it possible to have a decent relationship with someone like this?

In fact, this papa was a strange person, even though he was a manager.

I'm a little nervous about talking to Lena, but I'm not the type to look into Lena's eyes when I talk to her.

He was a shy person.

Then Lena said,What was it like meeting other girls?I tried to cut it out.

Papa thought about it for about 3 seconds and started talking, "What Rena wants and what I want may be different."

"Rena-chan is cute, and even if you don't have an adult relationship at a meal or a date outing, you're getting the same amount of money that other girls can have an adult relationship.That's how much Rena-chan has charm, and I think that's amazing.But other girls who are working as dads say they want to have an adult relationship with me, and how much they want to receive in that case, and they want to sign a monthly contract.Talks very fast.On the other hand, adult relationships that can be bought with money are boring.Then go to a brothel and buy a pro.You want to enjoy the relationship, so you want to spend money and time to go on a date to a good place.But the girlfriend I've been dating so far has spent money, but she never gave money.I wonder if that's useless.She had been doing research for a long time.What is she doing as a dad?Does she have to give an allowance and how much?Taking her to a good shop and giving her a present in the form of an experience that a woman in her 20s can't usually experience, I think it's Papa Katsu.I understand that a nice woman is in trouble with money and lives as a dad.But you know, if you give me money, let's have an adult relationship, I'll wither.Sounds like you're trading.'

I wondered if I had asked Mr. Google about such an unanswerable question, but I couldn't shut my mouth.

Lena continued for a moment.

"Papa-katsu is all about using money as a means to enjoy a borderline relationship.Papa is also married, so it would be a problem if a woman really fell in love with him.Even girls don't want to have a serious relationship and are active as dads.Instead of holding back to a certain extent and fulfilling what daddy wants to do, I'm getting money as compensation.If Lena is daddy's favorite girlfriend and money doesn't matter, she'll say, "Why are you staring at your phone all the time?"The reason why I can put up with my father without getting angry and do what he wants is because he uses money as a solution.Daddy life is like that.'

We are smartphone addicts

People living in modern times may be too addicted to smartphones.

You can also find a dad active partner on your smartphone.

You can also find daddy know-how on your smartphone.

The main contact with the dad live partner is chatting on the smartphone.

But if you overlook the important things, you can also overlook the encounter with a wonderful partner.

Lena wanted to become a person who could value the relationships between people rather than things like smartphones.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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