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A natural but sexy way to invite a man to want you

Appearance, voice, and language, of course, men instinctively pay attention togesture.

I will introduce techniques that few women practice.


Don't touch it sticky, "just a little touch" is the key

This technique is effective when sitting side by side, such as at a bar counter.
The upper arm is the easiest to touch naturally.If he has a more cool atmosphere, let him touch his knees and thighs and enjoy the conversation.

When you think of body touch, you might think of boldly touching your hands or squeezing your knees, but the only people who use it effectively are moms at clubs and snacks.

In short, it shines only in situations where sexual love sales to men are symbolized.

In situations where this is not the case, touching the body intentionally is too deliberate and unattractive.Rather, it tends to be vulgar.

So the point is just a little bit.
Let's draw out a slightly erotic feeling of "I want to touch and see more carefully" in men.


Keep your arms close to your bust while you're on the move

This kind of body touch is not only possible on the bar or on the bed.

From a restaurant to a bar, from a bar to a hotel, from a hotel lobby to a room... even when you're walking with a man, the slight touch of your upper arm can be used.

Therefore, when traveling with a man, I naturally hold bags and luggage in the opposite hand to the man so that I can be in close contact with him. (In other words, when walking with a man who is not your type and does not want to cross the line, hold it on the man's side to protect yourself.)

If you can walk side by side at the same speed, walk while casually touching each other's upper arms.

If the man seems like he would like more contact, gently fold your arms.

If it's a relationship where you can get close to this sense of distance, it's okay (?)

Especially if you are a woman who is confident in your bust, having your soft bust in close contact with a man's arm can instantly increase your excitement.


"Bath", "hot spring"... Makes you delusional with words reminiscent of nudity

This is a technique that can be used in conversation.

First of all, as a major premise, many people, regardless of gender, find direct dirty jokes offensive.

To get around that and set the mood, sprinkle your conversations with words associated with sex and nudity.

"before this,bathShowerI was thinking while taking a bath, but..."

"SpaIt is good, is not it,Open-air bath with roomIt's great because you can take it easy."

I often use anecdotes like, "The hot spring I went to last time was great. The open-air bath was great. But I couldn't see the scenery well because I had my glasses off."

(A hot spring, what kind of nakedness...) (I'm the type of person who takes off their glasses at a hot spring... That's erotic) (But it's cute that I couldn't see the scenery...Moe~) and believe what everyone thinks (laughs)


[Extra: If you are in a common community] It's completely different from what you see at night... I'm intrigued by the business-like daring.

It is almost impossible to think about meeting in a dating club, but if you have a male-female relationship with someone in the common community, such as a boss, a colleague, or a business partner.The difference in the face shown during the day and at night is something that excites unintentionally at the gap.

AV or adult manga?Doing sexy gestures in the workplace that make you want to say, "If you do it too much, it will interfere with the atmosphere of the workplace and your work, so please refrain as much as possible.

When there are other people around, a more business-like response will be more exciting because of the gap between the two of you and when you're meeting alone.

In the first place, even if you have a physical relationship or are in a relationship, it is a negative as a person to be soggy at work or in other places where there are other people.

I can't even distinguish between my work and my private life...And you may be disillusioned.

It might be nice if I can flirt a little in a situation where I'm 100% sure that no one will come or see me, but...

Above all, it's awkward if something goes wrong.



Although it is expressed as a technique, the things I have listed this time are all things that can be done naturally in a casual action.

Even women who are reluctant to aggressively appeal can practice it, so please take advantage of it.

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