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XNUMXnd offer ② Rubber is essential for city hotels!

I received the second offer, a lot of questions?♪

Thank you very much to those who repliedblushheart

Well, on the day of the performance ♡ 

Since it is a column with lessons and awaawa content, I would like to recommend it to all beginner daddy PJs ♡ 

Let's be careful today and do our best together♪


[table of contents]

・Where did you end up meeting?

・First meeting

・At a city hotel♡♡♡

・Points to note and lessons learned

- Feedback and interaction with staff


The meeting place is Kyoto Granvia


As mentioned in ①,

・The meeting place is at Kyoto Station♪

-"You should eat at a love hotel♪"I am puzzled by being told that.

There was something like that.


First of all, you can't have a meal after entering the love hotel from the first time, right? ( ˙꒳​˙ )???

It's a type C, but you can't refuse when you enter the love hotel, right?(>_<) sweat

Even with type C, depending on the feeling,After dinner, you can develop into an adult relationship (>_<)


So, "I'm a little scared, so I'm sorry. Thank you for the offer m (_ _) m"

I declined on LINEcrying!

Shortly thereafter

"Wait a minute! Granvia is fine!?"

Somehow, I was able to keep the connection ε-(´∀`*) relieved


It was a rough meeting place, but as expected, Kyoto Granvia Hotelheart

Isn't it directly connected to Kyoto Station?heart

So,The meeting place is also natural, in the Granvia Hotel

I was able to meet up safely~(´。✪ω✪。 ` )

The lobby of Granvia has nice lighting (laughs)

I have a bird's eye view and can't see...!


Exciting first meeting♡


When I arrived at the lobby, the back viewheart

For the time being, to make it easy to understand at the time of meeting, from Awaawa

"Today, I'll wear clothes like this♪"

I attached a full-body photo that shows the outfit and atmosphere, and posted it on LINE before getting on the train ♡

Mr. E also sent me a picture of the outfit via LINE, so I could understand it at a glance (*^^*)


It's a back view, so it's in the form of calling out to you! (What should I do if it's a different person (´;ω;`))

I decided to tap my shoulders!


"Excuse me, umm, I'm Awa Awa! Is it Mr. E~?"

Mr. E: “Ah! It was great to meet you!”


After that, we immediately hit it off (*^^*)

With a person image that we had envisioned for each other,

there seemed to be no differenceI'm relieved ε-(´∀`*) relieved

(When we meet, it's completely different from the picture!I'm scared when you sayI thought, it's a moment of tension. )


I still had about 20 minutes before my meal reservation, so I left my luggage in the room.

We sat on the sofa and talked about each other for a while.blush

Then it was time for lunch, and we had a wonderful meal together♪


There was a lot of people and it is a very good hotel.

There were about 4 well-dressed families, probably because it was the time to celebrate graduation and school entrance.

There were quite a few other customers as well.smiley


Are you okay with naughty stories...? I was worriedcrying

As I wrote in the second offer (XNUMX), I told you that there were quite a lot of dirty jokes on LINE with Mr. E.゚(゚^ω^゚)゚.

When you actually meet and have a meal,

How was the other woman you met at Universe Club really like?

・What kind of physical relationship is Mr. E looking for?

The story was the main, and I heard a lot of stories ☆


Daytime at a city hotel ♡♡♡


Now that we've finished eating, let's go to our room.

City hotels don't have rubber.


To all PJs who are new to Papa activities, let's make sure that the female side also has a rubber band!!!


Come on, the foreplay is over... let's connectkissWhen it comes to saying

I have no rubber!


Mr. E seems to have had a good life.

Eh!From the first time...? !

Also, the cleaning staff of other rooms are working during the day,

Even in the middle of the action, I can hear a little sound going back and forth in the corridor in front of the door (laughs)

So maybe you can hear my voice~///////heart


The good thing isThere was a feeling of immorality in the natural light of the day, and the situation was naughty



Notes and lessons learned


・A city hotel close to the station is safe for meeting new dads.

・If you send a full-body photo of the outfit you wore on the day of the date, it will be easier to understand at the meeting and you won't be mistaken.

・When talking about naughty things in public places, keep your voice low (laughs).

・For city hotels, women should also bring rubber!

・City hotels tend to overhear your voice (maybe your voice is leaking out.)

・If you happen to be alive, be sure to go to the hospital.

・Do your best and reflect on yourself for not having the courage to refuse life.


It was like this.


feedback and staff


It's nice to meet you, and if you continue to be nervous, it tends to be full.

Where I gave feedback this time,

I was very happy to receive LINE immediately from the staff!


After all, dad life is a big aspect of individual play.

So what if I was like this then?What should I have done?

As I said, I was worried and depressed by myself.

Is it not so good to give raw feedback to other women?I thought, so I wrote it honestly.

By doing LINE immediately, the ill feeling was immediately resolved on the spot!

For me, who was very uneasy, I was grateful.

Exactly God correspondence!


So, I felt like I could do something from now on (๑>◡<๑)

From now on, somehow don't quit, get slim and improve yourself more

I wish I could become a good womanheart


Well then!(⑅•ᴗ•⑅)◜..°♡


I'm in my 30s in Kansai!Select a topic from the question box, dig deeper and write it as a column.Regarding my club activities (⁎ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈⁎), the theme song is Yellow Yellow Happy by Pocket Biscuits♪

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