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The true feelings of girls who are looking for marriage with daddy activities "If you want to get married, you should be financially comfortable"

Traditionally, the main purpose of papa-katsu was to have an adult man help young women in their future and support them in advancing their careers.However, recently, I heard from Papa Katsu Joshi that there are some Papa Katsu Girls who are looking for boyfriend candidates through Papa Katsu and are doing it for the purpose of marriage.Now, is dad activity changing to a place for marriage purposes?I asked the reason why women are looking for marriage with Papa-katsu.

What is the reason why women get married with papa?

(XNUMX) The number of young and cool single father men has increased

Not so long ago, the average age of men who were working as dads was usually married men in their 50s and 60s.However, it is said that young men who are interested in papa-katsu are entering the papa-katsu market, partly because the media has taken up papa-katsu.Even if you look at the Papa-katsu app, there are many single men in their late 30s to 40s, which seems to be the reason why the number of women who want to get married through Papa-katsu has increased.

② I'm tired of men of the same generation

Most of the men who are doing Papa-katsu are older than the Papa-katsu girls.For this reason, it seems that more and more women are choosing to get married through papa-katsu because young men of the same generation are unsatisfactory, and men of the same generation are boring because they have no desire to get married.Also, some people of the same generation are not good at sex and feel dissatisfied if they don't keep in touch.It's true that mature men who know both sweet and sour are more attractive than men in their 20s who have little love experience.

③ Many dads who do dad activities are financially comfortable

Papa activities basically cannot be done without money for men.It seems that many women are attracted to the economic power of their fathers because they can afford it.The "debt over being treated to treats" that has been going on for several years doesn't even turn into such a story in the first place, because if you have the economic power of your father, you will definitely buy it.It is said that many women fall in love with daddy men because they are "benevolent" because women don't feel attracted to men who can't afford it.

I want to get married with a dad like this!The real intention of a dad active girl

① Feel clean

A man with a sense of cleanliness is popular with women regardless of age.A well-groomed man, with his hair neatly set, his shirt unwrinkled, and smelling good, gives a good impression from the first impression.Also, men who have a sense of cleanliness appear to be financially comfortable. A 22-year-old woman also said, "Appearance is secondary, and I definitely don't want to be in an adult relationship if I don't feel clean first."

② Calm down

A long time ago, most of the daddy girls were Minato-ku girls and women who worked at night.Also, there were many glaring men who seemed to be playing in Minato-ku.However, recently there are many ordinary female college students and OL daddy girls, so it seems that he is not good at cool dads.Conversely, calm dads are said to be popular. A 21-year-old woman said, "I don't like people who wear branded clothes all over their bodies. I'm attracted to dads who wear simple and stylish clothes."

③ Let me spoil you

Papa's charm is that he has a calmness that is not found in people of the same generation and that he is spoiled.Especially recently, due to the effects of the corona crisis and the recession, my heart tends to sink.It seems that there are many women who want to seek comfort from their fathers because there are many women who feel lonely. A 23-year-old woman also said, “There are many menhered girls who depend on their kind daddy.”

④ Not greedy

Young men are ravenous about sex.In addition, it seems that they tend to neglect care after having sex and treat women sloppily.In that respect, it seems that men who do dad activities are good because they have leeway when it comes to sex. A 25-year-old woman also said, "Papa's way of inviting her to have sex is smooth. He doesn't always say dirty jokes like a young girl."

⑤ Good listener

Young men tend to talk only about themselves and are reluctant to listen to what women have to say.Also, even if you consult, you may get an answer that is off the mark...Daddy active men are good at listening to people because they are socially superior.What's more, it seems that there are many women who say, "I want to talk about my worries such as job hunting consultations at daddy hunting" (20 years old / female) because they give me accurate advice.

in conclusion

Surprisingly, it seems that there are women who think of papa-katsu as an “encounter option”.If you like a gentle adult man who can afford it, it may be an ant to get married with Papa.However, it seems that it will be troublesome to explain when people around me ask about how we got to know each other...

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