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Be careful!The worst dads episode

In recent years, matching apps have become mainstream in various situations.

Many people use it for love activities, marriage activities, and dad activities.

Under such circumstances, it is not uncommon to say, "When I actually met the person, the story I heard was different...", "The information was different from what I had written," and "Is it really the same person as the photo I was using...?"

Daddy and girl are partly built on trust.

The more dads like that, the more girls become anxious.

The dads you meet in Papa Katsu are not just wonderful dads.

This time, I will write about the "worst dad" I met.

It's all a true story, but there is personal information, so I'll tell you some names etc. with different information!


Weird character pichi pichi t-shirt papa

First of all, it's a story about a dad whose clothes are too unfashionable.

Mr. Yamashita in his 50s (pseudonym)

Many dads often meet in suits because they are on their way home from work.

Mr. Yamashita has many photos of clothes and accessories on his profile, and there were many conversations in his messages that left an impression that he liked fashion.

So, on the day of the event, I assumed that he would be stylishly dressed in a suit.

When I went to the meeting place, the atmosphere was like a man waiting for someone.

I didn't talk to Mr. Yamashita because he was far from what I imagined him to be.

After a while, I received a phone call from Mr. Yamashita and told him what I was wearing.


The man's clothes...

Pichi Pichi's T-shirt with a shocking pink illustration of "Yurukawa Nyanko"

(Maybe it's small size, hairy underbelly...)

Jeans with a slightly short length

Faded and torn rucksack

Athletic shoes that are unknown when they were washed and what color they were originally


I was already a speechless dad.

However, I wanted to avoid any trouble at this point, so I skipped the self-introduction and went to the store!

All I could think about was going home early.

His appearance was very bad, but his allowance was higher than the market price, he prepared souvenirs, and he was a dad who let you choose what you like to cook, so I think he was a wonderful human being. ♪


Papa stares at me without eating

Next is the story of a dad who has a slightly strange propensity.

Mr. Fujiwara in his 60s (pseudonym)

Mr. Fujiwara was a dad who worked for an active post at a company.

Since it is a major company, many of the allowances and gifts were expensive.

There are many dads who do it to satisfy their "desire".

In the case of Mr. Fujiwara, he had a propensity to "see girls eating".

So when I eat with Mr. Fujiwara, Mr. Fujiwara doesn't touch his own food.

I will keep watching until I finish eating.

To be honest, there are people who have various propensities and hobbies, but my dad was the most creepy existence.

I was so curious, so I asked, "Did you see the girls eating it?"

Then, I started talking about my memories with various girls while remembering happily.

"The way your lips move when you're eating..."

I got goosebumps when I saw Mr. Fujiwara talking about it.

His favorite phrase was, "Even if you get along with a girl, you'll eventually become estranged."

I was also treated well, and I also had a good sense of presents, so I met him XNUMX or XNUMX times.

As expected, I couldn't stand it and became estranged ... lol


Dad spouting abusive words at the clerk

Mr. Sasaki in his 60s (pseudonym)

The last story of this time is the story of the dad who takes a domineering attitude to the store clerk.

Have you ever seen a person who behaves arrogantly towards a salesclerk or someone in a weak position?

Of course, I'm not angry at the other party's mistakes, such as mistakes and clumsiness of the other party.

Sasaki-san and I were supposed to meet at a fashionable izakaya.

Because it is a fashionable izakaya, most of the staff are under 20.

From Sasaki's point of view, everyone was younger than him.

I was put through a room with a semi-private atmosphere, but since there were many young people, ordering was done using a touch panel.

Recently, there are many chain stores, so it's not uncommon for us in our 20s.

From the point of view of Mr. Sasaki's generation, it wasn't something they were used to, and that's when the frustration started.

"Hey! Hey!"

There were many times when I raised my voice like "Hayoseya! Idiot!"

I'm a daddy girl living in Kansai, so it's not uncommon to see Mr. Sasaki's attitude.

There are quite a few older men who use harsh language.

However, it seems to be quite intense for girls from rural areas who live in Kansai due to work and school.

Although I live in Kansai and am used to this kind of word, the staff and customers around me see me as a "companion".

Papa-katsu doesn't give the people around you a good image if you stand out because the age of the dad and the girl is far apart.

As expected this time, I heard a voice saying "Encourage dating ...".

I'm glad I didn't have any acquaintances on the spot, but I shudder to think what if I did.


Attention of dad life!

This time, even among the worst dads, I wrote from the perspective of "a girl's point of view."

Worst man!Although it is similar to the item, the reason for disliking it is different.

In order for girls to protect themselves, I think they should first avoid dads who stand out!

If you stand out, good rumors won't come out, and you may be seen by acquaintances.

If you think "this daddy is in trouble", we recommend that you pretend to have urgent business and go home!smile

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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