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Frequently asked questions from dad [XNUMX selections! ]

The most important thing in dad life is conversation!
It's no exaggeration to say that conversation and interaction are everything, especially if you don't have an "adult relationship".
I've met with more than 100 dads so far, including face-to-face meetings.
Depending on how you answer, this is an important point that can be one-time or continuous!
If you don't have confidence in your conversations, or you get nervous because you're shy, especially if you're worried about such things, please use this as a reference.



"What kind of work do you do? Where is it?" (Worker)

If you know the girl is a member of society, you will be asked from the point of contact.
Among the Papa-katsu girls, there are many who work in adult entertainment or entertainment, and there are solicitations and sakura.If you are a dad, I think everyone is on guard here.
I usually answer that I am a company employee.I'm actually a company employee so it's not a lie lol
However, people in the hospitality and service industries need to be a little more vigilant.In particular, salesgirl jobs are easy to find in the workplace, and there is a high possibility that dads will find them because they are usually seen by an unspecified number of people.If you're a reliable dad, it's okay to find out where you work, but basically you should be vigilant.It is safe to recommend that the industry does not lie and only cheats the occupation.
If you change the work content too drastically, there may be contradictions in the story, and daddy may feel distrustful.Don't forget that humans need a certain amount of truth in order to build a good relationship, as humans tend to close themselves off to people who lie!



"Why are you still living as a dad?"

It's highly likely that Dad has been involved with more women than we have.
Because I was really just an ordinary office worker, people often said to me, "It doesn't look like you're in trouble with money, but...".In fact, rather than saying that I wanted money and did dad activities, my true intention is "interest-based".
Sometimes my dad would tell me why the girls I met so far were doing dad activities. There are people who scramble for their own pleasures and mounts, such as "contributing to the host" and "fans of idols", while there are many children who are active for deep reasons such as "paying debts" and "paying tuition and living expenses". is.I don't know if the girl is telling the truth, but it seems that many of the girls who answer the above are "OK to have an adult relationship."It seems that there are many girls who actually answer like this, so if you are the type of person who wants to earn money, you can say it straight!
Since I'm a "daddy activity only for meals", I honestly answer "just out of curiosity...".
It's best to answer honestly, but there are many people who want money for no particular reason!

In my experience, when I say "study abroad" or "start a business", my dad's expression often becomes stern, so I personally can't recommend it lol



What do you want to eat?

If you make a meal appointment with your dad, there is also a social note, and you will definitely be asked.
Perhaps not only dads, but also friends and boyfriends often have such questions and conversations.
What is important here is that some dads are fashionable and gourmet, while others are not very girly.If anything is fine, the former Gourmet Papa will choose a restaurant that looks good even if you answer "Anything!"On the other hand, being an unfamiliar dad can feel like a burden.Especially if the other party's dad is the first daddy activity, I will be worried about the market price and other people's eyes.
However, the real intention of girls is that they can't say anything high-class before they treat them.
In that case, it is best to tell the place (area) or the category you want to eat!
I usually say "sushi", "meat" or "Italian".
Also, I added the area "around Kitashinchi" because it's close to my workplace.
There are many long-established shops in Kitashinchi, and it is rare to be taken to a chain store, so you can rest assured!

how many people did you meet?

This is also a regular question.
I have already solved this question myself!It may be a lot of people who say.
Some of you may still be confused, right?
Right out!The answer will change depending on how long you have been working as a dad.
Shortly after starting dad activities, he said, "I've been in touch with some people, but this is the first time I've actually met them... I'm really relieved that Mr. XX seems to be a kind person." is the best answer.
Conversely, if you've been dating for over a year, it's best to say, "I met two people."Haven't you met that daddy?The next question will come, so say, "I had a meal, but I didn't have a next relationship," even if you're meeting the dad in a progressive form.
Men don't like girls who have multiple dads because men are very possessive.Moreover, it is outrageous because it is a dad activity that only sells pure food!Daddy is a chance to firmly appeal that you are the only one!



Do you have a boy friend?

As mentioned above, dads are very possessive.Papa-katsu is like a pseudo-romance that makes daddy feel happy.So it seems that having a boyfriend is a basic NG word.
On the other hand, there is a high possibility that people will think that I am a bitch because I have no boyfriend at all.
I say, "I had a boyfriend for five years, but it's been a long distance and I'm lonely..."The fact that you've been dating for a long time improves the image of a girl's humanity, and the word "lonely" seems to resonate with dads lol
If my dad asked me this question because I thought it would be nice, I would answer with a fist pump in my heart and a sad expression on my face!This is one of my personal tricks lol




If you've seen the above, you might think it's overkill.
But men tend to dream of fairy tales more than women.
Women are more realistic thought circuits.
Plus, unless something bad happens while you're eating with a girl, you won't be sober or cool off.
There are some dads who tend to look down on women, and there are also dads who treat them calmly.
You can tell such a dad from the exchange of messages and the atmosphere when you meet.
Depending on the dad, this content may backfire, so be careful.
However, it's a technique that many dads can use in common, so if you're a girl who hasn't come up with your own answer yet, please use it as a reference♪

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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