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Slender VS Chubby Men's Taste Summary

It is a diet boom in the world.
No, the boom is over for this
I don't think so.

Manage your meals stoically every day and refrain from what you want to eat.
Increase your physical activity
Get your ideal style.
If you put it in, you need to maintain it.

in such a tough race
There are a few people who are a little lost, but
I did some research on my own.

Do all men like slender girls?
Let's go!

=Those who feel no problem even if they exceed the slender limit=

~ Mr. K. she is XNUMX years old.executive. ~
Those who frequently come to Sapporo on business trips.
The first meeting is at an izakaya.
In advance, I sent an email about my body shape.
We exchanged photos, but did not send a full body photo.

When I met him, he was a very pleasant person.
It doesn't matter what your body shape or age is.

The feeling of the conversation was also coherent and intelligent.

I told him about my dad life.
However, at this stage, he is not going to be a dad.
But in the future, with the development of my relationship,
I was told that the possibility of that happening is not zero.

~ Mr. S. XNUMX years old.company employee. ~
The same Sapporo citizen, he is an employee of a car-related company.
The first meeting is at a certain BAR.
I also exchanged photos (this time including the upper body) and told them about the body shape.

When I met him, he was gentle and healing like Winnie the Pooh.
For those who like older women and have a loose figure
He said he found it attractive.

I asked this young man about his slender figure.
"I don't deny it, slender and beautiful women
I feel like I'm trying to watch it.
I don't hate it, but I like people who have a sense of security and are a little crumbling." (laughs)

S said he didn't know about Papa Katsu.
"Well, my age doesn't matter," he said.

~ Mr. W. XNUMX years old.student. ~
University student W.
The first meeting is at the ticket gate of the station.
We have already exchanged pictures and told each other about our body shape.

At the photo stage, it was cute and nice
When I met him, he was more handsome than the photo.

Walk side by side through the underground passage.
"Wouldn't it be better if we met at a closer station? Excuse me."
What a caring word.
oh how cute lol

I asked him about his body shape preferences.
"To be fat or to be thin
I don't judge based on that alone.
As long as it feels good when you talk to them, you don't have to worry about their body shape. "And that.

We had lunch together.
A young man indeed.He seems to be very delicious when he stuffs his cheeks
Fresh and irresistibly cute.

He said he knew about his dad life.
According to word of mouth, a girl I know is working as a dad
He said he had heard the story.

Their generation is more concerned about papa-katsu.
I felt bright.

=Those who judge based on slender first=

~ Mr. N. She is XNUMX years old.company employee. ~
Sales person.The storytelling skills I learned at work were amazing.
The first meeting is at an izakaya.

We have already exchanged photos and told them about their body shape.

But this guy, as soon as he saw me at the meeting,
I didn't miss the cloudy expression (laughs)

But after dinner
You entertained me with your story.
About my body shape
"Some people like someone like you.
If you find someone like that, I think you'll be able to take care of them."
You encouraged me!

I knew enough about dad life.
If a child he likes appears in the future, he intends to become a father.

I had the impression that he was mentally stable and well-balanced.
Talking is fun, so it's very comfortable to meet.

~ Mr. R. she is XNUMX years old.self employed. ~
This person already at the stage of e-mail
He is the one who only talks about "papa katsu".

straight to the point
I was asked about the conditions, etc., and it was decided to meet once.
I met you in person.

I gave him a face-only photo, but
I didn't mention body shape.

and this day.
Although he was smiling
Apparently he didn't like my body shape.

The interview was over in just XNUMX minutes.

"I like girls who are a little thinner, sorry."
It's a straight ball.
This cleanliness is actually helpful.

~ Mr. H. She is XNUMX years old.company employee. ~
Those who were very excited at the stage of the e-mail.
The reply is also good, and the gentle feeling is transmitted
Somehow, it felt like I was seriously falling in love with her.

And we met.
Judging from the results,
It was a feeling of disappointment (laughs).

I can't talk about this between men and women anymore.
I decided to talk about work so that it would be a good meeting.

Then what
It's a great conversation.
Dreams for the future, reflections on life so far, etc.
Those who were able to find a lot of parts that they could sympathize with.

He didn't seem to know anything about dad life.
When I explained it, he said that he could not sympathize with such a system very much.
He also said he genuinely wanted to fall in love.

I feel like I'm straight and masculine.


In addition to the people I introduced so far, I met a few people.
And as a conclusion.

After all, those who prefer slender women

The only thing they all had in common was
Whether or not the feeling matches rather than the body shape
I have the impression that they are given equal importance.

At first glance, it should have been sifted
It doesn't end there.
For the time being, the time of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter
Most of them wanted to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

=Sequel story=

It is forbidden to pursue too much in dad activities.
no matter how attractive
The rule is not to chase.

Actually, among the people I met this time, I should have liked slender
Some people are still exchanging emails with me.

In the case of e-mail, the body shape of the other party is
Because it slips out of my head completely
I think it's easy to talk (laughs).

This kind of love (?) is also an ant.
That's why dad activities are fun and I can't stop.

My name is Samami.I live in a cold area and am a lonely person who always seeks the warmth of people.Daddy's life history is short.But the experience of jumping into an unknown world is the color of my life.

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