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picture?were you in a place like this?Surprisingly familiar ikumen reserves

How many years have passed since the word ikumen came into the world?
However, I think there are more men who want to become ikumen but haven't been able to do so.

By the way, the two men I met this time are potential ikumen in terms of their generation.still a student.

In fact, at first, I had no plans to talk to them about marriage and child-rearing.

Students would probably get a job first before getting married, and I often talked about work with single people.

It's hard to think of a scene where we're talking about marriage and children during the time we're meeting.

As a common topic, it's safe to say that they like to eat, play, and have hobbies.

However, when I happened to meet these young people, they kept talking about ikumen, so I had a very interesting time.

I would like to tell everyone what the story actually turned out to be.

~ Ikumen reserve army, XNUMXst person ~ XNUMX years old, student ~

He is a third year university student.
Brother of two brothers.He is good friends with his parents, and his family of four sometimes goes to concerts of his favorite singers.

She's had three so far.
Everyone was in the same class, and it seems that they broke up after continuing to pass each other because they were busy with schoolwork and part-time jobs.

I met him on a certain registered site.

It seems that messages cannot be exchanged unless the male side posts a photo of the face, and it seems that most members post their own photo.

I fell in love with his face at first sight this time.

The more I looked at it, the more I thought about it, so I moved from the site to Kakao and kept in touch.

When he appeared, he was a good young man, just as I had imagined.My impression is that he treats women kindly and respectfully.

During lunch, we started talking about studying, then job hunting, and finally getting married.

彼:"My parents are very close to me.That's why I want to get married and make a good family.I definitely want children. "

I:“Ah, children are certainly cute.

彼:“Isn’t that because your wife is alone?

I:"Huh? Could it be that you are a candidate for ikumen?"

彼:"Oh, that's it (laughs)"

picture?You're such a young candidate for ikumen!Moreover, he is a handsome ikumen.

Phew.I want to go back in time.I want to go back and appear in front of him as someone of the same generation and become his wife (laughs).

I hope his spouse will be happy.I can see how they get along well on holidays and go out with their families.

ah.Too bad I'm not the one next to him!

I can't look straight at his shy smile.It's so beautiful, I can't breathe lol

On this day, I spent a good time with my future wife while being slightly jealous of him and went home.

~Second person in the ikumen reserve army~XNUMX years old, student~

Coincidentally, a student of the same age as him earlier.
The interaction on the site was so cute that my maternal instinct exploded.

After leaving the site, we exchanged photos.I felt a little flirtatious and flinched for a moment.

But a photo is just a photo.

I met here because I didn't know until I actually met him.

This guy didn't suit his gaudy appearance, he was very serious.He is in his third year of college, so he is about to start job hunting.

As soon as we met, he asked me this.

"Why are you doing this?"

That's right.I wonder why

I met my dad through dad activities, but I'm lonely because I can't see him now.

That's one of the reasons, though.

My biggest complaint is my husband.

彼:“Did you tell Danna about your dissatisfaction?”

I:"I haven't said it. I feel like I can't say it. It's like there's pressure to be silent."

彼:“Huh? You have to tell me.

I:"That's true, but..."

彼:“Isn’t it unfair to say that only one person is dissatisfied without telling them properly?”


彼:"If it were me, I'd want you to tell me properly. On top of that, we'll find a good place to compromise with each other. If there's something wrong with me, I'd like to fix it. It's sad that you're dissatisfied with someone you've fallen in love with without telling them. ."


彼:"I'm sure you want me to say that, too. If you still like Samami-san, you definitely want to. On top of that, if you feel like you can start over again, you don't have to look for another man, right?"

Oh, where does this dependability of his come from?

From his flirtatious appearance, he has a power of persuasion and correctness that cannot be imagined.

彼:"I love my mother very much. I think it's hard for boys when they're little. Besides, I was in a rebellious phase (laughs), so I really want to take care of my mother right now. "

I:"○○'s mother, how happy you are."

彼:“I want samami to be happy with her husband too.

Perhaps I should be close to his mother's generation.That's why he made this statement.

Since long ago, I have been called a mother's boy, but in reality, I just want to take care of my mother.

I wonder if there's ever been a boy who said he wanted me to be happy when I met him in this way.

I:"You're going to get married sometime soon, aren't you?"

彼:"Maybe I will. Then I'll take good care of my wife!"

I:"Oh, it's reliable (laughs), but it's a lot of trouble when you have a child."

彼:"It seems so. But I will do my best. Of course, I will support my wife. I will also take care of the housework and children."

They are the generation that is most aware of the reality of getting a job, getting married, and getting busy with work.

However, although I am conscious of it, there is not a single bit of tragic feeling in the air.

It's very refreshing, and it's just dazzling from me, who is about to leave the group.

I am very happy now that I was able to meet him, who gently pushed me towards the path that I should take.

~The groundwork to become an ikumen~Samami's view~

What they both had in common was

"My parents are on good terms."

"I was able to experience how my mother worked hard to raise a child."

I'm saying that.

They are highly sensitive and have been observing their closest opposite sex for a long time.

Because I have been observing, I was able to instantly sense the ups and downs of feelings and be able to snuggle up to them.

I should have been too embarrassed to say "thank you", but I still keep it without saying it.

How nice

In such a short time, I was able to share a very happy feeling.

Regardless of how I met them, I would like to do my best to cheer them on, who live in the same area and at the same time, and who have had a strong impact on my life.

My name is Samami.I live in a cold area and am a lonely person who always seeks the warmth of people.Daddy's life history is short.But the experience of jumping into an unknown world is the color of my life.

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