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Ohanashi who met other people's dads in real life

"What do u do for fun?"
At dating clubs, dad activities sites, etc.
It's a great way to get to know your partner better
This question.

Those who enjoy multiple hobbies in a well-balanced manner.
A person who pursues a hobby.
People who want to have hobbies but are too busy to do so.

Having said that, I also have a hobby that I want to pursue.
chased by daily chores
The reality is that it's hard to reach the point where it's perfected.

Meanwhile, there is an acquaintance who has a hobby of golf.
However, I don't play golf.People I met outside of golf
I have been acquainted with him from the standpoint of a thin and long acquaintance.

Once upon a time, I tried to talk to him about dad activities.
for someone a little older than me
"Nani? That"I was wondering if you would say that...

"My friend is doing it."came a surprising answer.

I am also a person who is dating my dad through dad life
I used to think that all this stuff was spread out in some unknown region.
I thought that there was no one in such an environment near me.

Oh, I want to ask
what does it feel like
not from the female side
I would like to hear about the circumstances and feelings of men.

So immediately
The chance to drink with that real dad
I had it set.

~ Real Papa Appears ~

I arrived a little earlier than the promised time.
Even though I don't know you directly, I wonder if you will come.
No, just because I want to hear the story
I wonder if it's become an unreasonable request.
When I was thinking
I had a real dad.

"Sorry for being late."
This person who looks at me with a gentle smile from the very beginning
He is currently self-employed and is married with two children.

Before going independent, he spent a long time working abroad.
He is fluent in English, and it seems that he is making use of it in his current job.
He has an enviable history.

~The reason why I started working as a dad~

I immediately asked him why he became a dad.

Days of working recklessly at an overseas company.
The idea was accepted, and the work was fun.
He said he likes to work hard.
It has risen with meritocracy.
After that, he returned to his affiliated company in Japan.

It seems that they were involved in a leg-pulling match.
Because it is accompanied by power
The wind from the surroundings became stronger, and the heart was exhausted.

It seems that he felt that he could not get used to the Japanese company culture.

Should I change jobs or try to be independent?
The days of having such troubles have come.

At that time, I heard from a golf friend
Papa Katsu site came to mind.
At first, it seems that there was no chance of encountering anything, so he just registered and left it alone.

However, when I opened the site for the first time in a long time,
I have received quite a few messages.
I think I met one of them.

Meet a woman with circumstances that you can't rely on others
My heart has been moved.
One meal and not that much money
be very pleased
It seems that the woman who was in high spirits like a child healed her instantly.

"If you think that you rely on me so purely,
I'm so happy.I wanted to help. ”

he said with a nostalgic look.

When asked, do not let go.
With that feeling, he said he started working as a dad.
this is his first"Daddy"It is an experience.

I think he's been with this girl for about a year.
However, she is unable to handle the circumstances of nursing care.
I have decided to move.

I heard that you thought that you could meet even if you were far away
She seems to have lost her composure.

After that, I met two other women.
It seems that each of them became a daddy.

It seems that these two people were also in a desperate situation.
I have a child and I'm in financial trouble, so
It seems that he also had mental problems.
He seems to have supported me financially as well as emotionally at this time.

And now.
I think I got my next girlfriend.
It was just the other day that I met him after many messages.
We are going to meet for the second time next weekend.
In his mind, becoming a dad at the stage of the message
it's almost decided
After that, it depends on the conversation with the other party.

~ Is it time to stop being a dad? ~

I also asked this question.
Have you ever thought about graduating from Daddy someday?and.

"Honestly, I've been feeling old lately and my physical strength is gone.
I think the time will soon come when we will not be able to respond to various requests.
If that happens, I think it's a deal. ”
He answered.

Just like when you enter school, you will graduate
Dad has a graduation too.

How many years it takes to graduate depends on the father.
at least while in school
I want both of you to be happy and enjoy your activities to the fullest.

~I want to see you~

Let him hear the real voice of real dad
That night, there were many moments when I thought about something.

My dad has been extremely busy lately.
I haven't seen you much.
That's why I really wanted to see Papa that night.

I rely on my dad both physically and mentally.
And this time, I also understood the feelings of the dad on the side of being relied on.

People cannot live alone
I thought again.

i'm lonely i want to talk
I will accept such boiling emotions
For the man who will become a father
I am filled with gratitude.

We all live with different circumstances.

I don't think relying on a man equals being spoiled.
Get the person who reached out to you to pick it up.
Otherwise it will sink.

Because there is someone who can say that painful things are painful
I may be able to live tomorrow.

To be my only dad, not anyone else.

My name is Samami.I live in a cold area and am a lonely person who always seeks the warmth of people.Daddy's life history is short.But the experience of jumping into an unknown world is the color of my life.

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