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"Don't Stop Time" Episode VI ~Encounter with Papa~

why i got married

About 10 months after my father was told that he didn't have long to live, I married him, who I was dating at the time, and had a wedding reception, hoping that I might be able to show some kind of filial piety.

"At least as a bride...'

super busy

I started helping with the family business, my main job, my father's visit, my part-time job, and preparations for the wedding reception.

And "Extension of unavoidable work”, I reported the marriage through the face of the person who was dating, and brought the invitation to the people concerned.

At that time, rather than thinking about the impact on my work,must accept his father's deathI was more anxious, painful and painful than anything else.

"I worked hard and was madly in love.'


I went to the bank to borrow several million yen.

"Anyway, anything is fine, so hurry up!With a feeling similar to relying on God, I managed to pay for the reception and prepared desperately.

It took me about three months to complete all the customs, including loan negotiations, greetings to relatives, and meetings with the reception hall.

For the first time, I realized that the work of coordinating the people around me at work was useful for my life.

"I'm sorry... you helped me with the preparations despite your poor physical condition.It was hard for your father.'

"I got married, but I was still sad'


Selfishness in the appearance of filial piety

I got married because I wanted to show my father at least the appearance of a bride, but I think it was a nuisance to those around me who were suddenly involved.

After all, my father died in less than two years, and I could not do anything called filial piety.


After the reception was over, the company gave me a transfer order because of my marriage.

"Are women out of the military after marriage?'

* Abuse of company rights?

Employees who do not like or who have started marriage, childbirth, nursing care, etc., are forced to voluntarily resign by making short-sighted hurtful remarks regardless of the department in charge of general affairs or personnel affairs, or by transferring them to unfamiliar jobs. Such harassment acts are carried out in various companies.

If it is clear, there are cases where it can be invalidated by appealing its unjustness, but it is necessary to gather facts that can prove its unjustness, and even if it is accepted, "the facts of the lawsuitBecause it is assumed that it will be difficult to work due to "", it seems that there are more difficult things.

Daily conversation

"hey youThe other day, I was talking to an executive at a business partner, and he seems to miss his married children, who live far away and can't see them often.Sometimes he asked me to go out to lunch with him, but it's kind of annoying.'

"yes?It's not pathetic.Are you lonely?Wouldn't it be nice if I could go out with you for lunch?'

"… Well, it would be pitiful if I refused.'

"I can't help it.I have to go out with you at least once.'

"I wonder if I should try to make amends instead of my father who couldn't be filial.'

"But what a frank husband.You won't worry about mebitter smile.'

lunch with executives

After a while, I was invited to a facility for limited people who would never go by myself at the invitation of a business partner executive.

Today we had a dinner for two at the casual restaurant attached to it.

Coffee was served just as I finished lunch while having an unfamiliar business conversation with a stuttering executive.

When the executive stood in the bathroom earlier, he ordered a coffee.

Many executives are very good at this kind of casual care, and I often respected them because it was difficult to do so.

gift of thanks

"Thank you for joining us for lunch.It's just a feeling.'

What was handed to me was a high-brand paper bag with a small elegant ribbon.

I was really surprised because I could not imagine at all from the image of a big firm workplace.

"Is it okay if I take it?thank you.Do you want me to open it and take a look?'

"Of course.I don't think it would be a hindrance to have a few.'

"Wow, nice!'

"Well, what a nice little gift!I have never received such a sensible thank you from anyone.'

It was a strange illusion, but before I knew it, I felt a little nervous and sweet, like I was on my first date with my lover.

Promise of social etiquette

"Let's go out to dinner tonight.'

"Yes.I'm sorry for making you do this today.'

"it's okay.Let me know if you need anything.'

"No, no, it's outrageous.Thank you very much for your meal today.'

It was just the two of us eating together with someone about my father's age.

"I'm a little confused'

I was a little embarrassed that I was able to set up a smart dinner and that it felt like a date with my lover, so I felt embarrassed while walking. .

"What is today's dinner?'

That's how I met "Papa".

Compensated dating, what is papa-katsu

Sugar datingwhat is

"I wonder who came up with this casual word “Papa-katsu”.'

*Reference from Wikipedia

Basically, young women who cannot or do not want to work but want to earn money at cabaret clubs due to personal relationships, etc., are paid to provide their own young time such as eating and drinking together with cabaret clubs. As an activity that is carried out looking for wealthy men who provide financial assistance, such as giving money to themselves.

The English name of a woman who acts or does is sugarbaby.

The act and form of receiving financial assistance in return for a date with a man was called a dating club or date club. is a word created by the concept of

In terms of the meaning of the word, it differs from compensated dating in that there is a difference in the financial leeway of the male group and that physical relations are not essential for the activity itself.

It is common for papa-katsu to earn money from the accompaniment fee, but depending on the size of the accompaniment fee and the separate amount, some women will accept prostitution. (From Wikipedia)

Aid communicationwhat is

Enjokosai is a form of prostitution in which women recruit partners for the purpose of money or other means and engage in sexual acts.

Women under the age of 18, such as high school and junior high school students, often engage in child prostitution.

Although it is supposed to be a relationship between men and women for the purpose of providing financial support to women, in reality it is often another name for prostitution.

The abbreviations are Enkou, Aid, and cryptic words such as ``Enko'', ``Uri (selling)'', and ``¥'', which are homophones. (From Wikipedia)

True intentions and tatemae Dating terms that change with the times

"mistress?Daddy life?Compensated dating?Adultery?Cheating?What is permissible and what is not?I still don't know'


Modern monogamy was established in 31.

*Reference from Wikipedia

Biological significance


In animals with such reproductive systems, there is often selection in the genes that determine how well males can acquire resources to invest in females.

Pairs formed by males with females who do not have enough resources to invest in them often fail to reproduce, leaving fewer offspring with their genes to pass on to future generations.

Females may also fight over males who have more ample resources.

Among mammals, 3 to 5% of all species exhibit monogamous sexual behavior (Nakano Nobuko, Adultery, Bunshun Shinsho, 2018, p.32).

human society, this means a

Human societies tend to have monogamous reproductive systems because men are fundamentally structured to invest social and economic protection in women and their children, but historically If you look at it, there are many times and regions where polygamy was common, and there are even societies where polygamy and polygamy are known.

One of the factors that makes polygamy possible is that the complex structure of human society creates differences in social and economic status, creating wide variations in the amount of resources accumulated by individual men.

Therefore, a man who has accumulated a large amount of resources can invest in multiple women and their children, and polygamy is realized.


American anthropologist G.P. Murdoch reported that 238 out of 43 societies in the world allow only monogamous marriage (see below) p.1949).

A research team led by Chris Bauff (Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada) built a mathematical model using demographic and disease transmission parameters. It is speculated that monogamy became established as an advantage in maintaining the population from a public health point of view as a result of the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (Nakano Nobuko "Adultery" Bunshun Shinsho 2018 pp.40-41).

"I see.Ever since I was born, I felt like I had a glimpse of the latent reason why I was always worried about something and couldn't decide to get married.'

Continues to "Don't Stop Time" Episode VII.

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