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Boyfriend circumstances of dad active girls

Don't you think that "papa girls don't have boyfriends" or "if you have a boyfriend, you can't do daddy activities"?

Certainly, as an image, having a boyfriend is a big risk.

But what about real daddy girls?

This time, I will tell you about myself and information about my daddy friends Akane and Kaho!


Is it true that you can't live as a dad if you have a boyfriend?

In fact, me and Ho-chan have boyfriends!However, it is a secret to my boyfriend that I am active as a dad.There are some boyfriends who support daddy activities, and girls who are forced to do daddy activities by their boyfriends, but the percentage is quite low.

The fact that there are children who have boyfriends even with daddy girls is fully possible!

Rather, it is recommended because it makes it easier to give your boyfriend an expensive gift with the allowance you got from dad life!

However, it is not all good news.

I will summarize the merits and demerits of having a boyfriend for a dad active girl ♪


Benefits of having a boyfriend for dad active girls


  • Unexpectedly, the schedule does not overlap at the time of the event

The day of an important event for dad life!For example, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. "Shouldn't I meet my dad? If I turn down a plan with my boyfriend, I'll be suspicious..." I think many girls give up on getting a boyfriend because of this!

What I remember here is that it's "papa katsu, not cheating".

In other words, the probability that daddy has a family is very high!

If Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. are holidays, many dads plan to spend time with their families.Of course, there are exceptions, as there are dads who are single or working away from home.

There are times when “papa katsu” and “colorful love” are mixed, so you need to assess the atmosphere by yourself, but even if dad asks you, “Are you free for Christmas?” You can also accept it as "Yo".

In fact, Akane-chan and Kaho-chan, including myself, have declined invitations to participate in the event.The reason is that I have my own plans, but I don't want my dad's family to find out.

It would be a waste if the father who had worked so hard to catch him and build a relationship with him disappeared!

If your dad keeps asking you out, you can say something like, "If my family finds out, I won't be able to see you anymore."


  • Improvement of girl power

If you are dating a guy of the same generation, it seems that you will become an "adult woman" while meeting an older daddy.Even if she doesn't realize it at all, her mental age will definitely increase while she goes out to eat and shop that she can't go with her boyfriend.

If that happens, he may also be attracted to "adult women" and become more lovey-dovey than ever before!However, remarks and actions that make the shadow of a man flicker are absolutely useless!


  • Information about men is easy to come by

This is also very important information for dad life!

Depending on the father, the girl has to change various behaviors, such as becoming a listener or a speaker.In such a case, the most important thing is "the amount of conversation material".

The theme of conversation with the opposite sex is different, no matter how much you boyfriend.

In other words, there is a high possibility that what your boyfriend talks about is "male-oriented" thoughts and hobbies, and if you talk to your dad based on the words he used to say outside the city, you will improve your image as a "girl who understands." .Daddy and boyfriend are often different in personality and age, but the image will definitely be better than talking only with your own thoughts.


  • You can turn your allowance into a gift for your boyfriend

This is already the same, but there is no damage to my pocket if I use the allowance from my dad for birthday gifts to give to my boyfriend!Also, even if you go over budget, you can make up for it with your allowance, so you can kill two birds with one stone!

Some people may feel guilty, but the money you have worked hard to earn will not change.


Disadvantages of Daddy Active Girls Having a Boyfriend


  • there is a possibility of finding out

The biggest drawback is that your boyfriend will find out and get into a fight.There are some boyfriend-approved patterns, but they are overwhelmingly few.She is basically not happy that she is doing papa katsu.Many girls, including myself, keep it a secret.

But if you take precautions, the chances of being honest are low!

Measures that anyone can take, such as "turn off notifications on your smartphone," "change your dad's name to a girl," and "don't wear expensive things your dad gave you," are enough.I will write about this in another article, so please check it out!

Also, there is a pattern of telling my boyfriend because I feel guilty about being a daddy.I was about to say it too many times.Actually coming out doesn't lead to a good direction, so I recommend that you endure it.


  • Daddy and boyfriend's plans are covered

On the merit side, I wrote that there are no plans for events, etc., but that is when a “married person / dad with a family” meets.

Papa does not mean that you are married or have a family.

There are many single dads, and there are really various patterns such as dads who have experienced divorce, dads who are not divorced but cannot see their families.

If these latter dads are the other party, unless they have a girlfriend, they will often talk to you at the event.At that time, she had a boyfriend, but there was a high probability that she would have to cancel one of her plans.

If you cancel daddy, it may also lead to a negative image that you have a boyfriend.But if I cancel my boyfriend there, we'll end up in a fight, so I try to cancel my plans with my dad.I pay close attention to my dad and refuse him because of "work," "friends," and "family."On the day of the event, if you send a picture of a friend you had in the past for Christmas and show that you are with a friend, dad will believe you!




The important thing in dad activities is to say, "Don't treat your dad like an object."Your boyfriend will always be your priority.So, while thinking about how I would feel if someone said this to me, my bond with my dad may deepen more than when I don't have a boyfriend.

There is a saying that goes, "He who chases two rabbits catches neither."Daddy girls who have boyfriends, let's do our best together!


I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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