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Good evening~ It's Awa Awaheart

At a certain dating club (not the Universe Clubenlightened) Encountering a brutal dad~!

If a girl is suddenly attacked, her legs will freeze and she won't be able to move.

I didn't even say "Help me~"cryingIt was a silly voice like "Hey hey hey!".

This time, I will send it to you in a state of nakinaki (´;ω;`)


Types of dating clubs and the dangers of apps

First of all, there are various ways to say dad activity.Everyone knows that "(∩>ω<∩)"

① Universe Club

② Urban dating club

Local exclusive dating club

4App or Application or Sakurabook App


I think both men and women are active in various places (*^^*)

The problem is③〜⑤I feel that is dangerous.


This time,It happened at a local high-class club~crying

Since this was a "luxury?!"

On the way home from the first candidate, Universe-san's interviewI went (laughs)


I remember well that the office smelled like a sewage toilet. (sorry.)

The image of the man at the interview is not very goodsurprise

Something,Maybe this kind of person is doing delivery health?It was an image.


It may be that men's interviews are not very solid.

A woman's intuition is often right

I think it's gentlemanly to eat by peeling off the nails, what do you guys think?angelNo.


The type of man who hates fluff the most is"Reverse money man"

If you pay money, you can't do anything.


Heinous de S papa who transforms and peels off his nails


Meet up and go straight to the love hotel~enlightened

"Huh? Do you ever go to a love hotel without tea for the first time...?"

But, since you're in a car, isn't it suicidal to open the door and get out of the car while driving?crying

As it is, I have no choice but to enter a love hotel.

I feel like I can be anywhere and become a delivery health!Take a bath → It's time to flirt Nyan Nyan Timeheart

After playing with Assari ......"Your nails are beautiful."


Until then, huh?Although I sometimes think

"It wasn't as good as I expected, so maybe you didn't take me out to dinner.crying'

I thought it was because of my low specs.

(slightly negative)

So, until then, I didn't really think of him as a bad person.cool


Do S "Nail? Can I get it?"

It's okay~ It's a nail tip so you can remove it right away♪

Do S "Wait a minute. (Take out something like a tool) I'll take it ~ (laughs)"

Baki baki biri (I feel like I was peeled off my skin at the end)

Ihiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ! (Voice that doesn't make sense...)

Do S "Kirei Niretane, Cottimo, Ikou"


I lost 3 nails on my right hand.

(It seems that raw nails are eaten)


Even in the last car, you did your best with a smile.

Maybe it's the type of person who doesn't get angry, and I wonder if he chose that kind of person.


permissible limit of proclivities


I think there are S people and M people.

People who want to drink holy water, people who like scatology, people who want to do outdoors,

Cosplay or blindfold? (I don't know muchsurprise)

I sell to people who want me to sell pee, poop, underwear and stockings (laughs)

Of course, he is a freewheeling person when it comes to sex.heartdevil

I used to be a cosplayer, and I still do a little bit now♪

So, I want to see the world I don't know, I want to do various things, but...kiss


Painful, bleeding play, and dangerous dad activity apps


I mean, don't force yourself, absolutely!angryNo.


Also, I think it would be better to disclose the proclivities after building a solid relationship of trust with the woman.


right hand


It's too gross, so I can't send you a picture, but it feels like blood (laughs)(´;ω;`)


If you go to a dermatologist, go to a plastic surgeon.

If you go to an orthopedic surgeon, go to a dermatologist.


I gave up, bought over-the-counter treatments at the pharmacy, and dipped my fingers in Nivea blue cans for the time being.enlightened

Gyaaaaa!Nivea turned pink. (I wonder if it's stupid)


Maybe I just don't want to deal with troublesome cases that are likely to be incidents~?I'm skeptical.

I will go to a new dermatologist again tomorrow.

Nails are essential for everyday life! !

I can't pick things up just because I don't have nails, and I can't even wash my head!

Both laundry and dishwashing are permeated!Loxonin does not reach the pain in the fingertips!

It's possible to be left-handed.Right now, I'm inputting sentences by voice... φ(..) memomemo


Talk to people you trust


The first person I consulted with was Mr. Seattle.

He is the most gentle and kind person, seems to have a lot of experience, and seems to be willing to consultcryingI think so SOS ~!

I received a lot of advice m(*_ _)m

I was still grieving!

Speaking of which, the allowance was 2, and I have to pay for the treatment!I realized.

(It doesn't matter if it's allowance 1 or 2, so I wanted it back as soon as possible.)

Then the treatment costs! !So I went to the hospital, but I was caught in the middle of the day, and I thought, what should I do?

From the flow of the story of the anesthetic cream, consult with your sisters and brotherscrying

After all, you can't apply anesthetic cream to your nails (it was stupid)


It's at the level of a criminal case, so I learned a lot and immediately went to the pharmacy again!

I couldn't talk to them because they seemed to interrupt the flow of the conversation, but everyone was so kind.heart

Thank you very much ε-(´∀`*)Ho




At that time, I should have done it.I will remember that later.

At that moment, I didn't expect my nails to be peeled off at once, so... it was pure white.

Or rather, it was like I was blacked out...crying


① Call the front desk of the hotel (get it out)

② If you go straight to a love hotel for the first time, when you arrive at the hotel, do not enter the room and talk or go home (you can take a taxi)

③ If you have time, record a video on your smartphone

④ Go straight to the police

⑤ If you only use LINE, you will be blown away (I don't even know your real name) and give feedback immediately

⑥ Other dating clubs are a bit suspicious (universe club is safe)

⑦ I want to do something about it because it's easy to lick it (it's often thought that if you push it, it will go away).

⑧The weakness of Papa-katsu-joshi is that she can't go to the police.

⑨ If I tell you the transfer destination, my real name will be revealed, so I'm in trouble (I'm afraid to meet you for the second time, so I'll do something about it)


Do you feel like this?No.

It might be necessary for people who are afraid of things such as a security buzzer or a guy with electric bursts (I forgot the name lol)enlightened


About the future of Awaawa


It's already pretty annoying, so I decided to forget about it.

The importance of nails that you realize only after you lose them (laughs)

And I literally experienced a “painful study fee” (laughs)


I'm scared for a while, and I don't think I can live as a dad.

I might retire, but I might do my best because I have money issues.crying

Ah, but I might not be able to take a bath with Papa~ (´;ω;`)

I hope you can smile again...


President Kida, congratulations on the publication of your book.

I really wanted to go to Osaka, but my nails are painful.

We will listen to it in real time on "TwitCasting"heart

I'm in my 30s in Kansai!Select a topic from the question box, dig deeper and write it as a column.Regarding my club activities (⁎ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈⁎), the theme song is Yellow Yellow Happy by Pocket Biscuits♪

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