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How I came to be a dad

Hello, I'm Bell! (*´∀`*)♫

Today, I'm going to write about how I do dad life.

I hope I can be of some help.


First of all, I will tell you the background and background of why I decided to do Papa Katsu (^ ^)


I was a hostess in Ginza from 20 to 29 years old.

There was a time when I had a side job as a day job, but I spent more time working as a hostess.

It was still number one.

I can't drink alcohol, but I did my best.I am proud that I did my best in my life.

Originally, I was only working in the daytime, but I wanted to save money for going abroad, so I started doing double work.

Going abroad wasn't just for a week's trip, but to save travel expenses, living expenses, and tuition fees for a year with a working holiday visa.


Living alone in Tokyo and working only in the daytime, it is quite difficult to save enough money to live abroad for a year.

Even though I can't drink alcohol, I started working at night with a feeling of clinging to straw.


I think the reason I was able to become number one was because I wanted to make money the most out of all the cast members working at the store.

Looking back on it now, it's so dazzling that I even draw myself back (laughs)(`・∀・´)


I saved money for three years from the age of 3, and when I was 23, I lived in Canada for a year on a working holiday.

On the way back, I backpacked and went to the countries I wanted to visit and visited about 10 countries before returning to Japan.


I was fascinated by foreign countries and wanted to live in a different country again. After returning from Canada, I worked in Japan for two years, saved money, and lived in a different country until I was 2 years old.

I thought I should start thinking about marriage from the age of 29 (laughs).

With that in mind, I was living my life doing what I wanted, and when I was 29 years old, I started talking about getting married with someone I dated.


However, after living together for a while, I found out that he was in debt, and his bad spending of money revealed his true nature, making life difficult, and I broke off the engagement after a year.


Working too hard in cohabitation hurts my mental health

Even after taking antipyretics, the low-grade fever did not subside.

As a result, I was diagnosed with depression.

At the same time, I developed panic disorder, and when I got on a crowded train in the morning, I had a seizure.

I couldn't catch the train in the morning.


I couldn't go to work, my contract ended, and when I was mentally challenged, my immune system went down and I developed multiple illnesses at the same time.

I was mentally and physically exhausted.I'm out of work, stepping on and kicking.


After I broke off my engagement, I lived alone.

When I was unable to work and was having trouble with my life, I learned about Papa-katsu and started doing it.

I started activities to register for a dating club, register for a dad activity app, and add living expenses.


It was in the midst of the corona crisis when I started my activities, so there were a lot of unemployed women who tended to become dads.

It seems that many of the students who had to work part-time at restaurants that were not open and had to earn their own tuition also tended to be involved in daddy activities.


I kept looking for a job where I could work completely from home while working as a daddy, and after about half a year, I finally got a full-time office job with full-time work from home three times a week.

It's better than nothing, but it's still difficult to live with 3 days a week, and it's been about 3 years since I continued working as a dad.

It's been a really tough few years.

Finally, since last year, my energy has returned, and I feel like my power has exploded.

Increase your work with a side job, travel anywhere you love

I am also changing jobs so that I can work anywhere.

While working as a dad (*´艸`)

I can eat delicious food because I am active to the extent that it does not become stressful

I'm doing it for the sake of killing two birds with one stone, so I have no reason to stop.

When my work becomes more fulfilling and I can afford it financially, I think I should quit.

I think loosely (laughs)


However, since it is already alpha

If possible, I really want to wash my feet from being a dad, but I don't have a boyfriend.

Is there any reason to stop now?

Let's stop when I get a boyfriend (*^-^*) (laughs)


Papa-katsu is not only for single women.

The circumstances of being a daddy are really different for each person.

Although he is married, he makes a living as a father. (smile)

My husband found out that I was working as a dad four times and cut out a divorce.

It seems that he continues to live as a dad (laughs)

I also thought that the fact that they didn't get divorced even though they found out four times was also love.


Either way, don't get so addicted to it that you can't get out.

At first everyone thinks, "I'm fine,"

Your sense of money and your way of thinking about the value of working will change without your knowledge.


I hope everyone will have a wonderful dad (^_-)-☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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