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Dad life abroad



nice to meet you all.

My name is mg Uchida and I work as a sales office in Tokyo.

I moved to Tokyo from university, worked as a cabaret club when I was a student, and sometimes worked at a cabaret club and girls bar as a side job after becoming a member of society.
My hobby is traveling abroad, and I have experience living abroad using a working holiday.

I'm not currently working at night, but I was doing dad activities before the word "papa katsu" became popular.I would like to share my experience and that of my friends.
This time, I would like to talk about "papa katsu" that I used to do when I was overseas on a working holiday.


Meeting Dad Overseas


It wasn't long after I came abroad on a working holiday that I met my dad.
Although I learned the local language in college, I didn't have much confidence in it because I didn't have a chance to use it in real life.

At that time, a Japanese friend I made at the language school I attended invited me to go to a drinking party where Japanese people would gather.
There were men in their 30s to 50s at the drinking party, and there were only two women, my friend and I.

Most of the men were local expatriates from Japanese companies who had been living here for a long time.
A friend of mine became acquainted with people from the Japanese community at the Japanese restaurant he worked at, and was often invited to drinking parties.

My dad was the oldest member of this drinking party, in his 50s, and he was the organizer.My first impression of her was that she was a company executive, fluent in the local language, and a "reliable uncle."
He looked like an old man you could find anywhere, but he was clean and didn't give me a bad impression.

After that, I was invited to a drinking party several times, and he seemed to get along with me, so I started to receive personal LINE messages from my dad, and we started going out to eat together.
My dad was also a local expatriate, but my family was working alone in Japan, so I didn't have much resistance to my first date.


What is the relationship between bodies?


Until the end of my working holiday period, I met with my dad two or three times a week.
Basically, my dad contacted me to say, "Let's meet," and it felt like we were going on a date.

From the first date, he gave me money as "transportation expenses".
As for the physical relationship... there was none.

My dad had a local girlfriend besides me, so it might have been there, but I wasn't asked for anything in particular.

We ate together, drank together, and went shopping with my dad.Among the members of the drinking party I met with my dad, there were some who were also active as dads, so I went on a double date with them and sometimes attended parties with my dad's local friends. .

On the double date, I became friends with other dad's girlfriends, and I got to know more locals through my dad, so it was fun.


Dad you can rely on in times of need


As I wrote earlier, my father had lived in the area for a long time and was fluent in the local language.

During my working holiday, I was able to work part-time, and my dad introduced me to an acquaintance at that job.

I also knew that he came here on a working holiday because he wanted to learn the language, so I got along well with the locals who were acquaintances of my father.


Recommendations and precautions for working holiday dad life


In fact, the friend who took me to the drinking party where my dad and I met in the first place also had a dad in the Japanese community (a different person from my dad, Japanese, unmarried company executive in his 40s). However, in her case, it seems that there was also a physical relationship.

Also, in the case of her dad, it seems that there were rules such as NG to associate with other men, so it may not always be a good thing.
The only thing that was hard for me was having to keep my dad's local girlfriend from finding out about my existence.

After returning to Japan from working holiday, I used to keep in touch with my dad from time to time, but the number of times has gradually decreased, and now I don't keep in touch at all.
I think I was lucky because I was able to get to know him without any trouble.

How do I personally identify a good dad?

・ Even if you are married, you are overseas because you are working alone.
・Long local life history
・Company executive or self-employed
・Highly popular with other Japanese people ・Many acquaintances

I think it would be easy to get along with someone like that.

I think that for those who are interested in dad life overseas, it is not only possible to join a Japanese circle, but also to meet people on dating apps.
Also, at local cabaret clubs and lounges, you may meet not only Japanese dads but also foreign dads.

Depending on the country, there are bulletin boards and exchange sites dedicated to daddy activities, but it seems that there are times when you get involved in trouble, such as being assaulted by multiple people, being found out by your wife, and becoming a lawsuit or a police matter. Please be careful about checking the details of the person and the identity of the other party.

Let's meet a wonderful daddy in a way that suits you.


Night work (cabaret club/girls bar) & Papa activity experience.I will write about my experience and that of my friends.Her hobbies are traveling abroad and visiting cafes at night.

Article by Uchida mg

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