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A week of jani otaku and daddy girl♪

When you hear the word “papa katsu”, you may have an image of “a scary person” or “normal people can’t do it”.

This time, I will introduce what kind of week I am living normally.

I would be happy if you could sympathize even a little and give me an opportunity to start thinking about it ♪


As I have stated in my self-introduction, I am a genuine Janiota.

I often support members from Kansai, and I've been chasing them for almost 20 years!

Naniwa Danshi, who recently debuted, as well as SNOW MAN's Mukai-kun and Johnny's WEST, have been active since before they debuted.

And john wotas cost money.

Among the girls who are active as dads, there must be a lot of girls like me who say, "I'm doing daddy activities to contribute to the endorsement"! ?

I think that raising idols, anime, hosts, etc. to be the best will be vitality even while doing dad activities ♪

People sometimes think, ``I don't think I'm paying for my dad's allowance...''.

However, papa's happiness is "things that make girls happy", so I'm happy to "raise my favorite" first, so in the end, I think that this is papa's happiness lol

In the summer, idol sites are busy, and dad activities are also popular, so I will introduce a certain week in August 2022♪



Basically, I work as a clerk during the day from 9:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX on weekdays.

Due to the corona whirlpool, there are time differences and teleworking, but basically I go to work in Osaka city.

On Mondays, I don't see my dad or eat with him.

I'm tired on Saturdays and Sundays, and it's hard to catch my dad on Mondays...

However, it would be a waste if I didn't do anything even though I'm working as a dad, so I'm concentrating on sending messages to dads and looking for new dads.


The trend of dads on Mondays

Many of the dads are office workers who work on weekdays.

So, I think there are many people who sympathize with working adults on Mondays, but Papa activities are relatively calm.

However, many dads are looking for a girl to meet on the weekends, so they are looking for a girl to meet on the weekend.

It's important to reach out to new dads or to reach out to dads you haven't seen in a while!




Tuesday is a day when I rarely work overtime, so I often see my dad!

Around 18:XNUMX, we will meet in Osaka city.

On this day, I went to have a meal with my new dad!

Dad who is in his 50s and has recently been addicted to camping!

The shop you chose was also a fashionable meat shop.

Meeting for the first time is the first and biggest obstacle for Papa Katsu Joshi.

Even if a girl thinks "this daddy is good", the reality is that the number of daddy girls is increasing, and the ratio of daddy's is increasing day by day, so I don't know if it will continue.

I can't change my appearance or personality much, but I'm trying to make my hobbies and thoughts similar to my dad's information I heard beforehand!

It looks easy, but sometimes you need to study, so you need to make an effort!

This time, my dad said, "Let's go to 〇〇 next time", so I was relieved once.

By the way, the allowance was (enough to buy Chanel eyeshadow + souvenir)



Wednesday in the middle of the week!

On Wednesdays, as on Mondays, I often do dad activities with messages.

In particular, I always contact dads I meet on weekends and dads who seem tired from work.

Like myself, I try to emulate people who can be "a little considerate".

There are times when that care is involved in the treatment and presents later, so don't think it's troublesome and try to incorporate it into your daily life ♪



On this day, work ended before evening, so when I told my dad who happened to be in touch with me about it, he seemed to have finished work early, so I met him!

Daddy will be happy if he doesn't have to worry about being caught by chance like this♪

I've been on good terms with my existing dad for about a year, so he's like a friend and dad.

But no matter how close we get to each other, we never leave our adult relationships unattended.

If you cross the line, the relationship will collapse, so be careful there.

By the way, the allowance was (enough to buy a Burberry muffler + souvenir)


Friday, Except public holidays

Friday is a perfect day for dad life!

It's okay to be a new dad!Even an existing dad is fine!

We recommend that you give priority to the new daddy, but in that case, there is a possibility that the existing daddy will be taken by another girl.

I met my new dad today!

Of course, I will contact you on Wednesday and say, "I'm looking forward to it too!"

Appeal is also OK!

The shops are crowded on Fridays, so if you're not used to it, you may have to wait without making a reservation. To do!

On this day, the conversation with Papa was not very lively, and unfortunately there was no talk for the next time.

Don't be discouraged and find your next new dad!

By the way, the allowance was (enough to buy Dior perfume)



Saturday Sunday

It's no exaggeration to say that I'm doing daddy activities for this weekend!

That's right, it's idol day!

On this day, I will forget everything about dad activities and play from morning to night ♪

It's also good to see the figure entering the venue!

It's also good to meet on the train on the way home!

After all, dad activities can be done and continue to have goals that are fun!



How about that! ?I'm just a normal person

I didn't do anything particularly scary or difficult lol

Papa activities can be done only in emergencies such as when there is no money or when the number of sites increases!

Why don't you start a dad activity together as a friend who contributes to the endorsement? (^^)

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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