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Can Papa-katsu make money from food alone? !Tips for Dad Life That Saved Up Hawaii Travel Expenses Quickly

Papa life that I have heard once.
There must be a lot of college students who are doing daddy activities saying, "Actually..."! ?
However, the clay zone that I can't say anything about when I hear dad activities...
To put it bluntly, the relationship is customs > compensated dating > papa katsu.
Each person has a different level of immersion, so you can do dad activities that suit you.
This is enough without "adult relationship" as long as you don't ask for expensive things ♪
I have a monthly contract for meals only,1I was able to go on a luxury trip to Hawaii in a month!
Even if it's not that expensive, I'd like to write about my experience this time, hoping that it will be helpful for those who think that it's just a little pocket money!

XNUMX things to watch out for

Papa-katsu prices vary by region.
The first is the Kanto area, and the second is the Kansai area.
I'm working in the Kansai area, so I don't have direct experience, but I feel like a friend in Tokyo gave me one.

Aside from the introduction, I will briefly summarize the conditions earned only by eating!
① Meals are on weekday evenings
②The place is Kitashinchi
③ Make contact in advance and build a relationship of trust
④ Don't wear pretentious clothes
⑤It is called living at home
I this5I was thorough about one.
Each item will be explained in detail below.

Weekday nights can be the most exhausting for dads, and the presence of a girl seems to be comforting (as several dads actually said).So, if you want to sell yourself more, this timing is the best!

In the dark of the night, even if an acquaintance sees you, you can say, "I'm pretending to be someone else."

If you meet in Osaka, there is a high probability that you will invite me around "Umeda", "Namba", and "Tennoji".

When you can eat delicious food, if you are taken to a chain store, you may feel like you've lost your mind and want to go home.If so, it is difficult to develop a good relationship with that dad.It is recommended to list Kitashinchi as an area candidate so as not to create such feelings and atmosphere.Also, it would be nice to have a fashionable dad!Papas who smoothly select shops in Kitashinchi have a high probability of being financially comfortable!

Communicate in advance and build trust

The most important thing in dad activity is "pseudo love".
Many dads have two things: work and family, and they are often separated from "romance".In the first place, why do men do papa katsu?Some people want to satisfy their desires, but some dads over a certain age want to have a good time.There are many people who say that they want to talk to young children purely.First of all, men are not good at making contact.It is not an exaggeration to say that he is in frequent contact with him, but it is no exaggeration to think that he is suitable for a gentleman.
This is especially important because if you neglect this point, you will end up with a dad who is pressing for an adult relationship or a dad who is soliciting you!
I can't say for sure, but if you keep in touch with him every day so that it doesn't become a burden on him, it will lead to an increase in your allowance!

don't dress pretentiously

There are many girls who say that it is essential to wear branded items as part of their appearance as a dad.
However, I can't aim for expensive gifts because it's only a meal relationship.When Papa feels like "I want to polish this child", she can give her a present even if it's just a meal.
So, I dare to dress modestly and modestly.
Even if you don't say, "I want this," the trick is to stick with it until your dad says, "I think it looks good on you."
You'll be lucky if you can get a man's heart to like a plain girl ♪

say live at home

To be honest, sometimes I get invited to the hotel while I'm eating.
In order to be able to respond in such a case, convey the image of a "strict family" to the father in the usual communication of (XNUMX).If you say that your parents' home is far away, it will be easier for your dad to know when to go home, and it will be easier for you to create your own "time to go home."Of course, that alone is not enough, so please pay close attention to your manner of speaking, language, and table manners in order to strengthen the impression that you live in a strict home.The probability that you will be invited to stay with this alone will go down.
A dad who enjoys just eating is definitely looking for healing and fun rather than thrills, so if you say something like "It's fun, but I have time..." in conversation, it's easy to connect with the next one.

As I said above, I didn't do anything particularly difficult.
I am particularly conscious of these five items.
I think that there is little sympathy for the type of daddy girls who want to make a lot of money quickly, but if you are a daddy girl who wants to have fun with less risk, please be aware of it!
If you don't push yourself too hard and just enjoy yourself, I think you'll naturally meet such a dad.
There are some dads who negotiate saying "I'll give you an allowance", and some dads who refuse if they can't step up.
What you do when that happens is up to you.
There was a time when I was earning enough money to go on an overseas trip the following month with this method of eating only.
Depending on the person, there are many people who say that they need to confirm the allowance in advance, but it is impossible not to receive it, so I think it is better for the father to receive it if he does not dare to be greedy.
There are many things that don't lead to the second time if you only eat, but there are many dads who are patient and one after another, so let's challenge without breaking hearts ♪

Don't give up on local daddy girls

Since I live in the Kansai region, although it is inferior to the Kanto region, the market price is not low, and the number of dads is not small.My friend became a member of society and went to a rural area, and was surprised at how few dads there were.
In fact, there are differences between regions, but if you are away from the city, the probability of meeting your dad is low.If you want to enjoy dad activities in rural areas, aim for "papa who is on a business trip"!
There are companies everywhere.Among them, there are many dads who come from the Kansai and Kanto areas.
I've heard from dads that there are dads who can only go on business trips, even if they can't do it locally!
According to the app, there is a calendar function, so you can check it there and approach it with a message!Daddy activity has more girls than other matching apps, so be sure to take action!If you don't have the courage to send a message, just footprints are effective enough ♪
It doesn't go well from the beginning, so don't worry about it and keep going!
One of these days, the mental is also useful in the real world!

In fact, I have also struggled and broken hearts without being able to connect to the next one, and I think that those who are trying to make a long-term dad have experience.
If you don't care about adults, you may have more trouble than usual, but if you can cherish the five items and pay attention to details, you will surely have a good relationship.
Girls looking for high-income brands will have that type of dad, and girls with a hobby of spending money will have a dad who will entertain them.
This is not limited to papa katsu, but eating with the opposite sex can create a "good atmosphere".At that time, it is the highlight of the dad active girl who works hard only with meals to respond without being washed away.

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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