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Older?younger?Which do you prefer?

My first dad was actually a younger man.

Five years younger than him, but his preferred ages ranged widely.

When we think of dad, we usually think of an older man, but I thought it wasn't so conventional.

Well, it's already been two years with such a dad.

Although they are good friends, to be honest, they have experienced some misunderstandings and fights.

If we meet less often, our tension will drop, and we will have unnecessary worries and jealousy.

I wonder if I'm already tired,
I wonder if the work is not going well
And so on, only negative emotions come to mind.

-Try to change your point of view-

It was painful for me to be the only one to worry like that, so I looked at other sites for a change of pace.

Depending on the site, there are places where the real age is displayed as identification first.

This kind of site is for girls who are a little older
That's the brave part.
However, depending on how you look at it, you will be contacted after knowing your real age.
That's why you don't have to do any extra planning.
Do you feel like you are less stressed?

I tried to register on a certain site.
That's where you can self-report your age.
I entered my profile and set my age to be slightly younger.

Because it is a site with many male members logging in
I was expecting some contact.
I can't contact you even if I wait and live.
this is…
When I thought I had to make my age younger
Marumaru for the first time.first message.
This person has courage (laughs)

Excitedly, I opened my mailbox.
I wonder what kind of stimulating greetings there are...

yes? ?

There are sentences that can never be written in public
They were lined up neatly.
Although somewhat immune
Straight from the beginning...

I deleted it as if I hadn't seen it.
I felt refreshed.

The next day, I felt refreshed and decided to visit the other party's page myself.
I'm sure you'll get something.
Believe me.

Well, what to look for is still local love.
Let's attack from home.

leaving footprints on some pages
Suddenly, my eyes caught on someone's page.

~Fascinating feelings~

He posted a picture of himself.
Of course, it's part of the face.
His page caught my eye because not many people post pictures of their faces.
Read profile.

yeah? ? ?

Do you like older people?

Is this guy a younger guy who likes older people? (If you don't read carefully, you won't understand the meaning)

There are a lot of people who have a range of age preferences.
Just saying that it's all true doesn't mean it's true.
Speaking from the experience of exchanging emails (including SNS etc.)
If you bring out the real intention, it is still too much for older women
It's like stepping on two feet.

I wanted to try it.
When you say you like older people, how old are you?
how do you like itwhat do you like

Do you want to miss such an opportunity?
That's what I thought, so I sent a greeting of "nice to meet you" as cutely as possible.

I got a call right away.
His messages were very kind and frequent.
After interacting on the site, I moved to cacao.

At Cacao, we had a sweet exchange.
Although it was polite on the site
As soon as I came to cacao, I was hooked.

I liked the gap, and I really wanted to meet him.
I think I fell in love with him at this point.

We came here, exchanged pictures and met up.
The photo on the site alone gives an image of being on the opposite side of Riajuu.
Kakaotalk is very popular
Youth was bursting.

Well, the day has come for the actual meeting.
What appeared there was a much more beautiful face than the photo.
It's a secret to anyone that the tension went up (laughs)
I have always liked older people.
Moreover, a woman who eats well and is healthy is good.
If it is a woman who seems to be comfortable to hold, the style does not matter.

Until now, every man in the world
I thought I was young, younger, and only interested in slender women.
It was the
it's him

We drank and talked about ourselves.
It seems that he didn't know the word papa katsu
They seemed to understand immediately.

Talk happily about small everyday events
Looking straight at you with a smile
I was heartbroken.


Although we met for the first time on this day
The two held hands and left the store.
I wanted to get along better.
I think he felt the same way.
I'd like to leave it to your imagination (laughs)

~From that day~

That day, when we parted at the station
Saying bye-bye, I can still see your smile towards me
I can't forget

Because this was the last goodbye.

On my way home, I immediately thanked him with cacao.
He returned with his usual good vibes.

Well, after the next day we never heard from each other again.
Yes, I was dumped (laughs)

When I woke up the next morning, his scent was still in my nostrils.
A nostalgic sweet and sour scent
I got drunk in the morning.

Because he said he would be off work the next day
This morning, I'm off today, right?I messaged.
His reply is "I'm contacting you right now, I'm out for a while".
I figured this out.
Yes, another better woman has appeared.

This is our unspoken rule.
Don't go too deep.
Switch feelings.

and looking for new encounters
Polish your own daily.

My name is Samami.I live in a cold area and am a lonely person who always seeks the warmth of people.Daddy's life history is short.But the experience of jumping into an unknown world is the color of my life.

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