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Papa-katsu doesn't suit my sexuality, but I don't dislike it

Nice to meet you. 
"Everyday is a practical joke! I'm Agu (@ugly_jonny), a girl who lives behind the scenes with the motto. 

This time, I'm a little nervous because it's a column about "Papa-katsu", which is a topic of pros and cons among the girls around me. 
Because I have no intention of affirming or denying it. 

However, in fact, when I was young, I experienced dad life only once. 
This time, I would like to talk about my experiences at that time! 

I don't need money

The trigger was a certain matching app that I used to do when I was single. 
For me, age doesn't matter to men, or rather I like older men.So, a chat comes from a man in his 40s who matched. 
"Would you like to meet me, thinking it's a dad activity?" 
I didn't even know what dad activities were, so when I asked about the details,
In short, it seems to be a story of "Let's go eat together because I will pay." 
What a strange story.Can you get paid just for food?It makes no sense at all. 
When I asked him for more details, he said that he likes to hear from young girls about what's popular now and what they like. 
What kind of business are you doing?pop culture?I understand that I don't need money, but I'm looking forward to the day. 

Daddy life for the first time! 

The meeting place is the lounge of a certain hotel in Tokyo. 
Even I, an ordinary citizen, stepped into the lounge, which I could tell was an ultra-luxury hotel, with my heart pounding. 
I was able to join the uncle immediately. 
Ask for anything you want to eat, give me a menu, and when I tell you that I don't drink well, I'll order a non-alcoholic cocktail. 
It's not like he's particularly cool, and he's actually in his 50s, but he's clean and youthful, and he's good at talking, and it's a lot of fun. 

I'm not a trendy person, so I've done some research on the topic of "fashionable things" that was put up for discussion beforehand.But when my uncle tried to talk about it
"You like that sort of thing, don't you? Tell me what you like."and smiled. 
I talk about my favorite Showa songs, movies I've seen recently, and vegan diets that I've been very interested in for a while. 
But it doesn't feel like much pain.He was a really good listener. 
So it's been almost 3 hours? When I was told, "It's almost time," I had the impression that so much time had passed, and that it had flown by so quickly. 

Yukichi being held 

and.Here is the main issue. 
I thought I would definitely be asked to have sex after this.That's what the money is for. 
So, I thought that I would definitely stay in a hotel room. 
But the uncle smartly pays the bill and leaves the lounge. To be frank, I feel that saying "I'll go out too" is a little pretentious."Thank you for the meal"When I told him, while smiling,"Thank you for today"I will hold out Yukichi. 
Yukichi.And three. 
"... you're going to the hotel after this, right?" 
When I asked without thinking, the uncle was dumbfounded for a moment and then said,
"No, no, you promised me a meal, right?"and smiled again. 
hang on?In addition to eating and drinking in such a place, Yukichi XNUMX without sex
Man?What's going on in this world? 
Well, I know you're a very pretty girl. 
If you're a young, beautiful, model-like girl who's also caring and smells good, you'll understand, but I'm just a normal young woman (at that time).She's letting her smell like cheap hair cologne. 
"No, I really can't get any money. I had fun, and I just talked." 
Ah, this is like a woman who takes money for sex, but I don't accept Yukichi
I stubbornly shake my head.However, instead of trying to pull Yukichi away, Ojisama makes a troubled face.
"No, I can't be satisfied if you don't get it." 
I don't think I'll bother you by not taking money, I'm a pup. 
I'm about to drown at the taxi rank of a luxury hotel. 
In the end, I couldn't argue all the time there, and I received the money. 
"see you"And the uncle who leaves with a smile.All the while smiling, paying only money, who the hell is that person, I wonder what it is. 

And so, my state of mind after finishing my daddy life with only meals is... "It doesn't suit my nature." 
After all, I'm happy to receive money when I think I've worked for it. 
I don't know how to use this money even if I'm simply blessed.

Yukichi goes over to his friend

Later, I was worried about how to use the three Yukichis who were left over. 
and flash.It's what you got, so I'll give it to you!and. 
And I contacted a friend who was in trouble with school fees at the time. 
"It's just about how I feel."and explain the situation,"You're a dad! It doesn't suit you!"
After laughing,"Really helpful, thank you"and thanked me politely
It was. 
I knew how hard she was working and how desperate she was for money.
So, rather, I wanted to add more, but I wanted to maintain an equal friendship, so I endured it. 
I will never forget the relieved smile on my friend's face when I handed over the three Yukichis later. 
Also, the smile of my dad who broke up with me in front of the hotel that day. 
I have no intention of affirming or denying my dad life. 
Money circulates, and I think it should go to people who really need it. 
As long as they're both happy, that's fine.More to the point, I don't mind imposing my ego at all.Because that ego will surely be useful to someone. 
I myself didn't fit in, so if I was asked if I would do it again, the answer would probably be NO... 
But, I thought it would be nice to have a world like this. 
When I saw the smiles of two people with my dad and friends. 

When I was screaming for love in the center of sexless, I became a writer.I'm usually on Twitter. (@ugly_jonny)

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