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Benefits of starting a dad activity that is not too late even in your 30s

34 years old, unsold gravure.

Friends of the same generation get married, give birth, get married, get ahead in life...

Previous columnBut as I said, I was also 32 years old at the time, although I easily did my father's activities in the planning of the program (and I enjoyed it more than I thought).

"I'm planning to do dad activities, but would you like to infiltrate and interview me?to the program producer who called out to me

"is it okay with me? Are you 32?’ I asked over and over again.

No, no, you can't live as a dad after 30.

The best time for a woman is when she is young.Before becoming Arasa.

I think all women in the world think so.

Value drops after 30

When I turned 20, I was only excited, but when I turned 30, fear and sadness dominated.

My market value as a woman is going down...I felt strangely sad.

No matter how hard you try, your metabolism slows down, it becomes easier to gain weight, and your skin becomes dull.

In general, women feel that the younger they are, the better.

Much less dad life.

Why would an old man with money go out of his way to support a woman over 30 who seems like she can do anything on her own?I thought, and even thought that there was an age limit.

Dad activities = the reality that only people in their 20s can do

When I was interviewed for the Universe Club, I was worried about my appearance but above all, my age.

The line that returned such worries was "Surprisingly, people in their XNUMXs are the most active."was.

Since I'm in my XNUMXs, I took it negatively because it was just the staff's consideration and nothing more than speculation.and

what dad wants

Mr. Masuda (10 years old, owner), who has been working as a father for 52 years, initially chose only young children.

"Young girls are just cute, but they're just cute... It's fun once or twice, but I often feel tired when it's long term.We don't get along well, we don't have common topics.So, I didn't feel like I was particularly matched (laughs)'

Paying money and taking care of her... When it comes down to it, she says, "It feels like I'm being made to deal with a figurine hostess for entertainment."

In that respect, even if there is some decline in appearance, it seems that people in their 30s who have a lot of topics to talk about will find common topics and will be healed.

"Manners.It was natural for our generation to arrive at the store 5 to 10 minutes before their superiors, so we no longer meet children who show up late without contacting us, or who contact us without apology. I think it's good too.Also, there are children who do not understand TPO.Even if you wear denim to go to a French restaurant, or if you take someone to a fancy sushi restaurant, it's embarrassing if you wear a heavy perfume Punpun.Even if you don't tell me every single thing, I'm going to pay you a certain amount of money, so I'd like you to be so considerate...If it's a child over 30, it's natural that they have some manners, so it's safe.'

Certainly, when I was 22 or 3 years old, I had never been to a high-class sushi restaurant, and I didn't know that perfume was prohibited at sushi restaurants.

"If my daughter and I are too close in age, wouldn't we be friends with her by any chance?(laughs) Also, I thought I wouldn't like it if my daughter was a daddy.It's a strange story that she's doing it herself but her daughter can't, but it's a parent's ego, isn't it?From various aspects, it is somewhat safe, people in their 30s'

When asked, it was the reason why I nodded, "I see...".

Also"Everyone in their 30s is young these days, right?If you don't tell me your age, you'll only look like you're in your 20s”, but it is true that the actual age is just a number.

"I'm over 30 so...There were many children who hesitated to start dad activities, but dads were not only looking for youth.

I'm also interested in dad activities around me, but there are many Alasar girls who feel it's hard to get involved.

By becoming financially rich through dad activities, there is a possibility that you can enjoy more entertainment such as dressing and traveling.

And above all, putting yourself where there is a need has great mental health benefits.

Even though I'm in my 30s, my dad still looks young.

It's not too late to start working as a dad after the age of 30.

Concurrent work as a writer and gravure.A daddy watcher who is interested in the daddy life he experienced in the interview.His hobby is drinking.

Article by Sari Yoshizawa

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