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Gradle, who is not interested in dad life, tried to experience dad life! !

"Dating club""Sugar dating”, what kind of image do you have?

Honest Tokoro I think most women think "It smells like something..." or "It looks like something fishy...".

I was one of them.

I would like to hear about the experiences of women who have signed up for a dating club and have so-called dads, but I didn't think it was necessary to go through it myself.

By chance, I will experience the life of a dad.

To experience a rainy day dad life in the interview!

One afternoon, I received a phone call from an acquaintance of the producer.

Contents"Are you interested in dad life?. "

I haven't had much, but this call is nothing more than a job offer.

I"Am not interestedThere is a high possibility that you will lose one job when you answer.

After a short period of time, I thought, "I was originally interested in'' he said.

The content of the job was to actually experience dad activities at the Universe Club.

Even if it didn't sell well, it was a risky interview for me, who is also a gravure idol.

But even if it is revealed, "That's because it's an interview' and you can escape.

I felt that it wouldn't hurt to experience it.

I don't know how dad life will be introduced to me, so I dressed up and headed to the Universe Club.

Somehow, I was afraid that it would be a more frightening place.

Aside from such worries, the club was like a stylish beauty salon in a very clean building.

I wonder what kind of flow there will be before I meet my daddy?

I shoot the so-called publicity photos, and I also shoot videos.

It felt like I was at an audition.

It is not easy to meet people on the app.

The papa who can join here also has an examination and an admission fee that is not cheap at all is generated.

You can't decide with just one or two pictures.

It goes without saying that not everyone can register, whether it's the girl's side or the dad's side.

A few days after I registered, I got a call from the staff.

It is said that a voice came from the second person.

To be honest, it feels good to be chosen among hundreds of girls.

And I was surprised that the staff did everything from adjusting the schedule to setting up lunch.

Nothing is too much trouble.

The designated store is Italian in Omotesando.

I was strangely excited as if my initial fear was a lie.

When I thought a fishy uncle was coming, a gentleman appeared

It was this old man who welcomed me.

"That's right, what a wonderful uncle does dad life!is my first impression.

After a brief self-introduction, we toasted with white wine from noon because we both liked alcohol.

Today is a weekday.

It must be someone who has a pretty good position to be able to drink alcohol in the middle of the day like this.

Appetizer, main course, pasta and dessert.

It's simply not extravagant.

Cup ramen is the mountain of Seki for the usual lunch.

Ojisama sensed that this was my first time, and taught me about papa-katsu in detail.

Above all,You don't look rich, but you don't seem to want any moneyI was surprised to hear that.

As you say…!

It's true that I don't have a lot of money, but I don't want to risk it.

However, it's amazing to be able to guess such a thing in the first meeting.

On the other hand, I felt exactly the same about Ojisama.

It feels like I'm going to have a lover soon, and I don't feel like I'm in trouble with a woman or that I'm glaring at all.

When I asked the old man straight about it, he seemed to have a lot of receptions, and I like girls who can speak English when entertaining foreigners, and girls who are OK with people who want to socialize with adults. A child who has a good mood and can drink alcohol.

He said that he wanted as many girls as possible who would rush to meet him for a wide variety of entertainment.

"I don't know what other people's needs are.and let's go out for a drink next time!He gave me 1 yen for transportation expenses.

Isn't papa live a sake pond meat forest?

The image of Papa Katsu is like a sake pond meat forest.

I had a strange preconceived notion that it would be like cheating between a man who wants to be hugged and a woman who wants money, so I was disappointed. What a great job!

To be frank, I even wanted to do it five times a week (laughs).

I have a lot of friends who are actually doing dad activities, but it's true that they all say "Some people don't just want their bodiesI was saying.

Why is there!I thought, but for some reason she was surprised.

This time it's just for the purpose of interviewing, and even if the other person happens to be Atari... To be frank, my honest impression is that it's not a bad dad.

Daddy life... It's a little deep...! !

Concurrent work as a writer and gravure.A daddy watcher who is interested in the daddy life he experienced in the interview.His hobby is drinking.

Article by Sari Yoshizawa

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