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Why are you beautiful?What is a girl who can't continue from her dad

When I heard about Papa-katsu, I had the image of a beautiful girl who looks like a reader model, but what do you think? 

In writing this column, I interviewed several people who have experience as a dad.

After listening to a few people, one thing surprised me.

That is, “Surprisingly beautiful girls aren’t doing well as dads.”

Your profile should be overwhelmingly advantageous...

However, Papa-katsu doesn't know his personality from the beginning.

I think this applies not only to dad life, but also to work and love.

For example, let's say an idol is auditioning for a variety show.

A-chan is pretty good-looking, but she's not good at talking.

B-chan is good at talking, but she is barely at the level of an idol.

In this case, if two people can see it at the same time, there is a possibility that B will be selected, but there is a possibility that the document will not be selected before that.

If the documents are not selected, no matter how much talk power you have, you will not be able to show off.

The same goes for matchmaking and matchmaking.

No matter how good you are at cooking or how kind you are, you can't really appeal to someone if they don't choose you in the first place.

I believe this applies to dads as well.

There are many chances just because she is beautiful, has a good style, and is popular with men.

However, there must be some reason why I can't continue with one dad.

Because I am chosen many times, I lack the humility of being chosen

My acquaintance, A-chan, has been a dad for XNUMX years.

Although he has registered with many dating clubs, he cannot always find a stable daddy and is always short of money.

Why is she in such a situation with a cute face and good style?

I asked her about her usual dad life.

The answer was simple.

For example, at the time of the first meal, if you don't choose a restaurant that can't be reserved for lunch, dinner, or something with a few stars, it seems that you will complain clearly.

"I've never been to a store like thatIt seems to tell you.

Diss called "that kind of store".

Papa must be quite the type because he was chosen out of many girls by paying money.

But wouldn't you be upset if he looked like this right after you met him?I'm not a beautiful woman, so I thought that even my boyfriend wouldn't be able to say this (laughs).

We all know that you're arrogant

"I've gone to the trouble of choosing it, so I'd like to say thank you a little more to the other person.'

The words that came back to me that said

"are you choosing?I'm out of my mind.I am always in control.I'm just picking a dad who's on the right level for me'

was….wow, that's amazing.It seems that there is value in just being such a young and cute me as an uncle's partner.

However, the actual problem is that she has never been able to continue with her father for reasons such as the price of an adult socializing is not worth it after the meal, and she wants more car expenses.

Other beautiful women who were worried that they could not continue their daddy activities that I interviewed also had about 3 months.

It seems that there are many cases such as “I was blocked on LINE before I knew it”, “I was evaded my promise to meet and my begging, and I was faded out before I knew it”.

Dark gold Ushijima-kun finds out about their current situation...

When I was talking to her, I suddenly came across my favorite manga "Dark Gold UshijimaIt reminded me of Fuuzoku-chan.

There are two girls who work in the sex industry, and one of them is a good-looking girl who is officially number one on the signboard of the shop.

But in fact, the number one is a fat girl who is not cute at all.

Although the signboard lady enters the photo nomination, it does not lead to repeat because the customer service is rough.

But since I've been gaining popularity just because of my appearance, there was a scene where I didn't know how to serve customers.

I thought that was exactly the situation they were in.

Appearance is a strong weapon, but after all consideration and personality are important.

Just "I'm good looking and I often get set up from dating clubs, but it doesn't workIf you have a lot of things to do, don't you think that just being a little humble will change the way your dad sees you?

... and a non-beautiful woman tried to analyze it!

Concurrent work as a writer and gravure.A daddy watcher who is interested in the daddy life he experienced in the interview.His hobby is drinking.

Article by Sari Yoshizawa

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