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NG behavior during a date that makes a man think, "I want to go home early..."

Have you ever been suddenly discouraged by the behavior of your partner during a date?
From a female point of view, the other day"Papua's 'papa activities in the countryside' that have been active as dads in Hokuriku and Tohoku"As I introduced a little in the article, both men and women can make the other person wither with a little word or action.

This time, I would like to introduce a little from a man's point of view.


do you buy?won't you buy?endless window shopping

This has been said for a long time, but men's and women's shopping views are clearly different.
For men, they decide in advance what they want before they go shopping, so whether it's clothes or car accessories, their time spent at the store is fairly short.Of course, if it's a genre that I'm particular about, I may watch it for a long time, but that's only when I'm particular about it.
For men who do not have the concept of window shopping, window shopping for women who do not know whether to buy or not is a very painful time.Same goes for club dates.
Moreover, in the case of a date at a dating club, there is a possibility that you will be forced to buy expensive brand items after boring window shopping, so I have a lot of sympathy for men.
(While I'm wandering around, can you buy my daddy?)
I understand that you want to buy branded items that you can't easily buy yourself, but men aren't stupid enough to buy anything if you ask them to buy it.
While reading the anonymous questionnaire,Do this on the first day of settingIt seems that there is a womanThere may be men who are bare amateurs and have a favorable impression on the contrary (appropriate)


Painful meal time!Entering and exiting restaurants popular with women

When a woman in a relationship says, "I want to go there next time," there aren't many men who, regardless of how they feel about the place in their hearts, refuse it flatly.
However, there are still places where I feel like "I really don't want to go there!"
It is a restaurant popular with women.
Toka Eggsun Things, Toka Kuriho (Explosion)
It's kind of embarrassing, and the menu offered at a place like this is not enough for a man's stomach...
Of course, there are many women who understand this aspect of dating at dating clubs, and above all, most women do not want to show their daddy's liveliness at such shops.
However, I don't particularly care about some (worse,inattentive) There seems to be a lot of women who want to go to such places with their dads.
If it's a very intimate relationship, I think it's nice to be unpretentious, but it's NG behavior to propose such a place before the first day of meeting.
No matter how much you don't care, for men, "it's hard to live with only women" "I wonder if people think I'm a dad" Please be careful because it is only worrying.


I want to post it on SNS... I can't help but take a picture before eating

Recently, more and more people are uploading their food to SNS, especially Instagram.
Ramen, parfait, yakiniku, etc. Many people around me post various meals on Instagram.
I am no exception, no longerYakitoriEven I want to upload it with a picture.
Now, sharing pictures of food is all very well, but a date at a social club is something else.

Many male members of dating clubs are unfamiliar with the culture of “taking and sharing photos each time.”In the first place, there are many people who think that taking out a smartphone while eating is a violation of manners.Especially in this day and age, the number of such people is increasing as the concept of hygiene is increasing.
For such a man, when he comes, he wants to eat the food served quietly, but when a woman is next to him taking pictures of him, he doesn't feel good.
It seems that some women say, "I will stop if a man pays attention to me," but first of all,Make a habit of not taking out your smartphoneThat's the point.
Of course, I think there are scenes that you really want to shoot, but in such cases, ask the man before taking it out.Even when the camera is taken out, the number of shots should be kept to a minimum.

Even if you just want to shoot,"I don't touch the meal at all until I post it on Instagram" "I just take a picture and leave most of it"Etc. is already the worst as a person.In general, these women are also fluent inside, so your priority among men must be lowered.
In my case, I usually post the photos I took in the afternoon around 19:XNUMX when I'm home alone.In order to avoid dangers such as using your smartphone while walking, it is recommended that you first get rid of the habit of wanting to share photos as soon as you take them.


in conclusion

When it comes to dating at a dating club, many women have the image of a man serving a woman.
However, the reality is that even though each other has various desires, dating is something that can be done in the middle.
There are women who want to meet a dad who listens to their selfishness,To get there you have to have a sincere personality.
If you have even a little idea about what I have introduced this time, it is easy to improve, so let's review your actions more and more.

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