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The difference between papa activities and mistress contracts

Hello.It's Shinro.

I work at a certain café, and during my lunch break, I noticed that I had come to work with the left and right socks in different colors, and I was very upset (laughs).

When I showed my colleague the socks, he burst out laughing so loudly that he could hear the rest of the store, and he hurriedly covered his mouth.

Why didn't I notice when I put them on!

Before that, why did you set those two when you folded the laundry!

I just look cool on the outside...

The gaze and expression of the new store manager who was just assigned in April was pitiful.

If I could dispel the image of the new store manager as selfishly cool and calm about me, then it's all good.
I went home thinking that.

What is Papa-katsu?What is a mistress?

To tell you the truth, I didn't know about the existence of the "Dating Club" until I started this column.

It's really rude, and you're a rude fellow.very sorry.

The difference between dad activities and mistress contracts that I felt while getting to know the dating club.

I compared the dad life I thought and the mistress contract.

This is just my selfish image before researching, right?

■ Daddy life ■

  • Young women in their early 20s
  • Only dates such as meals and shopping
  • No physical relationship
  • It is OK to have multiple opponents
  • The frequency of meeting is irregular
  • Pay each time something like pocket money

College students and girls in their early twenties who want financial assistance
An image of a man who wants to support and support provides pocket money, meals, and dates.


  • A woman in her 20s who is in a good-looking luxury club
  • have a physical relationship
  • The frequency of meeting is regular
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Only one male partner
  • Clothing, food and housing, everything is taken care of
  • luxury plaything

This image is actually what I had before I signed a mistress contract.
Anyway, Mistress is beautiful!Chosen lady! !It was such an image.

■ after all ■

Somehow, I am of the generation that grew up watching trendy dramas, so the image I have of mistresses is incredible (laughs).

I don't think there's much of a boundary between dad activities and mistress contracts now.

Of course, there are other parts as well.

Mistress contracts are often made monthly as a major premise,

You are alone.

Some of you may have contracts with more than one person.
We meet regularly and have a physical relationship.

Of course, it doesn't mean that every time we meet, there will be a physical relationship.Also, if you fall in love, the contract ends.

A contract involving money and a body.

Even if you change the way you say mistress, it's "adultery".

Papa-katsu doesn't work unless you have a win-win relationship with each other.

Although there is such a part in the mistress contract, I think that the more simple and clear one is the papa katsu.

A woman who wants to refrain from having a physical relationship and a man who wants to have a physical relationship cannot work as a daddy.

No matter how much I want you to support and support me, even if I want to, it won't work because it's not a win-win for each other.

The image is like a scale.Daddy life.

At the dating club, it seems that a dating type is set when you register.

I think it's a very easy-to-understand system for both parties who want a win-win relationship!

You can rest assured that there are many things that only have meals and tea for the first time.

Let's get to know each other and build a win-win relationship if both sides are satisfied!It's going to be.

The staff will do the matching for you, and you can also leave the initial settings to us.

Isn't the system friendly to both men and women?I wish I knew earlier too! !I thought.

Actually, I think there are many different things when you meet, right?

It's kind of difficult and confusing, but it's supply and demand.Daddy life.

The image is like a scale.Daddy life.

I still think that dad activities are basically just support and support, but what do you think (sweat)

tell me a little bit about me

As I said in my first column, I'm not very good-looking myself.

Really normal general appearance and body type.I am 150cm tall.

Sadly, the chest circumference is close to a precipice...

I've been told that I'm thin rather than thin.

yeah yeah!Well, it's already humiliating (laughs)

If you look only at me, you can make a mistress contract even if you're not good-looking! !

By chance, right?If you say that, you won't even make a sound...

In terms of the monthly amount, I generally meet once a week and receive an allowance each time.

But why every time?


If it's a transfer, you might be found... I'm preparing for that.

When my shift is decided, I contact them and decide on a day that matches our schedule, and divide the allowance for each number of times.

bothersome? (smile)

If I eat it all at once, I feel uneasy.

Also, I might get scolded if I say something like this

There is no binding force, but please remember that it is a relationship that is related to a contract.

There is a place to return to, and a daily life to return to.At its core, there is something close to a commandment to remember that there is an existence that must be protected.

The reason why I receive an allowance each time is to confirm that this is the form of relationship that both of us want.

Don't get me wrong.

Don't let your feelings change there.

If you can't be dry in a sense, wouldn't it be difficult to continue with your mistress contract and dad activities?

I would like to talk about the mistress contract little by little.

Not something I would recommend!


Shinro means a mirage.

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