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The story before making a mistress contract

Nice to meet you.

My name is Shinrou, who is married, has a child, and is in her late 30s.
I have a good relationship with my husband and a good family.

I'm not sexless, and I've been married for 14 years, and during that time, I've never cheated or had an affair.

I have never had a fight with my husband, let alone a big fight.

It's a double-income family, but it's not like I'm dissatisfied with my husband or family.

But now, I have a man who has a mistress contract.


It's not good-looking, and it's a body shape that's appropriate for its age.She is still raising a child.She's like any other woman.
that's me

This time, I would like to talk about how I ended up with a mistress contract.
I would appreciate it if you could join me.

The end of the 30's has come!

That doesn't change anything.

When I was a child, I thought that women in their 30s and 40s were more mature.So nothing changes.

However, I want to try something I have never experienced before...! !

Such a thought suddenly crossed my mind.
I want to create an unexperienced zone that does not involve criminal or illegal activities.

One day when I was spending my days thinking about such things, my eldest son said that he wanted to take an entrance exam for a private school.

I was saving money because it was appealing, but I wonder if I can continue to pay nearly 100 million every year.

I suddenly became uneasy.

My shift system part-time fee alone won't be a great force.

On the other hand, I can't find a place with better conditions than my current workplace to change part-time jobs.

Looking for a full-time employee is even more difficult in terms of age and skills.

It was impossible for the company to increase the number of days of part-time work, so I had no choice but to increase my income elsewhere!and.

From searching for new experiences, I shifted to searching for a job that allows me to work freely.

I went to a sex shop!

Try looking for a job at home or a side job, or look for a newspaper delivery job.

Because it is a shift-based job, it is difficult to have a side job with fixed hours and days of the week.But while thinking that I want a stable salary, when I look on the net
I was flexible with my working hours, and there were jobs with high hourly wages, but there were a lot of jobs related to adult entertainment.

While thinking that there is only customs, I looked at a certain site

Health, delivery health, soap, image club, cabaret club, pinsaro, sexual feeling, etc.

sorry.I didn't understand the difference at all...

After that, I did my own research and found out the difference, but I wonder if I can do it myself.

Before that, can I have an interview at this age...!? ?
I checked the age of the recruitment requirements quite a bit (laughs)

Is it cool if it's a married woman frame?No, but is it okay for me, who has a normal appearance and body type, to go?No, but am I in the normal category?No, but... that repetition.

However, after nearly 40 years as a human being, it seems to be getting thicker.

But at the very least, I decided to go to a delivery health shop where there is no practical training with female staff and it is forbidden to perform actual acts.
From the inquiry to the interview appointment, my hands were shaking.

On the day of the interview, the driver came to pick me up at the designated place and until I went to the office, I heard various stories from the driver and was saved by the driver.

It was an interview with a female staff member and a male staff member.

When it came to the topic of remuneration, there were some points that were different from the description on the HP, so I remembered what the driver had said and dared to ask.

“You must never bend your salary, working hours, or how you work.I will never get bored if I pull it!People like you who know nothing become exploited.I affirm. 』

I can only thank the driver! !

Actually, I may not work at such a store, but the reward rate of this store was a little high, so I decided to enter the store as a trial store.

If it's no good, it's no good, let's think about what to do.

About 10 minutes after I posted a photo with my face hidden, HN and profile on the website, I got my first job.

After that, reservations were made, and the day was filled with reservations.

Tell me the flow of work verbally, and go to the front! !

On the way to the hotel, I received a lecture from the driver again.

Would you like to sign a mistress contract?

In conclusion, I only attended the store for 2 weeks and worked for 4 days including the trial store.

About 1 hours a day, I met with 6 people on many days.

When I was with 4 people, I could only take a break while traveling, and I couldn't even take lunch.

I thought in the car that it was too impossible to continue.

There were 4 people who nominated 3 times out of the number of times they went to work for the 2 days.

The first person is Mr. S, who I met when I entered the store.

He is a slender gentleman in his 60s with a gentle demeanor.
When we first met, you were very surprised.

what are you doing hereI thought it was quite a way of saying that, but Mr. S's guidance was very good, and although it wasn't everything, I ended up telling the story without trying to fake it or deceive it. .

I was so nervous.I.

The second person is Mr. T, who I met on the first day of work after entering the store.

He is a chubby person in his early 50s, but he is gentle and gentle.

After all, like Mr. S, I was very worried after being surprised.
I was asked about the process, and I briefly talked about what I told Mr. S.

I just look neat and serious.

In fact, before and after marriage, I had never had an affair or had an affair, and I had no intention of doing so.

Therefore, it may have seemed strange and unbalanced that I was working in a sex industry.
On the fourth day, which was the last day of work, Mr. S made a reservation, and when I was relaxing, I received a business card and a talk about a mistress contract.

The amount of the allowance was added to the back of the business card.

I think he probably had an amazing face.
I want you to think about it slowly and give me an answer.

After that, I had another reservation, so I said goodbye to Mr. S at the hotel.

When I headed to the designated hotel, Mr. T was waiting for me.

I remember feeling relieved when I saw your face.

And, after all, I was handed a note with my contact information at the last relaxing time.

We eat lunch together about once a week, and if you have time, why not spend it like this?I will give you an allowance each time.
You can always reply, so don't feel pressured.and was kind to the end.

After thinking about it for a few days, I told them that you weren't the only one who offered a mistress contract.I don't think it's good to lie or deceive.

Even so, Mr. T replied that it would be fine if I didn't have to go to work, and that I wouldn't have to deal with an unspecified number of people.
With Mr. S, it ended up like that, but...

In this way, I was able to experience a mistress contract, which was an unexperienced zone.


Shinro means a mirage.

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