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Maternity Daddy Activities ~Part XNUMX~

I have a friend who is pregnant, and I was able to hear a very interesting story from her.

Surprisingly, the maternity girlfriend is challenging her daddy activity!

Why did you want to start a dad activity even though you are in a happy situation with your husband and a baby?

I listened to the root digging leaf digging.

The reason why maternity does papa katsu

A friend of mine is in her late 20s and currently pregnant with her first child.

It has just entered a period of stability.

I don't have a job and live on my husband's income.

Appearance is cute and loved type.

A sociable woman who is loved by both men and women.

I didn't think that the word "papa-katsu" would come out in normal conversation.

She was the one who started talking about dad life.

"Hey, do you know Papa-katsu?I think it was like saying,

(She doesn't know that I'm a writer at a dating club.)

"You know, it's popular.', and answered 'That's right, actually, I'm thinking of taking on the challenge too!’ came back.

When I heard this, I thought, "Well, it's maternity, isn't it?can you live as a dad? !impression.

As a dad, I would be skeptical about dating a woman who is pregnant.

There are various troubles during pregnancy, and it is a tough impression to move around freely.

"Did you have any reasons or triggers for wanting to work as a dad?', she said,

"It's not that I feel inconvenient in my current life, but I find myself thinking about a lot of things when I spend a lot of time alone.'

"When I'm pregnant, I feel like more people see me as a "mother" than a "woman".It may be a matter of course, but I feel lonely.'

"Besides, I thought that childcare goods are surprisingly expensive.I make effective use of thrift shops, but I still feel that the expense is large.'

"In order to relieve my loneliness and financial anxiety, I decided to try being a dad.It's maternity, and I don't think it's easier to find a partner than a normal woman.But I thought it was better than nothing.'

I was surprised by her unexpectedly core words.

fighting field

She is enthusiastic about her daddy activities, but I wonder where she actually looks for a daddy.

When asked directly, "I'm looking for a dad with the dad live app!’ he answered.

The reason why she uses the dad live app is

・Hide the fact that you are a maternity and you can live as a dad

・Even when your physical condition changes significantly, you can still be active at home.

・There is no need to worry about being suspicious of your husband

It was these three.

That said, even if I manage to get a dad through a dad activity app, I wonder what men would think if they knew it was maternity.

Her method and way of thinking may not be wrong, but I felt like I wanted to be a selfish dad.

Your profile information is normal.

It didn't say anything about being maternity.

The cute profile picture is full of her attractive parts!

"Maternity is what I'm trying to talk about in the exchange of messages"And.

… Hmmm.What is it?

If it were the other way around,terrible!Deceived!It seems that he is screaming (laughs)

When I asked her, she said that she is currently exchanging messages with five men who are candidates for daddy.

Ages range from 30's to 70's.

What kind of conditions are you looking for daddy ..., I was also curious, so I asked.

Dad life style desired by maternity

When I asked her about the conditions for being a dad, she responded as follows.

・She understands me as a maternity

・I would be happy if I could get an allowance for exchanging messages only

・I can actually meet you, but I would like you to specify various things

"… Surprisingly high hurdles' was the first impression I had.

It is not so easy to get an allowance by exchanging only messages, and it is doubtful whether it can be said that it is a papa activity.

To summarize these three conditions, "I don't want to take too many risks, but I want to be recognized and get paid"What a place, such as.

It may be possible if it is a chat lady with the premise of showing up, but the impression that a successful future is not very visible in papa katsu.

As someone who has seen a lot about Papa-katsu, it just seems like a naive idea.

It is said that he is exchanging messages with 5 men, but I do not know how many dads are satisfied with this condition.

It's also possible that she's just interpreting it as good.

"Can dad enjoy that dad life?I wanted to interrupt her, but I felt it was meaningless to say it to her now, so I decided not to.

Continue to Part XNUMX

A friend of mine who was enthusiastic about working hard as a maternity dad, but about a month after I first heard about him, he suddenly contacted me.

The content is about dad life, and she looks flustered.

What happened to her body?

I will continue this next time♪

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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