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Is maintenance necessary for dad life?Or do you need it? Vol.3


How far do you think maintenance is?

Daddy, how are you doing?

Recently, the pollen has calmed down a bit, and I am regaining my sanity.

When I talk about the recent "There are Papa Active Women", isn't it WBC?Yes, the world baseball classic that Japan is just springing up.

Ordinarily, the tickets for good seats are too expensive... Or should I say, I can't get them in the first place.

So I'm living as a dad.

Of course, I asked my dad in advance.

Amazingly, I was able to cheer for them at the stadium. (Among the kids who are active as dads, there must be kids who got tickets for the same kind of thing, right?)

I was able to worship the real Otani-sama.

You can hit or throw at that baby face.

And tall.

Too perfect, isn't it?

And, moreover, he seems to have a very good personality.

It's a dream of women.

Well, I've been talking about the maintenance problem since the other day.

For example, the outfit I went to the ballpark this time.

Japan national baseball cap and uniform.

Do you consider this a ment?From my point of view, I felt that I could call it maintenance because I thought it was appropriate for the occasion, and because it was an outfit that I could only wear on that occasion.

After all, if you go in casual clothes, people around you will probably think, "Are you really here to support baseball?"I am surprisingly fond of baseball.

However, if I dress inappropriately for the occasion, I might be criticized for being a fanboy, and above all, I feel sorry for my papa who took the ticket.

That's why I somehow managed to get a uniform by myself and went to cheer with my dad.

It's obvious, but I'm going with my dad because it's a dad activity.

Of course, from my point of view, it is an action within the business.

Talking to people around me, I wouldn't call it maintenance.

why?If you ask me, it's not that I've become prettier, or that I've remodeled something to be feminine, or that I've sharpened something.

That's what he said.

Certainly, if you say so, it might be so.

But in the first place, maintenance has many meanings.

Maintenance has a meaning, and it is also used for maintenance and conservation.

And if it's English, what do you want to be?how will it change?I also use it sometimes. (By the way, I am unnecessarily bilingual)

This time, he's wearing a baseball-style outfit that he doesn't usually wear.

Therefore, I coordinated with my usual fashion, such as matching a new skirt and a bag to match it.

And I also made my nails a Japanese flag.

Isn't this called maintenance in Japan?I think I can say it at all, and I think it's at a level where you can say it normally in slang overseas.

In the first place, I feel that the word “maintenance” itself is taken too seriously by women.

If I can keep my usual self as it is, I think that people around me will take it as "I'm doing maintenance", and I feel that maintenance that exceeds my tolerance is closer to custom than maintenance.

I feel that there are many women who end up hating everything because they do too much maintenance.

Consideration to the extent that you can do it in your daily private life.

I think that's enough for "maintenance that you can easily talk about on a daily basis".

Do you do eyeglass maintenance?

I sometimes wear fancy glasses.

To be honest, when I was wearing a mask, I went to the convenience store in my neighborhood without makeup and wore glasses. (Right now, it's just impossible.)

Such a date glasses that are heavily rotated.

Surprisingly, lenses get dirty easily, and frames get scratched easily.

That's why it's quicker to buy new glasses if they're cheap around XNUMX, and everyone probably does that.

However, when it comes to tens of thousands of yen, this is not the case.

For women, eyeglasses are surprisingly important, and when you show them to men, they can be a "sort of appealing point."

That's why I basically never compromise on that.

When I buy glasses, I only buy good brands that offer good aftercare.

Some people think it's high-class thinking, but from my point of view, it's the opposite.

How many years have you been using your glasses?I've been using an old one for over 15 years. (Brand name omitted here)

Don't you think it's cheap in the long run because you get free maintenance all the time?In terms of the amount I bought, it was about 6.

Of course, I think there are various ways of thinking about the definition of getting things here, so I would like to touch on this part at another time.

By the way, with such glasses, basically, maintenance is always done once every two to three months.

First, get the lenses polished and straighten the frames from there.

Then have the screws tightened.

With just this, when you put it on, it changes so much that you can feel it.

Besides, eyeglass maintenance is basically for my own sake, but for me, who wears it on a date, it's part of fashion.

And it's around the eyes, so it's a pretty important position because it leads to the first impression.

Isn't it important to maintain it?When I ask people around me, 8% of them don't even have a good brand.

From my point of view, it was like saying "Eh?"

Even though makeup is so annoying, you don't care about it, do you?was ranked.

It's a small thing, but I think it's very important to say this.

How would you feel if your lenses were dirty or your glasses were crooked when you met someone?do you mind?If it's me, no matter how I dress up, if that doesn't work, I'll think, "I'm not sloppy," or, "Are you someone who doesn't take care of things?" I feel like I'm the type that women can't take care of details.

Of course, it doesn't end there.

There is a possibility of giving the impression that you said that to the other party.

Are you there sometimes?I always drive in a shiny car, but my shoes are really dirty.

Close to that sort of thing.

So, of course, it's within my reach, and I'm the type of person who does minor maintenance on my glasses.

Why did you focus on glasses this time?When I was walking down the street and looking at women, I saw many people wearing very dirty lenses.

So this time, I focused on glasses.

By all means, do you remember yourself?Try cleaning your glasses.

It can definitely change the way someone sees you.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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