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I want to talk about the goodness of love hotels


I have a question.If you take me to the APA Hotel for the first time, will you leave? (assuming average pay)


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Thank you very much for your question.My name is Love Hotel Staff Ueno.


I respect people who have a sense of professionalism.Regardless of the good and bad of Papa Katsu Joshi, this is the same for Papa Katsu Joshi, and I have the utmost respect for women who are doing Papa Katsu Joshi with a sense of professionalism.


In that respect, it can be said that the woman who is attracted to the APA Hotel at most has no professionalism.


If you have a sense of professionalism, "If this is a hotel of this rank, this dad may not have much room in the budget. In that case, it is difficult to have a long-term relationship."……Then raise the unit price and collect it all at once in a short period of time……?However, it may simply be the personality that does not want to spend money on such places……Either way, we can't afford to neglect observation.……Damn, I'm a troublesome customer." I want you to think about it.By the way, I love women who think about this kind of thing, so if you have any idea, please contact me.


On the other hand, in the case of a casual daddy girl with low professionalism, she probably won't say it out loud, but in her heart, "Seriously?……You may be thinking, "The worst."


The important thing is what the questioner is thinking about and what they want to do with a woman.If you have twisted tendencies like me, you can use such a hotel.However, if you want to play with amateur daddy girls with low professionalism, it is safer to take an expensive hotel.


What made you want to use an APA Hotel in the first place?I'm sure you would like to keep your hotel bill as low as possible, but I have a good idea for you.


Please use the love hotel.


The size of the room20We can promise more than ㎡, and the quantity and quality of amenities will never lose to city hotels.


Confidentiality above all.In the case of city hotels, you will always be asked for your name according to the Inns and Hotels Act.Of course love hotels are legally ryokan, so you should be able to keep track of your name! !It should be.


moreover! !It would be terrifying to see the words “〇〇Hotel Day Use” on your credit card statement.When it comes to expensive hotels, they say, "Thank you for staying the other day."annoyingIt seems that sometimes they send me a message card.


That point! ! !We are safe and secure in the love hotel industry! !


I will never send such a card, and I will make my credit card history look good.No, I won't talk about the specific method here, but please rest assured that it will make you feel good.


And above all! ! !A hotel where we exist to be adults in the first place! ! !


We do our best to design the room so that there is no inconvenience when you are an adult.Unlike city hotels that specialize in staying elegantly and spending a luxurious time, we"Adult"We specialize in ! !


Let's prepare sex toys, condoms, and lotion! ! !


Love hotels are filthy! ?There is no such thing! !Sheets, pillows, futons, towels, and amenities are all changed every time you clean! !Disinfection sterilization?Of course we do! ! !


"No, but it's expensive, isn't it?"


I know how you feel! !There is no way such a service can be cheap.It's decided to be expensive anyway! !That's the worst thing you should worry about.


How much is a typical city hotel for day use?


generally speaking1People3000~ Yen.


Then how much is a love hotel?


5000Yen is enough! ! !


No, wait a minute.Now I thought, "It's really expensive!" ?


wrong! !we are two5000circle! ! two people5000Please pay in yen.


What if the questioner is working as a dad1If you are staying at a hotel with a person, it may be cheaper at a city hotel.


But but but! ! ! If you are going to use it for XNUMX people! !There are many people who are cheaper than us! !



The bed is a spacious king size! !

We also have a XNUMX-inch TV! !

Of course the bath is spacious and independent! !I don't say stingy things like a unit bath! !Let's add a microbubble bath on the way! ! !

Do city hotels have condoms in their rooms?There is no such thing.All you have is nice water and a Bible! !

But for us, of course, we have condoms, tea, coffee, sex toys, facial humidifiers and steamers! !You can choose as many shampoos as you like! !

"I'm a little hungry……'

Please choose for me! !We also offer room service at affordable prices. !If you place an order using the TV remote control, we will deliver freshly made delicious rice to your room.Of course, I'm not stingy with shipping fees! !


What are you worried about! ! !


Daddy life is a love hotel choice! !There is no other option such as this.


We are looking forward to seeing all of our staff.Ueno.

I work as a love hotel staff in Tokyo. She uses Twitter and blogs to provide love guidance, but this time, she decided to discuss her troubles with Universe.We are looking forward to your visit.Book "Ueno-san of love hotel" "31 days when I made a favorite boyfriend who is not good at love" etc. Love Hotel Ueno's Counseling Room

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