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Money or Love ① ~Eternal Theme~

Hello, this is Bell (*´ω`)♪

The eternal theme today is ''money or love''.

Love?``Love'' has nothing to do with dad life, right?I may have thought that, but when I changed the angle a little, I thought that there was a relationship.

There was a time recently when I heard stories about myself and my friends that made me think.


This time, I will start with my own story.

I have a crush on someone right now, and he's very observant and has a great intuition.

He's someone who can pick up on even the slightest turmoil, so he might find out that he's doing daddy activities! ?I thought.

I have my dad's smartphone and my private life separately.

However, the contact information of people I meet often will be moved to private, so I was scared.

Luckily, we live long distances in Japan and overseas, so it's usually not possible to find out, but...

It happened when I was with him for about two weeks on New Year's Day.

Daddy life, I don't have a physical relationship with anyone yet.I'm not cheating

Of course, I am aware that it is not a compliment to eat rice and receive money called transportation expenses.

Did that regret come out?

There was a time when he looked at my phone on the table to check the time when we were together.

Luckily, no one contacted me, so I didn't receive any notifications.

He didn't miss the fact that I was a little shaken and slipped my phone from the table into the hoodie I was wearing.

He stopped with a strange face, or something that crossed his mind.

I think that perhaps `` cheating '' crossed.

``What should I do?

This incident triggered me to think about retiring from Papa Katsu.

The reason I'm doing daddy activities is to supplement my living expenses and pay for the airfare to go see him.

So if dad activities are found out or if you are suspected of having an affair and break up, it is completely meaningless.

I wondered if this was a draw.


In Papa Katsu, I was able to save millions of dollars last year just by eating and going out.I was able to meet him too.

There were times when I had lunch, tea, and dinner with three people a day.

I worked hard in my own way, and I enjoyed eating delicious food.

They bought me a Tiffany necklace, and they took me to Kabuki and famous high-end restaurants, which I would not have been able to see on my own.


``Money or love?'' This question keeps running through my head right now.

I've had good feelings about being a dad, but that's not love,

After all, he is the one who takes care of me, and I really like him, but...


As I was writing this article, I thought

In the first place, I wondered why ``love'' and ``money'' were put on the same ring.

In dramas, we often say, "Which is more important, me or work?"

I thought that it was not something that could be put on the same ring.

I would appreciate it if someone could share

Even as a child, I remember thinking, "Both are important, and they shouldn't be compared."

''Money or love''.I feel the same as you.Both are important! !

Even if I break up with him, I don't think I'll stop working as a dad.

It's not like I'm putting up with it, but eating delicious food kills two birds with one stone!I'm doing it with that in mind.

I'm doing it happily and effortlessly, so if possible, I'd like to continue doing it until there's no demand for me.


However, you may lose someone important to you because of this.

I thought that if I didn't choose ``money or love'' now, I might lose both.

Right now there is barely any demand, but when I get a little older and my wrinkles increase and I become an “old lady,” the demand will disappear.

The reality is that even now, people are sometimes left out just because of their age.

There is no demand for a lifetime, so when the demand is gone

there's no one aroundI feel that the reality is waiting.

I feel like I'm going to be rewarded for chasing only money.

It's okay to be alone! !Single aristocrats are no problem at all! !I don't feel lonely even by myself! !

I don't think it applies to people who think that, but I'm the kind of person who gets lonely easily.

After the demand is gone, the money-filled things are no longer available,

I can see that I will feel very lonely in the future.


I realized that I was too attached to the sweet honey in front of me just now.

''Money or love''

I'm sure I'll choose "love".

I want my future self to be like that.

I remember him saying in one of our previous conversations, "You can live without a lot of money," and I deeply sympathized with him.

I can't live without it, but I knew that I meant "I can live well without a lot of money".


From the environment I grew up in, I am painfully aware that it is not natural for someone to think deeply about you or to be by your side.

If you work hard, the money will slowly come in.

If you are a woman who is working as a dad and has a partner, once again

Think about it♡

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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