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7 things I lost while working as a dad and working at night

It is said that if you continue to work as a dad or work at night for a long time, you can earn a lot of money, but you also lose a lot at the same time.We asked what Papa Katsu Joshi and women in the bar business feel they have lost.

7 things I lost while working as a dad and working at night for a long time

(XNUMX) Honest sense of money

Papa-katsu and barbershops can make you a lot of money that you wouldn't get from a normal daytime job. Then you can get tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen in one night, so you can easily estimate it to be more than double.However, it is a money sense to lose by making a lot of money easily.Even if you buy expensive items such as branded items, you will start to think, ``I just need to earn more money as a dad anyway,'' and I won't understand the importance of money.

② Healthy body

If you continue to work at night for a long time, you will repeat a life of sleeping during the day and staying up late at night.The number of days I drink until midnight increases, so I'm far from a healthy life.In addition, there are girls who say that they have gained weight since starting papa-katsu because they have to go out with the meals that dads want to eat, such as yakiniku and high-end Chinese food, regardless of the time.If you do not take care of yourself on a daily basis, you will lose your healthy body, so be careful.

③ Healthy mental

Papa life and night work are industries with a fast cycle.It is said that there are many women who become mentally ill because customers and dads turn to other women when they get tired of it.In particular, people who depend not only financially on dads and customers but also mentally need to be careful.There are also women who are conveniently surrounded and become mistresses.Be careful not to lose sight of yourself while continuing to work as a daddy or working at night.


④Friends who work during the day

As the saying goes, "kind attracts friends", if you continue to work at night and work as a dad, your friends will become like you, and the number of decent friends will decrease.Because of my crazy sense of money, I can't get along with my normal day job friends, and I may gradually become estranged.Lacking trusted friends around means having no one to warn you when you've gone astray.


⑤ Feelings of liking men

It is said that there are many people who have stopped believing in men after working nights and working as a dad for a long time.The cycle is fast, and if there is a new girl, dads and customers will be distracted, so they often feel that they have been betrayed by men and have lost trust in people.Even if you are in a new relationship, you can't trust a man, and it's a pitfall to find a match or make a boyfriend.

(XNUMX) A heart that believes in people themselves

If you continue to work at night or work as a dad for a long time, you will be surrounded by people who are similar to you, and the number of people you can trust will decrease.As a result, not only men, but also people of the same sex are distrustful, and before they know it, they are lonely... and so on. Once people become distrustful of others, it is difficult to improve, so many people find it difficult to get used to their daytime work even after returning to work.

⑦ Sensibility to feel small happiness

If you work at night or do dad activities, you won't be able to feel the small happiness.You may be concerned about the difference in allowances and salaries with the children around you, or you may see beautiful women and compare them with yourself.As a result, you will not be satisfied with the standard measure of happiness, and even if you are satisfied, you will not be satisfied.The night world and papa-katsujoshi are often showy, so try to develop the ability to see through the truth.

In order not to lose important things in night work and dad life

Night work and dad activities are a lot of things to lose.In order to avoid it, don't keep it lazily, let's set a goal properly.It's also important to stop when you reach your target amount.

People who are comfortable with their current lifestyle, who don't save money, who don't have any particular goals but who just keep going, will eventually lose demand.What's tragic is when you grow older and when you start thinking about marriage, you start to distrust men, or when you realize that you're not satisfied with ordinary happiness and that you've missed your wedding date.

It's an industry where you can only earn money while you're young, working at night and working as a dad.Wash your feet before you find yourself lonely, with no friends, no savings.And while you are earning, have a strong will not to lose sight of yourself, do not be misled by the opinions of those around you, and do not compare yourself with those around you.

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