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Learning from "tomorrow Kano", conditions for earning dad active girls

The live-action drama "Tomorrow, I'm Someone's Girlfriend" (commonly known as Tomorrow Kano), which is a live-action adaptation of the manga (written by Ono Hina) serialized in the popular manga app "Cycomi", is now on air.

"Tomorrow Kano" vividly describes the worries and complexes of modern young women, such as rental girlfriends, daddy activities, and plastic surgery dependence, and its realism has attracted sympathy from Generation Z.

However, I think that the essence of this manga is that there is a part that leads to papa activity that makes male customers repeat as a rental girlfriend.

What is the difference between popular dad girls and unpopular dad girls?

I don't think there are many women who started daddy activities but didn't earn as much as they expected, or had a bad experience when they met landmine dads.Currently, the papa-katsu market is saturated, and the current situation is that papa-katsu girls are not in a position to choose but to be chosen by men.

While there are women who hit landmine dads by doing cheap dad activities such as Adult 2, there are also women who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.What is the difference between women who do not earn money and women who do?I think the difference is "can you sell a more realistic sex love?"

Daddy's men don't just want to have sex and eat with young women.Of course, I think there are some dads like that, but if it's just to play, it's okay to be a prostitute, and it's okay to drink money.

So what do men want?

It is straight,Pseudo-romance with an amateur.
"I want to feel like I'm falling in love with an amateur woman and want to pay comfortably."That's the real intention of a dad live man.Daddy active girls who are good at real pseudo-romance can actually earn money without selling her body.

On the other hand, women who are unmotivated to interact with their dads by saying, "I'm going out with you" or "I'm dating you," will never get repeat customers.Matching apps, dating clubs, it's easy to meet dads for women who have just entered the market.

If you cut corners with your dad in the beginning, your rating will go down, and your chances of meeting a new dad after that are low.As a result, the only option is to sell the body at a low price.

In order to earn money with newcomer Papa Katsu

In order to make money as a dad, the most important thing is to make yourself feel special.

If you make a man think, "It's good when you actually talk to him" or "You're different from other daddy girls", you can earn hundreds of thousands to a million yen a month.Here are the minimum things you should do to make your dad feel special.

① Create a sense of cleanliness

It is very important to be well-groomed and clean in a relationship.Always blow your hair clean and take care of your makeup and nails.

Make-up that is too flashy or too plain is NG.It is an extraordinary feeling to direct with papa katsu.Instead of your usual make-up, try to make a careful make-up that is a little sexy and detailed.

②Clothes that are not embarrassing no matter where you take them

Men on the father's side don't like women's fashion that can be seen as a dad activity.In order to be sure to be a repeater in Papa Katsu, let's try to wear clothes that are not embarrassing wherever you take them.

High heels are a must since expensive restaurants have a dress code.It's a good idea to look at the outfits of your dating dad and see if they match when you walk next to them.

③ The basis of pseudo-romance is confrontation

In pseudo-romance, the most important thing is confrontation.Try to remember the characteristics and preferences of the other man, and speak honestly about yourself.

No matter how much dad life, men don't want to talk to women who hit the back.Papa Katsu likes a woman who can show how well she speaks with her true intentions.

④Do not intrude on privacy

No matter how close you become, never intrude on someone's private life.Some dads have families and lovers, so unnecessary prying is NG.

Also, it is better to know when dad will contact you and avoid the time when you are at work, such as midnight or weekends.When your dad contacts you, reply quickly and don't let it go over into the other person's private time.

⑤ Provide the best time during the date

It's the same with love, but don't go on another date with someone you don't enjoy being with.Let's provide the best time while we are together in Papa Katsu.

For that reason, it is important to collect information on topics that dads like and topics that are likely to be talked about in the news on a daily basis.It's fun to be with a woman who has a lot of conversation drawers.

The Dignity of Daddy Active Girls Learned from "Tomorrow Kano"

I introduced the method to become a dad active girl who can earn money. "Tomorrow Kano" is a story about a rental girlfriend, but there are a lot of lines and manners written that can be sold even in Papa Katsu.If you want to earn money with your dad life, why don't you refer to it?

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