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Mine Papa I Met Through a Matching App

When doing dad activities, you may sometimes meet dads called "landmines".Landmines are so-called impossible dads who are disgusting and stingy with their behavior.Among them, the matching app is a treasure trove for landmine dads because of its reasonable price.I listened to the mine dad episode that the dad live girl met in the app.


Mine Papa Episode I Met Through a Matching App

・ Impossible dad who bargains

"There was a time when a dad I met on a dad activity app almost slashed my allowance. In the app's DM, I said adult 3 + meal, but when I actually met him, the meal was an all-you-can-eat cheap izakaya. What's more, when I went to the hotel and tried to get an allowance first, I was told, ``I bought you a meal, so I don't have anything on hand. I was stunned when I thought that he was trying to make up for it... In the end, I was angry because it was a different story, so I went home.At a later date, when I looked at the dad on the app, he had already withdrawn.Probably other people. (2 years old/female)

・ Papa trying to become an adult relationship for free

"In the app, there are landmine dads who try to make sex friends or try to have sex for free, probably because they misunderstand daddy activities. When you're in trouble with money, write 'recruiting partners for daddy activities' on the matching app. "What's going on? Do you want to hear what I have to say?" A DM came from my uncle.I thought I was going to meet him and give me an allowance, but I just kept talking to him over DM.For the time being, I told him the situation and said, "I'll meet you." When I asked, "I don't have money right now... I listened to you, so is it okay if it's free?" It doesn't work that way, so you need to be careful..." (20-year-old woman)

・Papa who became a stalker

"There was a time when I was almost stalked by my dad who I met through an app. After meeting him and going to a hotel, I took a taxi, but when I told the driver the nearest station, the door was open and my dad said Later, I was horrified when my dad sent me a DM saying, ``Isn't your house XX? I was planning to move, so I was lucky because I only lived in that house for a month... Until I moved, I was nervous about where to meet the daddy.Daddy activities on matching apps are once again dangerous. I was reminded that..." (1 years old / female)

There are more!Features of Mine Papa

①I don't feel clean

Women have the worst impression of dads who don't have a sense of cleanliness, such as bad body odor, sweaty hair, and wrinkled clothes.Papa, who has plenty of money and feelings, keeps her groomed and clean.A dad who doesn't have a sense of cleanliness can't afford it, and somehow it seems like he has no money.It is said that there are many women who refuse to marry a father who is not clean.

② I'm going to preach

There are landmine dads who preach to you about being a daddy.It is said that there are many men on the matching app who are looking for daddy partners for the purpose of preaching to daddy girls.Also, it is said that some dads always look down on women, even if they don't go so far as to preach.Either way, you don't want to meet a dad with the worst personality.

③ Conversation is vulgar

A vulgar dad can also be called a landmine, such as talking loudly about allowances in the store, or saying dirty jokes outside.You don't want people around you to hear the conversation that you know it's Papa-katsu.It is said that there are many women who do not meet dads who do not consider that area as much as possible, or block them immediately even if they do meet.


Anyone can register for the matching app by paying a membership fee, so there are quite a few landmine dads.Even if you are a victim, the management side can unsubscribe the dad, but they will not follow the woman.


If you want to do dad activities safely and securely, a dating club that only sets up dates is the best.Papa is only a male member with a high status who has paid a high admission fee and passed a tough interview.


Also, since the allowance is decided at the beginning, there is no difference in the story.In order not to meet landmine dads, we recommend that dad active girls register with a dating club that can be used with peace of mind.


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