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The corona whirlpool now is too good for dad activities!do you know? ?

The corona whirlpool now is too good for dad activities!do you know? ?


It's already been XNUMX years since corona has been trending worldwide.

In the first year, I think most dad activities were suspended due to the declaration of a state of emergency.

However, with the increase in vaccines and medicines, we are gradually returning to our “normal”.Currently, there are girls who have resumed their dad activities, girls who are still watching the situation, and girls who want to start but are uneasy.

I have been reopening little by little since last fall.

Among them, I realized that there were many differences from the past dad activities, and rather the corona environment worked to my advantage.

This time, I'm going to write about the benefits!

There are many benefits to being a dad now, so please start by all means♪


Advantage XNUMX: Not judged by face-to-face

Thanks to the "mask" that most people wear as a measure against corona infection

Daddy usually comes to meet us.

In the past, when we met at a train station, we would often see each other from a distance to see what kind of person the other person was.

In fact, the image of the real thing was different from the photo, and some dads instinctively felt danger.

On the other hand, it seems that dads sometimes refuse to come to the meeting if they are not the girl they like.

If you do that many times, the app or site will warn you, and neither the daddy nor the girl will be able to do any activities, but some warnings will go through, so it won't hurt both of them. yeah.

Going back to the story, wearing a mask dulls the judgment of the girl from a distance from the father, and it becomes a trend to say let's meet for the time being.

Papa-katsu doesn't start unless it succeeds at this "meeting" stage.

You can only see your eyes with a mask, so anyway, let's take care of your eye makeup.

Many people who wear masks look like handsome men and beautiful women.

For now, it's important to stand on the starting line, so I think masks are the best ally for girls!


Merit #XNUMX Papa becomes cautious

Many dads who are active as dads have a position.In other words, you have to worry about public appearances.In the unlikely event that you get a corona infection via Papa-Katsu, your position at the company may be lowered.

So my dad is more cautious than ever.

"Touching" and "contacting" that are common in dad activities are also a personal feeling, but the overall probability has decreased at once.

So, until now, I think I've had a lot of experiences with "this daddy's distance is close", but now I don't have to worry about that.

Conversely, even now, I recommend keeping a distance from dads who ask for “touch” or “contact”.Everyone has their own way of thinking about corona, but dads who are swayed by the general standards of the world will feel uncomfortable in various situations in the future, so I think that it will be a more comfortable dad life if you refer to it as one checkpoint!


Merit XNUMX: Even in a private room, it won't be a closed room

Some dads dare to choose a "closed room".

Personally, I don't like this because it increases the risk if something happens.

In recent years, as the word "three dense" is also used, many restaurants place importance on ventilation.

So, you can avoid the "closed room" inevitably.

I think this is a very positive event for girls!


Merit #XNUMX: Easy to make reservations for popular restaurants

The restaurant is greatly damaged in the Corona Vortex.

This year has been more active than before, but not as much as before.

So it's easier to go to shops that are popular every year and you can't get a reservation, or you have to wait in line.

And some restaurants have "limited menus now because of Corona".

Being able to eat delicious meals is one of the charms of Papa Katsu Joshi!

Children of the same generation can't experience it, and dads have more financial leeway than boyfriends!

I especially like food, so I cherish food so much that I can say it's the main part of my dad life!


Advantage XNUMX: The facial expression does not get tired

Masks are a must in the Corona Vortex!

The mask hides most of the face.

I think everyone has once thought, "It's hard to understand the other person's expression...".

Such thoughts will be very advantageous in dad activities.

Some dads talk about "bragging" and "heroic stories" and sometimes feel tired.

Until now, even at times like that, I've survived with a "smiling smile"!

But right now, it's enough to just squint at the eyes and say "That's right~ Fufu"!

There is no need to raise the corners of your mouth.It's surprisingly hard to raise the corners of your mouth, so now is the perfect opportunity for such a dad ♪


Merit #XNUMX: Hard to find out from acquaintances

Another mask project!

In the city, you may run into friends and people from work anyway.

It's really dangerous, so I always pay close attention.

Now that I'm wearing a mask, even if my friends ask me later, I'll just say, "Do you look like me?"

Corona Vortex is a strong ally of Papa Active Girls!



There are disadvantages such as the risk of infection, but more than that, the corona vortex dad activity is the best condition.If you want to start someday, now is the chance with good conditions ♪

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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