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How Much Personal Information Should Be Revealed in Daddy Life?


Nice to meet you, I'm a cat.

I'm usually a student, and I'm doing dad activities like a part-time job.

Papa Katsu makes about 30 yen a month when school is busy, and about 120 million yen during summer vacation.

It's been two and a half years since I started working as a dad, and I've had a lot of experience.

This time, we are talking about personal information.

I've been working as a dad until now, and I've had the experience of revealing too much personal information and getting into trouble.

Also, on the contrary, I kept the information too secret, and my dad said, "I feel the distance" ... (tears)

So this time,

① Information that can be given at the first meeting

(XNUMX) Information that should not be shared even if you become friends

③ How to identify dangerous people

I would like to talk about these three points!

① Information that can be given at the first meeting

In conclusion, the information I give daddy when we meet is his name, age, roughly where he lives, what he's studying, his hobbies, and more!

I think there are some people who are working under a pseudonym or a club name in Papa Katsu, but I teach under my real name.

The name of the line is my real name (only the name below), so when I exchange lines, I tell them, "This is my real name, so call me by name!"

Of course, I think it's fine to use a pseudonym or a club name, but I feel more comfortable using my real name, so I'm telling you my first name.

Regarding age, it is published as it is in both the dating club and the Papa Katsu app.

I will tell you my birthday when asked.

Next, regarding the area where you live, it is dangerous to give out the detailed address when you meet for the first time, but I will tell you where it is easy to meet when you meet on a date in the future, and the time of the last train.

What I'm studying is spreading the topic, and I'm this kind of person!In order to get you to know, I will tell you that I am roughly studying like this.I don't tell the school name, or I'm going to go to another school.

I think it's easier for the other person to trust you if you let them know what you usually do.

As for your hobbies, I think it's a good idea to tell your dad what you like without hiding it, as it can be a reference for dating.

I like gourmet food, beauty, and shopping, so when I go to Papa-katsu, I take him to a delicious restaurant, get a massage together, and go shopping to buy clothes and cosmetics. increase.

(XNUMX) Information that should not be shared even if you become friends

Even if you get along well, you should not tell them your bank account and address.

I only give my bank account and address to people I really, really trust.

If you tell your bank account, your real name (full name) will be revealed!If you find out your real name, you can identify it to some extent by searching on the internet.

In the past, my real name was exposed and I was persistently stalked online...

I only give my bank account to people I trust and can tell my real name. (I've taught about 5 people so far)

Also, I have two accounts, one at a local bank and one at Aeon Bank.AEON Bank does not use the name of the branch in the name of the place, so I do not know my hometown or the area where I live.

And basically, I will never tell you my address until the very end!Even if you can trust them to some extent, when you can send them by car, specify a station or convenience store near your house!

In particular, if you live alone, it would be really dangerous if someone knew your address, so don't tell them.

Also, as an aside, when I tell my dad that I live alone, he sometimes says, "I want to go to your house when we get along."

③ How to identify dangerous people

First of all, people to watch out for are those who do not disclose their occupation or managers (unknown what kind of company they are).

Until now, when I got into trouble, most of the people I dealt with were business owners.

Of course, there are some managers who can be trusted, and that doesn't mean that all managers are bad.

As an attitude to assess the other party on this side, it is necessary to be careful not to think that "He is a solid person because he is a manager" or "He told me the name of the company and can be trusted."

Now is the time when anyone can start a business. Some people think to commit fraud, such as "benefit fraud".Sometimes young women like us are the targets of scams, even if they don't know what they're getting into.

When it comes to dad life, there are many risks such as not getting the promised allowance, being charged for adultery, being offered investment talk, revenge porn, threats, blackmail, etc.

It is important to determine whether the other person is “trustworthy” in order to avoid danger when doing dad activities.

The next person to watch out for is "people with whom the story doesn't mesh".

Have you ever thought, "This person's story doesn't mesh..." or "This person may not be physiologically possible..." while working as a dad?

These intuitions should not be ignored.Even when I got into trouble, I felt "I don't like this person..." when I first met him.

I don't think it's necessary to have a relationship with someone who feels like "I don't like it".I think it's ideal to be able to enjoy dad life with a dad who gets along well.

A Final Word

It is necessary to be careful when there are merits such as "Please tell me your account so I can transfer money", "I will send you home by car", "I will send you a present so please tell me your address".They may be deliberately trying to get your personal information out.

Beware of sweet traps.

Papa-katsu is an interaction between individuals, so only you can take responsibility.Manage your risk and stay out of danger.

This time it was about personal information.

It's been a bit of a scary story about risks, but in the future, I'd like to talk about tips for dad activities, adult relationships, and how to build a good relationship with dads, based on my experience.

Thank you for reading to the end.


I started dad life after becoming a corona misfortune.I would like to share the scary things I experienced in dad life, things to be careful about, how to identify a good dad, and tips for dad life.

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