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What I am glad I did as a dad, what I am satisfied with

Hello. I'm Aya.

This time, I would like to write about "What I think is good about being a dad, what I am satisfied with".

It's just my personal opinion, but I wrote it in the hope that girls who are thinking about starting a daddy life would be able to convey the good parts of daddy life, even if just a little.

I have summarized 5 things that I think are good to do as a dad and things that satisfy me.

(XNUMX) You can meet a man with a profession that you would not meet if you were living normally.

②Satisfied “need for approval”

③ Enjoy the extraordinary

④ Increased beauty level

(XNUMX) Attraction of sociability


Being able to meet a man with a profession that you wouldn't meet if you were living normally

Doctors, lawyers, politicians, entertainers, managers, etc.

I think the good thing about dating clubs is that you can meet men who have jobs that you don't have the chance to meet in your daily life.

When I talk to high-spec men, I hear the words of so-called “successful people”.

And at the same time as being able to feel a little bit of the world view that person has, there is a great possibility that you can get to know the industry and the profession more realistically.

However, there are many men who forget their usual work and are looking for "healing", so it may be necessary to pay attention to the other person when talking about work.

However, I get the impression that there are many people who have confidence and pride in their work, so I said, "If you don't mind, can I ask you about your work?” I am listening with a word.

Fulfilled “need for approval”

Spending time with a man makes you feel more strongly about being a woman.

Approval needs are fulfilled by being asked for and being pampered.

"cute""That's beautiful""niceEvery time a woman is told, she gains confidence little by little.

And that confidence makes her beautiful again.

Increasing attractiveness.

The desire for approval is a desire that everyone has, but there are individual differences in its strength.

People who lack self-confidence tend to have a strong need for approval, and it seems that they try to satisfy their need for approval in the wrong direction.

For example, bragging, comparing, blaming others, and criticizing others.

When it comes to men and women, it may be true that sexually demanding elements occupy the majority, but I feel that I am satisfied not only sexually but also physically and mentally.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who genuinely and simply enjoys being asked for something...?

And in order to feel that “real feeling” more and more, I need the existence of you (male) and financial leeway in order to improve myself.

Papa-katsu combines these two elements.

Enjoy the extraordinary

A date with a special feeling with a man you met through a dating club is truly extraordinary.

A high-rise building with a view of the night view, the wonderful customer service and atmosphere of the store clerk that you can't find in a casual shop.

I feel that enjoying the extraordinary with each other is a space created by the unique relationship of Papa Katsu, where dreams are given to each other.

Yes, even in that sense, the addictive dad activity.

"What kind of person ...", waiting time.

The feeling of excitement when meeting with a new dad is addictive.

rising beauty level

Beauty is very important for girls.

Give girls the strength to liveBeauty. "

I admire girls with a high level of beauty.

I believe that no matter how old I am, I still want to be beautiful.

In order to raise the beauty level, it takes money for clothes and cosmetics.

For such an expensive girl, dad activity can maintain a high level of awareness in the activity itself and also give her financial leeway.

The charm of sociability

Even if you get an offer, I don't think it's possible to maintain a long-term relationship based on appearance alone.

To be honest, I myself am determined to continue working on that point.

I want to continue to work hard without depending on the current environment in order to obtain the inner beauty that I am satisfied with.

One day, my dad said, "Some children cannot speak.With that kind of girl, even I get tired, so there are times when I stop wanting to be with her.I once told you.

The reason they liked me wasn't just because of my appearance, but because I felt that they were looking at me for the way I talked about them, and I was genuinely happy.

I want to be the kind of woman who makes other people feel happy and healed by talking to them, and to make them feel that way.

As a daddy, I feel like I'm becoming a better speaker and listener through conversations with various people.

I've always been a talkative person, but I'm still nervous about having a conversation with a man older than me in a tense atmosphere, such as in an unfamiliar restaurant.

In that sense, I think that Papa activities will increase the attractiveness in terms of sociability.

Also, after returning home, I do a little research on the topics that came up in conversations with my dad.

Conversations with my dad, who is much older than me, are always fun and I don't have any problems, but I would like to write a column about topics with my dad and share them with everyone.

Some dads like to talk, some are good listeners, others are bad at talking, so there are all kinds of dads, so of course there are difficult parts.

What I am glad I did as a dad, what I am satisfied with

How was it?

I may be biased because it's my own personal feeling, but thank you very much for reading this far.

I would be happy if it could be a reference for girls who are starting dad activities from now on.

Also, I'm sure there are people who think "there are others" or "this is different" while reading, so please let me know.


It's been a year and a half since I started working as a dad.I had a long break in the middle, so I progressed slowly.I would like to share my experience with you.

Article by Aya

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